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Global progress in four points

  Global progress in four points

Kind Global Friends,

I present you my most respectful regards.

In the public interest, please, let me offer this vision:

1) The laws that assigns for life the roles of the Public Administrations (PAs) of our 
Countries are obviously undemocratic and not corresponding with the ideals of a republic. 
All the assignments of a State, included the Presidency of the Republic, must return to 
the people after a certain number of years. On the contrary a public employee can mantain 
"his" role, practically owning it, for all his working life. Sometimes even transfering 
there his sons! In the facts our Countries are not yet finished Republics. They are 
instead for a great part a property owned by the public employees for life. And this 
oligarchic system cannot but have also negative, heavy repercussions on the politics, on 
the governments and on the private economies.

2) When our Constitutions were born, long time ago, the regulation of our PAs cannot be 
adequately developed. The founder fathers of our Republics, aware of the necessity of a 
continuous evolution, often expressed deliberately the necessity "... to eliminate the 
obstacles of economical and social order, that, by limiting the freedom and the equality 
of the citizens, hinder the full development of the human being and the real 
participation of all the workers to the economical, political and social organization of 
their Country ...", like written in the Italian Constitution.

3) It is exactly this democratic anomaly, this heritage of a period preceding the arrive 
of the republican order, this oligarchic leftover of the allocation for life of a commune 
good, this propertization of a public resource, to create almost all the problems of 
today. Instead of PAs for life, we should have their roles, powers and incomes 
distributed among all the citizens wishing and able to work in them. In this way all the 
Public Institutions would be completely reinterpreted in the methods and in the purposes, 
under well other influences and with well other visions rather than the present ones. A 
Country with a Democratic Public Administration for rotation would have politics, 
governments and private economies perfectly correspondent to the real needs of the 

4) Please, let me note that a public employment for rotation does not dismisses but 
engages people! In fact this system would acquire in the public area many economical 
activities that has been privatized. Our economies are heavily unbalanced towards the 
private sectors justly for the undemocratic state of the public sector. Think about the 
caste of the public employees, think about the mafia of State, think about the corruption 
and the inadequacy of our Undemocratic Public Administrations. And it will be clear the 
reason of so many privatizations! But once returned to the citizens, the PAs will be able 
to gain trust and consistency by re-absorbing activities of primary importance.

This is the extreme synthesis of the complete project:  


Through this scheme, the society will also succeed to provide a minimum job guarantee to 
all its citizens and even a basic income between a job assignation and another.

Let me note that such PAs for rotation will have no problem for as regards just 
requirements of efficiency, professionalism and competition of its products and services. 
In fact the project contemplates that the workers would move themselves essentially in 
two ways: they could move in a same field of skill but also in a different field. By 
moving themselves inside a same branch of specialization it is allowed the contribution 
of a larger role of contributors and the corruption is anticipated. By moving themselves 
in different fields, we would gain the sharing of our knowledges and a spread progress. 
Both the movements would favor the open-mindedness and the capacity to communicate, as 
well as the rise of a strong feeling for public interest.

Kind Sirs, if we really yearn a new world, if really we want to reach it, we should pass 
from the focused, sectorial, specialized traditional approach to a most profitable 
systemic, organic, holistic approach. Under this light it is evident both the global 
problem (the undemocratic PAs) and solution:


Once precisely individuated them, we immediately understand that we can make true our 
most beautiful dreams in the arch of ours same life!

Would you be part of this memorable and quiet global revolution?

Danilo D'Antonio

Eudaemony Laboratory
Piazza del Municipio
64010 Rocca S. M.
Abruzzo - Italy

tel. ++39 339 5014947
tel. ++39 328 0472332