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Questo che vedete è il poco che si è riusciti a documentare di ciò che stanno facendo gli israeliani (bionir ebrei sionisti che vengono da fuori della Palestina) contro i palestinesi ( indigeni, da più di 7000 anni in palestina), giorni, notti, estati, inverni. Quello che non è stato immortalato è ancora peggio.Chissà come mai non vengono "catturati" dalle telecamere di Claudio Pagliara, o dai giornalisti del Coriere della Sera.......Aprite gli occhi, non è ancora tardi. Prendiamo come esempio il Sudafrica. 

< 12/27/2007 05:09 PM
Why are Palestineans reacting against Israel?

Israeli soldiers passing out candy to the kids



Making sure they get to school.


Helping Ladies across the street..



Providing childca re.



Allowing them a place to rest (permanently)



Access to Healthcare.


Construction projects (demolition)




Respecting American and British pacifist resisters (such as American Rachel Corrie)




And others.


And if you are not satisfied, now, with the truth the following pictures are war crimes as defined by the UN, The Hague and the Geneva Convention.
Using images of your enemy dead or alive (violation)


Human shields (violation)


Live Burial Torture (violation)


And as a last resort, Execution (violation)


These IDF soldiers have faces... I can clearly see them...Cant you? Why are they not being prosecuted? Because it is systematic process that is driven by the government designed to force the people of Palestine into exile so Israel can claim all the land and resources.

This where my American tax dollars are going, do you know where your tax dollars are at? TAKE THE TIME TO FIND THE TRUTH. So many lives depend on it. I, like so many Americans, am Caucasian, non-Arab, and religious. I can no longer sit back with good conscience and do nothing while my government is supporting the types of terrorist actions that we have condemned Muslim Fundamentalist for. Call your Congressman and Senator, send an email to the White House and demand that our government negotiate FAIRLY with both sides and bring a fair and just solution to Palestine and Israel .






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