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Kosovo, An Interview with Rick Rozoff - Stop NATO

Kosovo, An Interview with Rick Rozoff

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---PART1 ---


17 May, 16:33

European Guantanamo or the reason the US wants Serbia to give up Kosovo

The U.S. military base in Kosovo was constructed in 1999 without
consulting with the government of Serbia and the largest U.S. military
base built outside of the U.S. since the Vietnam War. The site was
apparently used for extraordinary renditions and has been referred to
as a "little Guantanamo". This is a very little known fact as NATO, the
U.S., the European Union and the West are in the process of forcing
Serbia to effectively give up Kosovo, and indicates the real motive for
the West´s support of the Kosovo Liberation Army which it had deemed
a terrorist organization in the past. Rick Rozoff, the owner and manager
of Stop NATO spoke about this and more in an interview with the Voice
of Russia.

Read more:http://english.ruvr.ru/2013_05_17/European-Guantanamo-or-why-
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Hello! This is John Robles, I'm speaking with Mr. Rick Rozoff, the owner of the stop NATO
website and international mailing list.
Robles:Hello Rick! How are you?
Rozoff:Very good John! Thanks for having me on.
Robles:It´s a pleasure to be speaking with you. How much importance would you give
to the 200 US-NATO troops being stationed in Italy? And why US-NATO troops? These
troops are being stationed for possible operations in Libya. How do you think that
reflects on the operations to remove Muammar Gaddafi by the US?
Rozoff:It´s a continuation of that policy, of course. And as it is now, you know, two
years ago and two months, 26 months ago that the military campaign against Libya was
launched, initially, as we have to recall, by the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) that
began it for the first 19 days and then it was taken up by the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization for six months thereafter. And this meant to signal and meant in fact to be
the first activation of AFRICOM as a war fighting force on the African continent, and also
the NATO´s first open military incursion on the Africa, and certainly not the last. This 
meant to be an opening salvo and not an isolated incident.
What is significant about the impending deployment of what is minimally, and I think we
should emphasize, 200 US Marines, and some reports estimate up to 500, these are
members of what the US Marine Corps refer to as the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground
Task Force that only recently was moved into Spain, and then it is being transitioned
from Spain into Italy for use in North Africa. So, I think we can see the push to the 
and the east to employ State Department slogan or expression of few years ago where
the US is going to deploy very shortly four guided missile cruisers to the Naval Station
Rota in Spain, a Marine Expeditionary Strike Forces really of the sort we are talking
about going to the Sigonella base in Sicily.
This is the same base that the US has another Marine Corps detachment already
deployed to. And this is actually a separate one that has already been assigned to the
same naval station Sigonella. We should also recall that in the beginning of this year, in
January the Governor of Sicily put a stop to plans that the US had for putting on its
missile on a satellite surveillance facility in Sicily, on the island.
You know, big plans are afoot and the US is going to move in something called the
Mobile User Objective System, global satellite facility, to Sicily. That seems to have 
stopped but the troops are coming in, with the avowed purpose John, of intervening in
Libya and Benghazi or elsewhere as the U.S. sees fit.
Robles:What exactly is that system that you just mentioned?
Rozoff:The photographs I´ve seen of it suggest that it truly is mobile, I mean it is
something comparable to some of the Patriot Advanced Capability Missile Systems that
the US has put in Poland and Turkey and Israel. It is described as being a satellite
communication system. I´m not sure what precisely it was meant to monitor in Sicily, but
I would guess the entire Mediterranean Sea, perhaps most notably part of the eastern
Mediterranean. But as to the precise range and purpose of the missile system, I´m not
familiar with that.
Robles:I see. So, this is some new technology?
Rozoff: Yes... There are similar ones, that are called Mobile User Objective Systems
deployed in Australia, as well as in the US states of Hawaii and Virginia. But I´m not 
how they are integrated with other military capabilities.
