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Intercultural Dialogue conference and exhibition: Valeurs communes and Glocal Youth

Lai-momo presents
Valeurs communes and Glocal Youth

during the

Intercultural Dialogue conference and exhibition
Best practices at Community level

21-24 November 2006
Headquarters of The Committee of the Regions

Lai-momo will present the projects Valeurs communes and Glocal Youth at the
Intercultural Dialogue conference and exhibition, which will showcase the
results of the programmes and initiatives on the theme of Intercultural
Dialogue backed at European level up to the present day, in the perspective
of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue in 2008.

Valeurs communes and Glocal Youth, indeed, belong to the 29 projects
indicated as the best practises supported by the programmes of DG EAC and
other DGs, which will liven up the exhibition organised round on the
European conference on Intercultural Dialogue planned for the 22-23
november 2006.

Valeurs communes is a project co-financed by the European Commission within
the program INTI 2003 for the integration of immigrants. The project aims
at fostering a culture of peace through the promotion of dialogue among
different religions and cultures now present in Europe. Students, teachers
and civil society of four European countries have been involved in a
reflection on the common values shared by different systems of thought
through the reading of five comics realised by African artists.

Glocal Youth is a project of media education and interculture, co-financed
by the European Commission within the program e-learning 2003. It is a
guide to educate young people to develop critical thinking skills and an
aware relation with media. Glocal Youth aims at encouraging boys and girls
to reflect upon youth representations conveyed by mass media, starting from
an international research on media production for young people (press,
radio, music, television, cinema, internet) in World Northern and Southern
regions. (www.glocalyouth.net)

Lai-momo staff will be available to explain these projects and its
activities at its own stand within the exhibition space.

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