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JSF: quota Alenia in modifica contratto LRIP V


Saranno contenti FIOM-FIM e UILM (per conto dei lavoratori), peccato che il 
costo lievita come da comunicazione del DoD:

A straightforward division using the above figures sets the average unit cost 
of a LRIP 5 aircraft at $133.7 million.
However, on July 6, 2010 Lockheed was awarded a $522.2 million contract for 
LRIP 5 long-lead items, which adds another $12.4 million per aircraft (because 
it was awarded when LRIP5 was due to comprise 42 aircraft).
But these figures exclude the cost of the engine, which is a useful addition 
to a fighter aircraft. The contract for the LRIP 5 engines has not been awarded 
yet, but the May 13, 2011 contract awarded for LRIP 4 engines was worth $910.15 
million for 67 engines, which works out to an average of $13.6 million each.
Consequently, the cost of each LRIP 5 aircraft can be estimated at $133.7m + 
$12.4m + $13.6m, or about $159.7 million per aircraft.