Robles:What else has happened with NATO in the last month that you think our
listeners should know about?
Rozoff:They´ve had series of meetings of foreign ministers, of chiefs of defense staff
and others in the recent months. The focus, according to NATO of course, is wrapping up
the Afghan mission which I don´t think will ever be definitively finished. But the drawing
down or the eventual phased withdrawal from Afghanistan, the continuation of the
operation in Kosovo, the Serbian province (the province wrenched from Serbia), and the
continued naval operations in the Mediterranean Sea, what is called operation Active
Endeavour, and ongoing, presumably permanent, naval operations in the Arabian Sea
and the Indian Ocean, the so-called operation Ocean Shield.
So, NATO is still in ways that we have discussed on many an occasion in the past
continuing permanent military operations way outside the area of the North Atlantic
Ocean, ultimately globally. Nothing outstanding in any particular regard but I think the
continuation of these policies.
Robles:How many bases was NATO going to leave in Afghanistan? And what can you
tell us about Kosovo, can you give us some details on that as well?
Rozoff:The statement about the US maintaining military bases in Afghanistan after the
complete withdrawal of US-NATO troops, well, we can´t say complete, I mean there are
estimates that as many as 14,000 US NATO troops will stay in the country; but after the
bulk, at one time 152,000 US and other NATO troops in Afghanistan are withdrawn,
according to President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, the US has clearly indicated to him,
I think the word "demanded" would not be too strong a word, that the US or the
Pentagon wants to maintain nine military bases inside the country. And they are situated
in the north, south, east and west, and that is near the borders of the former Soviet
Central Asian Republics, but also Iran and Pakistan, and in some cases not terribly far
from the narrow strip of land that connects Afghanistan to China.
And they include of course the major, you know, arguably, at any point in future,
strategic air bases like Bagram and Kandahar and Shindand and elsewhere in the
country. As we´ve talked about on many occasions I think any sensible person has
figured out that the US and its Western allies don´t intend to vacate the southern Central
Asian region in the immanent future, if at all.
Robles:You just mentioned Karzai, I was just reminded about his recent revelation that
he´d been receiving garbage bags full of money from the CIA for over a decade. Can you
comment on that as far as NATO goes? And regarding the US-NATO troops, do you think
there is any specific reason why only US-NATO troops are going to be staying in
Rozoff:Let me start with the second one first because I think it is the easiest. The facts
are fairly incontestable, It is not going to be only US troops. The US will maintain 9
military bases evidently, that´s what it intends to do. But NATO itself is transitioning 
what is currently known as the International Security Assistance Force, initially it was
presented, if you can believe this, under the rubric of a peacekeeping force in the early
part of this century, and it quickly devolved into a war fighting force and to a combat
force. And once that mission ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) is finished,
then NATO will continue in Afghanistan training the Afghan National Army and other
security personnel basically to be a Western proxy army in the south Central Asian
region. That´s the easy part.
The question about Mr. Karzai being lavished with a good deal of American largesse, that
shouldn´t surprise anybody. It is to be assumed I suppose that the US buys off foreign
leaders, certainly those it´s implanted in power, like Mr. Karzai, who is not a 
foreigner, is
not an alien to American shores. One of his brothers for example ran, for years, a
restaurant pretty much in my neighborhood here in Chicago. And the family, I´m sure,
already has a mansion set up in this country to flee to, when they have to, and to take
as much of the CIA cash as they can with them back home, repatriate it if you will.
Robles: You mentioned Kosovo a few minutes ago. You said that NATO had met
regarding Kosovo and KFOR. Anything new there?
Rozoff:The US and its Western allies, in the later case I´m talking about people in
Brussels whether they are wearing the European Union or the NATO hat, it doesn´t seem
to matter much, but I´m sure they employed all their typical subversive powers of
persuasion to convince the Coalition Government in Belgrade, in Serbia to acknowledge
the independence of Kosovo, not formally, practically . And NATO has pretty substantially
