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Dear Members,

Our group seams discouraged by the crisis, meanwhile the crisis should be the reason to 
improve ourselves and push the accelerator for the resumption.

I have many new projects for development, to create jobs, reduce pollution and suffering, 
but I need financial support to make my dreams a reality and spread a better quality of 
life for the International Community.

Good and Evil are two natural faculties inborn in the man spirit, subject to change 
behaviour according to personal momentary interests.

The consequences of either one of the two faculties, becomes favourable or painful when 
involve twisted heads with responsibilities as a Company Manager, a rich and powerful 
man, or much higher at Government levels.

Our world undergo many different period of peace and war in virtue of people sitting on 
key positions, some loving peace and some other inflamed by Evil negative temptations.

Creeds and various believes, with the attempt to drive humanity towards goodness to 
improve the social and human understanding amongst people and Nations, resulted 
insufficient when the Evil spirits that dominate the economy with selfish programs of 
speculations, drive humanity towards injustice, suffering, retaliations and wars.

In the past, some important people was assisted by men of wisdom as a permanent function, 
to be questioned on the various problems of the society, but with the time people of 
Power turned away from God teachings and prayers.

Nowadays, wisdom has been replaced by armaments, and for any right or wrong decision, 
interpellation goes to Mafia Organizations or Army Generals as official representative of 
certain Evil Nations. 

Egoism, thirsty of Power, and thirsty of revenge, are the most devilish tendency of 
present millennium, prevailing by large on goodness, with higher destructive power that 
any other mass destruction armament.

The Lord have balanced all natural resources to feed the entire world. 
Men and women to procreate peacefully.   
Knowledge and truth to improve our quality of life. 
But many selfish inveterate sinners placed on key position, take advantage of own 
momentarily Power to take away other people share.

The world has been governed for many years by different Philosophical Politics that have 
spread wickedness, pollution, retaliations, wars and dead.

To save our world from a total defeat that have highly corroded the human moral of the 
society, shall be auspicial to abolish all Political Philosophies and give way to the 
research of the truth with greater attention to knowledge in science, mathematics and 

Many developed countries of our world are slippery toward the total defeat of the 
society, consequently to the fact that after reaching a high level of wealth surrounded 
by bad habits and inherent vices, are degenerating affecting the moral of the society 
like rust corrodes iron.

Kind regards,