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[Diritti] Please, receive my best compliments and respects


Dear Member of the List,

I do not would disturb you, but, please: why I have never heard you denounce that only the legislative power is democratic (because rigorously assigned PRO TEMPORE) while the administrative and judicial powers are still today, everywhere, gifted for life to a minority (that so become a TOP CASTA) through a Public Employment that is arrived to our days exactly like it was conceived in the tyrannical age?! We had to have made democratic both the administrative and judicial powers since seventy years ago, when many peoples chose democracy. Why public jobs (therefore PUBLIC POWERS) are still today given for life?!

I understand that professors, researchers, scientists (being almost always bureaucrats, public careerists, themselves first) have inculcated, imprinted a fake (therefore very reduced) version of democracy everywhere, in every human being. I understand that to get out of this inculturation is difficult. But, if a common person like me managed to figure out how things are, why you (who are such a great person, who is here to guide us) keeps silent on the greatest issue of the democratic era?! Dear Head of Member, please: we must urgently dismiss all public careerists. We have to stop their tyrannical CASTA.

We have to stop this wicked discrimination everywhere. Public Jobs can be given only PRO TEMPORE. A democratic State demands to be open and participated. The State are all of us citizens, nobody excluded. Talk with your Colleagues and friends: we must immediately dismiss the public careerism. The peoples of Europe, peoples of the Earth, no longer want to live subdue to this tyrannide. We have the full right to become at last true citizens.

Betting everything on politics is wrong: administrative and judicial powers are alike important and must be open and participatory.
With these words you are indeed receiving my best compliments and respects. Because I say that you are able to understand this matter.

Danilo D'Antonio
Italy - Europe

European Laboratory for a
Democratic State, open and participated,
and for a guaranteed minimum job:


Civilly, legally, peacefully,
let us make democratic the planet!