withdrawn the amount of troops in Kosovo because they turned the province over to
their proxy forces there. The former leaders of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army,
whose leaders are heading up the Kosovo Security Force which is a fledging army being
trained by NATO.
So, once the country is turned over to surrogates, the NATO troops can clear out and go
on to the next war zone which is effectively what happened since 1999. At one point, in
June of 1999 there were 50,000 troops in Kosovo under NATO command or under KFOR,
the Kosovo force. And that number has dwindled down to perhaps a tenth of that right
now. But the US still maintains Camp Bondsteel and Camp Monteith. The first, Camp
Bondsteel is repeatedly the largest overseas U.S. military base built since the war in
Vietnam. And there is no indication that it intends to vacate that base. As to what it is
doing with it, that´s a question worth pursuing.
Robles:Where is that base?
Rozoff:In Kosovo.
Robles:And you say that´s the largest foreign base that the U.S. has?
Rozoff:What I´ve read and given the acreage, the size of the base, it seems to be the
case. It is the largest base that the U.S. has built overseas since the war in Vietnam.
Since the 1960s.
Robles:And that´s in Kosovo?
Rozoff: That´s in Kosovo. It was constructed in 1999, I think it was with Kellog Brown
and Root, that built the bases almost everywhere else. It´s in Kosovo and it is a fairly
mammoth complex. Camp Monteith is a sister base considerably smaller than Bondsteel.
But Bondsteel, which is by the way named after a US serviceman who was killed in
Vietnam, there´s been speculation that Camp Bondsteel could have been used for
extraordinary renditions during the so-called global war on terrorism.
There´s also been discussion from the sources in Russia amongst other places, that
should the US want to deploy strategic resources in Camp Bondsteel. And by that we
mean either interceptor missiles or perhaps even nuclear weapons. Who would be the
wiser and who in the inner circle, Hashim Taci and Pristina, would say "no".
Robles: When was this base built?
Rozoff:In 1999 it was constructed and it´s been operating ever since. So, you are
talking about 14 years now. And there is no indication, you know, unless you accept the
US and NATO line, matters have been stabilized in Kosovo and they are going to step
down troops, again, which I think they have, I think about 90% of the initial deployment,
amount of troops rather, 15,000 troops have been withdrawn but Camp Bondsteel is still
there. It is in the eastern part of Kosovo. And in addition to being a US military base 
it is
also NATO headquarters for what´s called Multinational Brigade East.
And ahem... I am looking at the exact size of the place, it is 955 acres. That´s pretty
sizeable! And it was built on Serbian land without consulting with the Government of
Serbia. I gues the KLA Official in Pristina rubber stamped it. By August of 1999, two
months after the US and other NATO troops came into Kosovo, the construction of the
base was pretty much under way. Apparently 52 helipads were constructed and shortly
thereafter franchise restaurants.
Robles:Right there at the beginning, was it like that it was already constructed as if it
would be a permanent fixture?
Rozoff:By all indications exactly that. I cannot see what the motivation would be to
build something that large which is still operative to this day...
Robles:You said they had "franchise restaurants" and things like that in there?
Rozoff:I´m looking at it on the computer now. You know, Burger King, Taco Bell and so
forth built in there. You know, gymnasiums, health clubs. It is a whole city practically.
And evidently, somebody with the Council of Europe, Álvaro Gil-Robles (There´s a name
for you John!) Human Rights NEvoy to the Council of Europe, referred to Camp Bondsteel
in 2005, and this is a quote: as a "smaller version of Guantanamo" after visiting the
facility. So, evidently the US did use it for extraordinary renditions, and so-called 
operations or black renditions.
Robles:So, that would give us a very-very-very clear and undisputable reason why the
West is so interested in guaranteeing the independence of Kosovo.
Rozoff:Right! And that was the statement made by many of us who opposed the war
against Yugoslavia in 1999. When the US constructed that base, it was almost began
immediately after the NATO coming into Kosovo, that it wasex post factoproof that the
US had military designs in the region and that the war against Yugoslavia was simply an
opportunity to expand its military into the region.
Robles:I see.
Rozoff:Which in fact is what has ensued!

