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please have a look at the mcmilitary.org-website. On the mcmilitary.org-website action groups and activists can bring their knowledge together on military bases in Europe and deployments for war. It is a collaborative research effort, based on a wiki. It is meant as a source for organizing actions and campaigns against military globalisation and war policies.

Please participate! Add your knowledge and source material on your local military base, on ongoing military deployments and the logistics for it. Now everyone does his little bit of research, but bringing these efforts together will strengthen us all and makes visible the broader framework.
If you want to participate, send a mail to international at bombspotting.org and we send you a login and password + instructions.
You will notice that a lot is still missing, but it is up to everyone to add the necessary information.

This website is now set up as a preparation tool for the conference on Military Globalisation and Nonviolent Resistance in Brussels on March 23-24 2008, just after the NATO Game Over-action. The results will be used in the 'mapping' workshop. But it can continue to be used after the conference as a collaborative effort to bring source material and information together.

For more information on:
- the conference on Military Globalisation and Nonviolent Resistance
- the NATO Game Over-action
- how to participate and how to register

www.mcmilitary.org - www.bombspotting.org


Hans Lammerant
Bombspotting - Vredesactie