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URGENTE: Covance vuole costruire un altro inferno

Ricevo e giro dalla campagna internazionale contro Covance

(Un piccolo dossier in italiano: http://tinyurl.com/96vky )

URGENTE Covance sta programmando la costruzione di un nuovo inferno!

Covance ha in programma di costruire il suo piu' grande laboratoio.

Il progetto e' per Chandler in USA, dove Covance ha presentato un
progetto per un'area di 400.000 piedi quadrati (circa 122 km quadrati!).
La decisione non e' stata ancora presa e l'ultima parola spetta ad un
ristretto numero di persone, il Consiglio Cittadino di Chandler.

E' assolutamente necessario che queste persone siano bersagliate da
molte e garbate richieste di negare il permesso di costruzione a Covance.

E' gia' nato un comitato cittadino, il cui sito e' http://savechandler.org.

E' possibile firmare una petizione a questo indirizzo:

E' possibile scrive una garbata email al consiglio cittadino.

Gli indirizzi::

boyd.dunn at chandleraz.gov, phill.westbrooks at chandleraz.gov,
bob.caccamo at chandleraz.gov, lowell.huggins at chandleraz.gov,
matt.orlando at chandleraz.gov, martin.sepulveda at chandleraz.gov,
donna.wallace at chandleraz.gov, city.manager at ci.chandler.az.us,
mark.pentz at chandler.gov, patrick.mcdermott at ci.chandler.az.us,
rich.dlugas at ci.chandler.az.us, marian.stanley at ci.chandler.az.us,
leah.powell at ci.chandler.az.us, harry.paxton at chandleraz.gov,
christine.mackay at chandleraz.gov, anne.dancoff at chandleraz.gov,
jennifer.morrison at chandleraz.gov, richard.mulligan at chandleraz.gov,
kimberly.janes at chandleraz.gov, jeanne.bosarge at chandleraz.gov,
heather.figueroa at chandleraz.gov, anne.dancoff at chandleraz.gov,
Stefanie.Garcia at chandleraz.gov, judy.ramos at chandler.gov,
marla.paddock at chandler.gov, nachie.marques at chandler.gov

mark.eynatten at chandler.gov, info at chandlercenter.org,
katrina.mueller at ci.chandler.az.us, webmaster at chandlerlibrary.org,
pat.walker at chandler.gov, purchasing at chandleraz.gov,
doug.ballard at chandler.gov, hank.pluster at chandleraz.gov,
avid.delatorre at chandleraz.gov, sam.andrea at chandleraz.gov,
kim.gehrke at chandleraz.gov, patrick.tyrrell at chandleraz.gov,
tresa.mcdonald at chandleraz.gov, flor.figueroa at chandleraz.gov,
dawn.fiscus at chandleraz.gov, jessica.ponzio at chandleraz.gov,
pam.large at chandleraz.gov, bryan.patterson at chandler.gov,
jason.tiller at chandleraz.gov, dave.siegel at chandleraz.gov,
jobs at chandleraz.gov, brenda.brown at chandleraz.gov,
kris.sherman at chandleraz.gov, mark.franzen at chandleraz.gov,
jane.poston at chandleraz.gov, citizen-assistance at chandleraz.gov

Lettera tipo (proposta dalla campagna internazionale contro covance)

Dear Sir / Madam, City of Chandler Council,
I was recently informed about Covance's application to build a new
animal laboratory in Chandler. I was disgusted about this and wish for
the plans to be turned down.

Recently, the State of California refused Covance planning permission to
build a new site there - Are Chandler's/Arizona's ethics substandard
compared to California's?

Covance have been exposed four times for animal cruelty and abuse at
their sites across the world, most recently in Vienna, Virginia. Leading
primatologist, Jane Goodall condemned Covance's treatment of primates
being used in cruel experiments. The Chandler lab is planned to be the
largest Covance testing facility in the world. Large amount of animals
are to be used in the new laboratory which will encourage unscrupulous
dealers who pick up stray animals to sell to Covance. The vast majority
of primates used in research are captured in the wild and flown across
the world, mainly from the island of Mauritius. In the past primates
have been found frozen to death after long flights in Winter months,
which were destined for experimentation within a Covance laboratory.
Other monkeys have been discovered at the airports to have suffocated to
death in transit.

On top of this, there is a large risk to the public and workers' health.
Covance were the centre of a major scandal involving staff contracting
Ebola virus after primates captured in the wild were used in
experiments. The U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention
intervened to eradicate the infected animals, burn the complex down, and
avoided a potentially disastrous outbreak. Afterwards, in February 1990,
a number of infected monkeys were shipped to Covance facilities in both
Virginia and Texas. This strain was also found to be airborne. More
Reston ebolavirus infected monkeys were discovered in 1992 in Sienna,
Italy and at the Texas Covance facility again in March 1996. Imagine the
threat to the residents of Chandler if the same happened again, after
all the vast majority of primates used in research are captured in the
wild. What are Covance’s plans for clinical waste disposal? At their
site in Harrogate, UK, an incinerator used to be operated to dispose of
dead animals and hazardous waste. The incinerator is no-longer used
after the local council and Covance received complaints regarding ash
and fall-out from the incinerators landing on their houses and cars. It
now has to be transported over 16 miles in gigantic top-heavy lorries to
an industrial incinerator. If the same happened in Chandler, what would
happen if a lorry crashed? The dangerous waste may be strewn across the
roads and cause major disruption to the already busy roads. Currently,
at other Covance facilities, video footage shows cages being flushed
with high-power hoses into drains. If this happens in the new
laboratory, all the potentially hazardous waste will be washed into
Chandler's sewerage system. As is evidenced by another facility's sordid
record of managing toxic materials, the potential of toxic contamination

Covance claim that the originally proposed 100,000 sq. foot laboratory
would employ apx. 400 workers. It has now been revealed that the actual
planned space the facility will use it 400,000 sq foot, four times as
big as originally stated. Chandler’s roads are currently 'pushed to the
limit' with the current number of cars. Is there really enough room to
allow a potential of up to over one thousand extra vehicles on the
roads, not counting the deliveries that Covance will need to be able to
function? There will have to be hundreds of thousands of dollars spent
on expanding the road systems, which could be spent on other things
needed in the local community, or may leave the City of Chandler Council
in debt.

It is claimed that the new lab facilities will be used for scientific
research and the development of drugs. In the UK, Covance tested
"Splenda" artificial sweetener on beagles, primates and pregnant
rabbits. Other firms Covance test on behalf of produce products
including cosmetics, chemicals, paints, dyes, foodstuffs, sweeteners and
more. Animal research is not reliable scientifically. Hundreds of
doctors and scientists are against animal research for one reason - that
it is not reliable. Covance refused to take part in a scientific debate
in the UK, where they were offered the chance to let their views of
animal testing be voiced by THEIR workers, which would be countered by
those against what they do for scientific reasons and vice-versa. Look
at the recent case of Vioxx, developed by Covance client Merck.
Thousands of Americans were killed and left maimed due to the drug,
which was tested on animals.

I therefore believe that it is in the public interest that Covance are
not given permission to build a new laboratory in Chandler.

Yours Sincerely,

Nome Cognome, Paese

Liberazione Animale Liberazione Umana



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