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Huntingdon Life Sciences ottiene la quotazione in borsa

Life Sciences Research, Inc., società cui fa capo la Huntingdon Life
Sciences, ha ottenuto di essere quotata alla borsa valori di New York.
Analogo tentativo non era andato in porto l'anno scorso, anche a seguito
della pressione esercitata dal movimento animalista.


Animal researchers claim victory with NYSE

WASHINGTON, Dec. 28 (UPI) -- Animal researchers are claiming an important
victory with the listing by the New York Stock Exchange of a company
targeted by animal rights protestors.

Life Sciences Research, Inc., a Princeton, N.J.-based medical research firm
that specializes in animal experiments, announced just before Christmas that
it had settled a dispute with the NYSE and would be listed on the exchange's
new all-electronic trading platform called Arca -- enabling its shares to be
bought and sold anonymously in what observers said would be a blow to

Life Sciences Research, Inc. is the parent of U.K.-based Huntingdon Life
Sciences and has been targeted on both sides of the Atlantic by animal
rights activists organized under the name Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, or

The protests, which included sometimes violent campaigns of harassment
against individual employees of the company and other firms that did
business with it, were so successful that NYSE pulled a planned listing on
its main exchange last year after market-makers and other financial service
providers were threatened by activists.

As part of the agreement for the listing on Arca, Life Sciences Research,
Inc. agreed to drop their case against the NYSE about the listing being
pulled, the company's Chief Financial Officer Richard Michaelson told United
Press International.

Although the company's ticker will not appear on the big board, Michaelson
said they were "thrilled" at the Arca listing, adding that the firm's share
price rose 40 percent in the first day's trading Friday.

"It is a totally anonymous trading environment," he said of Arca. "In our
situation that is a big advantage."

Journalist and animal rights sympathizer Will Potter told UPI that targeting
the market-makers -- financial middlemen who promise to buy a company's
shares at the prevailing price and make real-time trading possible on the
pre-electronic NYSE big board -- had been a "turning point" for SHAC