You were listening to an interview in progress with Rick Rozoff the owner and manager of
thestop NATOwebsite and mailing list.

--- PART2 ---


23 May, 1:24

NATO has never offered to cooperate with Russia - Rozoff

Western support for KLA terrorists and support for the self-declared
independence of Kosovo are part of a pan-Albanian plan for the region,
NATO is reaching its tentacles into space and there has never been any
real offer of cooperation by NATO to Russia, all of these issues were
recently discussed with regular Voice of Russia contributor Rick Rozoff,
the owner and manager of the Stop NATO website and mailing list.
Read more:http://english.ruvr.ru/2013_05_23/NATO-has-never-offered-to-

You're listening to an interview in progress with Rick Rozoff, the owner and manager of
the Stop NATO website and mailing list. You can findpart 1of this interview on our
website at english.ruvr.ru :http://english.ruvr.ru/2013_05_17/European-Guantanamo-
Download audio file: http://m.ruvr.ru/download/2013/05/22/21/Robles_Rozoff_Part_20.MP3

Robles:So they needed a base somewhere in that area, geographically, and Kosovo fit
the bill, right?
Rozoff:Fairly much that. Again, I think we have to understand that there's no
supervision. There's no oversight in terms of what's going on in Kosovo. Certainly there's
no real government in Pristina. I mean the Thaçis and Haradinajs, and these other
terrorist cutthroats from the former Kosovo Liberation Army are neither able to question
the US, nor would they have any desire to, I mean they are simply puppets.
Robles:Right! That was a terrorist organization and it always was. It never was
anything else.
Rozoff:An American official in 1998 Robert Gelbard actually at the time, and he
reversed himself subsequently, but at the time stated that the so-called Kosovo
Liberation Army was a terrorist organization in his estimate. In fact, it was and is.
I mean it's formally disbanded, but in effect, I'm sure there are late-night-meetings
where they get together and reminiscence over dragging people on barbed wire and
murdering them to harvest their organs, and dealing in narcotics and women and
weapons, and body parts, and so forth. This is the nature of the monsters that the U.S.
and its NATO allies have waged war on behalf of.
Robles:That would explain, I think, to a lot of people who might not understand why
the U.S. would have supported, what I could describe as Muslim terrorists, against
Christian victims.
Rozoff:I would de-emphasize the religious aspect, I truly would, in the sense that:
Kosovo was an amazingly rich and diverse mosaic of ethnic and religious cultures prior to
the U.S. and NATO intervening. That is in addition to ethnic Albanians who comprise the
majority and ethnic Serbs...
Robles:I just mentioned that because even at the time a lot of Americans themselves
couldn't understand why the US was supporting Muslims against Christians.
Rozoff:We have to recall that other ethnic minorities: Roma (so called Gypsies),
Egyptians, Ashkalies, Bosnians, Gorans, Turks and others who are predominantly Muslim
have also been harassed and killed and driven out of the province by Thaçi and his
former KLA officials. So, it seems to be more racial. In terms of pan-Albanian than it is
Robles:Do you really think there's that angle there? Or is it just whoever cut a better
deal with the United States?
Rozoff:There's Albanian-American Civic League, former U.S. Congressman Joseph
DioGuardi is the godfather of that. And he's been amazingly successful at lobbying, and I
use that term loosely and perhaps charitably, but influencing American politicians:
everyone from Robert Dole to the current Vice President Joseph Biden who is someone
who has appeared at the Albanian-American Civic League functions and fundraisers, with
hefty honoraria I am sure. And I'm sure Mr. Biden walked away with a lot of money.
I've heard them and I´ve seen the videos on YouTube and some amazingly provocative
statements, openly calling for the use of military force against the government of
Yugoslavia and Serbia at that time but clearly on behalf of a pan-Albanian agenda. And I
think that´s very important to realize, that the five stars on the Kosovo flag supposedly
represent five different ethnic groups within the province. But I think the more seasoned
observer realizes that that means five different nations in which ethnic Albanians reside
and which are envisioned by the likes of Hashim Thaçi to be united in one greater
Those would of course be not only Kosovo and Albania itself, but parts of Monte-Negro,
other parts of Serbia and Macedonia and Greece. So, you have an irredentist
expansionist mindset there and you have NATO go to war for 78 days on behalf of that
Robles:I see, Rick, we have to move on because I want to ask you a little bit about the
US Strategic Command. Now it appears that NATO and the US are planning to not only
take over the world, but take over the universe.
Rozoff:Very good! That's it. Do you want me to comment on that?
Robles:Sure, can you give our listeners some details about what is going on with NATO
and space, if you would?
Rozoff:That's true, I mean not content with expanding its tentacles around the Earth,
now the heavens are going to be an area for NATO expansion. And I'm thinking
particularly about a story that came out yesterday, it was issued by the press wire
service of the U.S. Armed Forces, what´s called American Forces Press Service from the
Pentagon. And a Deputy Commander of the US Strategic Command, and it is one of nine
unified combatant commands the Pentagon has, and most of them tend to be regional in
nature: Northern Command, Southern Command, Africa Command and so forth. But this
one is strategic and as you are indicating covers not only the entire world, but reaches
into space.
Strategic Command was actually... replaced the former Strategic Air Command during
the Cold War period. In 1992 it was renamed Strategic Command and then in 2002 it
merged with the US Space Command. So, it is a command that takes in all nuclear
weapons, you know, strategic forces, the so-called missile defense, which we´ve talked
about many times before, that is encircling the planet with interceptor missile systems.
But also it takes in the heavens, takes in space.
