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Re:Una richiesta a Prodi

Mi permetto di osservare la demagogia e la componente raeazionaria di alcune vostre posizioni;  è indispensabile considerare tutti gli aspetti, pcome ad esempio lo sviluppo dell'industria e delle imprese italiane che, alla fin fine, distribuiscono gli stipendi.





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Date : Mon, 17 Apr 2006 21:52:55 +0200
Subject : Una richiesta a Prodi

> Uscire subito dal programma F-35!
> Posted on Sat, Apr. 08, 2006
> F-35 program total now at $276.5 billion
> The Pentagon reported Friday that the total estimated cost of Lockheed
> Martin's F-35 joint strike fighter program has risen by $20 billion, a
> 7.7 percent increase in the last year.
> In a quarterly "selected acquisition report," Pentagon analysts now
> estimate that it will cost $276.5 billion to develop three versions of
> the F-35 and build about 2,400 of the planes for the Air Force, Navy and
> Marines.
> That's up from the $256 billion figure last given for the program. The
> total cost figures are for the lifetime of the program, which could
> exceed 20 years. It is the largest U.S. weapons program ever.
> The Pentagon said cost increases are largely because of higher materials
> costs and a change in inflation expectations.
> Earlier Friday, the Pentagon said that its top weapons buyer had signed
> off on a plan to allow Lockheed and other contractors to begin spending
> money for early-stage work on the first five F-35 production models.
> Ken Krieg, undersecretary of defense for acquisition, approved the plan
> Thursday. Krieg and other senior civilian and military officials
> reviewed the program's progress and plans last week.
> Congress included $120 million in the fiscal 2006 budget that was
> approved in December for F-35 contractors to buy "long lead items," such
> as manufacturing equipment, materials and some initial parts and assemblies.
> "It's a down payment on the first five airplanes," said Kathy Crawford,
> spokeswoman for the F-35's program manager, Rear Adm. Steven Enewold.
> The Pentagon has requested more money to build the first "low rate
> initial production" planes, all conventional-takeoff-and-landing
> versions for the U.S. Air Force, in the fiscal 2007 budget that
> President Bush submitted to Congress.
> Enewold and other program managers had briefed Krieg on program
> progress. Crawford said that a critical design review team, which in
> February examined the work done by Lockheed and other contractors, gave
> the design for the Air Force version a green light.
> Crawford confirmed that the first test flight of the prototype F-35,
> which had been expected to take place in August, is now likely to slip
> to early fall.
> Ground testing of the F-35 prototype "is right on schedule," Lockheed
> spokesman John Kent said.
> The first production versions of the aircraft won't be completed until
> 2009, by which time much flight testing using test aircraft is scheduled
> to have been completed.
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