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[Economia] Basic income referendum - L’abolizione del lavoro, la Svizzera rilancia una battaglia secolare

Basic income referendum

The discussion about basic income in Switzerland began in the 1980s, initially amongst academics 
such as sociologists who saw the potential to alleviate poverty better than the current system. But 
there was no major public debate in the 1980s nor the 1990s. In the early 2000s, however, things 
were slowly changing due to a spill-over from the German debate. Two basic income organizations 
were formed, "Initiative Grundeinkommen" and BIEN-Switzerland, and one Attac-group also 
became advocates. These organizations had some success, including some articles in national 
newspapers.[12] The petition calling for a referendum on basic income as a constitutional right was 
started in April 2012. After six months 42,000 people had signed, and by April 2013 there were 
approximately 70,000 signatures.[13] By October 2013 more than 130,000 citizens had signed, meaning 
a referendum on the issue had to be held. Publicity included a truck filled with eight million 
coins emptying the money in front of th

e Federal Palace in Bern.[14] Even though the initiative official text submitted to the 
vote does not specify any level, the campaigners have proposed is 2,500 Swiss francs for 
adults (about 1,650 USD at PPP in 2014) and 625 francs for children per month.[15][14][16]



L’abolizione del lavoro, la Svizzera rilancia una battaglia secolare

"... Questo referendum, oltre a poter fare della Svizzera un esempio virtuoso per tutti gli altri paesi del mondo, rilancia una battaglia fondamentale dei movimenti 
d’avanguardia artistica e politica che hanno attraversato il secolo scorso e che inspiegabilmente è stata negli ultimi anni accantonata (per lo meno in Italia) 
anche dalle sinistre più radicali. Quest’ultime continuano a parlare di “diritto al lavoro”, di “necessità di occupazione”, di 
“necessità di creare impiego” e mai di abolizione del lavoro ..."



Svizzera, stipendio di 2.230 euro garantito a tutti i cittadini: referendum a giugno su 
proposta di un gruppo di intellettuali