And the statement was made by the Deputy Commander of the Strategic Command or
the report on it was a couple days ago, he is actually the Deputy Director of Global
Operation, and he talked about building an alliance in space, partnerships in space
comparable to what the U.S. has on earth. So, I think we´d be safe in understanding that
being some approximation of a parallel to: the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and
other military alliances the US has.
And again, when you read the Pentagon´s own accounts of these things, often times the
statements are amazingly candid, I mean they would be cleaned up appreciably by the
time they got to the mainstream media. But this fellow in question, the Deputy
Commander of Global Operations, actually this is a paraphrase, but he said that space is
vital to military operations providing an array of capabilities that give space-faring
nations´ forces´ a military advantage. In other words, if you control space you could win 
war on earth. I think it is essentially what he was saying.
And you know, he again drew the parallel that just as on, paraphrasing again on this of
the same account, he said: recognizing the value of multinational coalitions for
operations in the land, maritime and air domains, the officials of U.S. Strategic
Command here, hope to forge a coalition that shares assets and capabilities in space.
That´s the opening sentence of the article.
Robles:Listen, one more question, I just recalled this, now, the U.S. made a statement
a couple of weeks ago, I don´t know if you recall this, that they were thinking of
declassifying some missile parameters to assuage Russia's concerns regarding the ABM
shield. Have you heard anything about that? Can you comment on that? Do you think
that´s sincere and... any ideas?
Rozoff:I´m vaguely familiar with that. Is it sincere? No it is not. I mean they´ll try to
assuage Russian concerns by giving them a sense a false confidence, perhaps.
There is no indication that the United States intends to fully incorporate Russia as a
partner, even in regional missile defense systems, such as that in Europe, much less into
a global missile system, which Russia would be kept quite clearly outside of.
So, assuaging Russian concerns: that sounds like more talk, to me, and we´ve had
several years of that talk without any results.
Robles: I see. This was after the recent Russia-NATO Council meeting. And that was
supposed to be one of the results from it, but you think that´s just hot air, right?
Rozoff:It is. It is window dressing, it´s cosmetic and it is meant to make the U.S. and
NATO look like they are trying to reach some understanding with the "paranoid
recalcitrant" Russia that "refuses to work with them". We know how these propaganda
tricks work and this is simply another indication of it.
So that U.S. and NATO officials can go back and say: "We´ve made repeated offers to our
Russian partner which, unfortunately, misinterprets what the intent of the global
interceptor missile system is."
Even though, every now and again Ronald Reagan is invoked or evoked as the
inspiration for this program, which means "Strategic Defense Initiative", which means
"Star Wars".
Robles:I´ve read a news item last week titled something like: "Russia refuses NATO
offer of cooperation." Do you know of any NATO offers of cooperation that Russia has
Rozoff:None whatsoever. There are no such offers. Again, when Russia has asked to, if
you will, compartmentalize the missile defense of Europe, to engage into what is called
sectoral or regional components where Russia takes responsibility for a certain area,
what we hear time and again is: "NATO will not outsource its security to a non-NATO
member", meaning Russia. So, that Russia will have no role whatsoever in any joint or
collaborative efforts to create a genuine missile shield, but instead it will be 
consulted, as
you were alluding to at the beginning of the discussion on this subject. Russia will be
consulted or, in other words, the U.S. and NATO will tell Russia damn well what they
want to tell them and nothing else.
Robles:What exactly would you say to someone who says: "NATO has offered to
cooperate with Russia?"
Rozoff:John, we are next-door neighbors and I´m building a shield over my house as
I´m arming myself to the teeth. And I´m telling you: "Don´t worry about it because I´m
not your enemy". And your weapons very shortly will not be able to retaliate against me
if I should open fire on you first, but... "Don´t worry about it because we are friends 
partners", I mean nobody falls for something like that.
Rozoff:I mean, if you make yourself impregnable, if you make yourself invulnerable as
you are moving... Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov again, just three or four days
ago, said: "NATO military hardware is moving up to the Russian border", as indeed it is.
And this includes the fact that just a couple of days ago the U.S. moved the first
squadron of F-16 strategic fighter jets into Poland for permanent deployment, in a
country that borders Russian territory, the Kaliningrad District. And already, as of three
years ago, the U.S. moved interceptor missiles into Poland, maybe 35-40 miles from the
Russian border.
Robles:I wanted to underline that fact for some people who may not really follow NATO
and maybe don´t really know what they are really doing. And people might actually
believe that for some reason Russia refused to cooperate. That´s why I just wanted to
get that point very well across.
Rozoff:Russia has been begging for genuine cooperation and has been rebuffed at
every turn, as again, the U.S. and NATO are saying: "This is our operation and we´ll tell
you what we want to about it, but you are not going to influence it in any way or form."
Robles:Okay. I know that. You know that. I just want to make sure our listeners know
that as well.
Robles:Rick, thank you very much. Unfortunately, we are out of time.
Rozoff:I understand. But thanks again John, I appreciate it.

John Robles
You're listening to an interview in progress with Rick Rozoff, the owner and manager of
theStop NATO websiteand international mailing list. You can find thepart 1of this
interview on our website at english.ruvr.ru


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