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Announcement from the Council on Hemispheric Affairs - New Open Forum

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Council On Hemispheric Affairs

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COHA Announcement, September 27, 2005


COHA Announces the Launch of its
Open Forum

  • The new COHA Open Forum offers our readers a venue to respond to COHA memoranda and commentaries, whether in praise or criticism. 

While the Council on Hemispheric Affairs' website has long maintained a forum offering responses to particular critiques of our articles, it had, of late, fallen into desuetude.  The forum has now reopened, and we will endeavor to maintain a regular dialogue with our readers.  We invite you to visit the new Open Forum, and contribute your comments, communicating your points of view to a mailing list of over 12,000 Latin Americanists and those interested in U.S. - Canadian relations, including journalists, academics and policy makers.

Some highlights from the new Open Forum:

  • A discussion about Luis Alberto Moreno's merit to head the IDB.

  • Insights on the Brazilian corruption scandal.

  • A Panamanian perception of Evangelical missionaries.

  • A letter from the Embassy of Barbados regarding COHA's analysis of Barbados' stance on Haiti within CARICOM

Visit the Open Forum...

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