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COHA Opinion and Research: Lori Through the Looking Glass: A New Perspective on the Berenson Case

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COHA Research 05.03

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COHA commissioned Dr. Nicholas Birns of New School University, New York,
to do the following assessment of the Berenson case.


Lori Through the Looking Glass

A New Perspective On the Lori Berenson Case

 Analysis prepared by COHA  Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Nicholas Birns
Wednesday 28 September 2005


Our perception of Lori Berenson has been clouded by a bewildering recent series of rulings and counter-findings surrounding her case. Lori Berenson has been imprisoned in Peru for almost ten years for allegedly conspiring with terrorists. (The grim anniversary of her imprisonment is upcoming in November). New challenges and complications in the Andean region and its neighbors, have only exacerbated the situation.

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