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:: information from occupied iraq
:: informazione dall'iraq occupato

Camilo Mejía - www.resistenze.org
...Pensai alla sofferenza di un popolo la cui patria era in rovine e per
giunta era sottoposto a nuove umiliazioni per gli edifici rasi al suolo, le
retate ed i coprifuoco di un esercito d'occupazione. Mi accorsi che nessuna
delle ragioni che ci avevano fornito per stare in Iraq era vera. Non
c'erano armi di distruzione di massa. Non c'erano legami tra Saddam Hussein
ed Al Qaeda. Non aiutavamo il popolo iracheno e questo non ci voleva avere
laggiù. Non! preveniamo il terrorismo né rendiamo più sicuro il nostro
paese. Non potei trovare una sola ragione per essere stato là, sparando
contro la gente ed essendo a mia volta bersaglio...

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Iraq's Right to Resistance and Self-Determination
Ghali Hassan
...The only way to end the US Occupation of Iraq is popular resistance
against it. The Iraqi Resistance knows that it is on its own, and that it
has to depend on its own resources. The Resistance should make no illusions
about the leaders of the "anti-war" movement, and the Left/Liberal elites
"opposition" to the War and Occupation. Their "activism" is an empty
slogan; it is merely a way "to salve people's consciences without having to
think or do any! thing". They are imperialism's tools of propaganda.
Without their "feel-good" life-style activism, Western "democracy" is a
form of naked tyranny. They provide sugar-coated delusion and tranquilliser
for the disfranchised masses...

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Commentary: The war on law itself
Curtis Doebbler, Al-Ahram Weekly ---
Lawyers representing Iraqi President Saddam Hussein held several meetings
in Amman, Jordan during January and February 2005 to consider further steps
to gain access to their client and to the alleged evidence against him. To
date the president continues to be denied access to his lawyers, despite
false statements that have circulated in the press by sources too cowardly
to identify themselves by name, suggesting that he has been meeting his la!
wyers. These rumors are not true. No lawyers have met the president since
16 December 2004 and no lawyer chosen by the president has been able to
meet him in confidence and as required by international law at any time
since his arrest (...) In the Nuremberg trial, only the aggressors were put
on trial. In Iraq the victims of aggression are being brought to trial...

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Undermining Iraq's Food Security
Ghali Hassan
The US Occupation authority has imposed legislation which could have
detrimental and lasting impact on Iraqis farmers and Iraq's ability to
produce food for the Iraqi people. One of the 100 orders issued by
administrator Paul Bremer is US Order 81 on 'Patent, Industrial Design,
Undisclosed Information, Integrated Circuits and Plant Variety'(1). Unless
an independent sovereign Iraqi government repeals it, it will override
Iraq's original patent law of 1970, which, in a! ccordance with the Iraqi
constitution, prohibited private ownership of biological resources. Iraq is
home to the oldest agricultural traditions in the world. Historical,
genetic and archaeological evidence, including radiocarbon dating of
carbon-containing materials at the site, show that the Fertile Crescent,
including modern Iraq, was the first region where sheep were domesticated
and wheat crops were cultivated around 8000 BC...

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Executing OUR AUN: the Palm Tree
Eman Ahmed Khammas, BRussells Tribunal

For Iraqis, palm trees are not just trees, they are members of the family,
and they are almost sacred. Not only because they are mentioned in the Holy
Qur'an many times, and in the prophet Mohammad teachings, in one of which
he called upon Moslems to honor the palm tree, our aunt, as he called it,
but also because palm trees are deeply connected to the economic, cultural
and social Iraqi life through history (...) Palm tree orchards are now
chopped, shoveled away and burnt by the American troops. In Daura, south of
Baghdad, 50 dounams (a dounam is a measure of land = 1000 square meters) of
planted dates and citrus trees orchards were destroyed. Hills of hundreds
of trunks savagely cut and burnt, pile in the surrounding newly eroded

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Nader: Bush family profited from Iraq War
Sebastian Christ and Philipp Heinz, UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL
..."Never in American history has there been more corruption without
anybody being required to resign. The corruption, even when exposed,
continues on a base that the corrupters are not held accountable and those
who receive the benefits of the corruption are not held accountable," Nader
said. Nader and the Democracy Rising activists handed out a list of names
of Bush family members that they say are "profitee! rs" of the war in Iraq.
The list includes former president George H. W. Bush, who "only recently
resigned as a board member of the finance giant the Carlyle Group"...

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P R E S S R E L E A S E: New Research Indicates Health Risks from Uranium
May Be More Varied Than Reflected in Current Federal Policy
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
...The report also discusses recent research on the health effects of DU,
much of it performed at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in
Bethesda, Maryland after the 1991 Gulf War, that has implications far wider
than the New Mexico plant. The research indicates that depleted uranium may
be mutagenic, tumorigenic, tera! togenic, cytotoxic, and neurotoxic,
including in a manner analogous to exposure to lead.1 It may also cross the
placenta and harm the embryo/fetus...

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Australia: former leading intelligence official exposes government lies
Terry Cook, WSWS
Like all regimes involved in criminal activity, systematic lying is now the
modus operandi of the Howard government. It is a well-established fact that
the government lied to parliament about "weapons of mass destruction" to
create the pretext for Australian involvement in the criminal and illegal
invasion of Iraq, and lied when it claimed that before the release of the
horrific images of torture in Baghdad's Abu Ghraib priso! n it had no
knowledge of the abuse of Iraqi detainees...

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On Bush Nepotism And American War-Profiteering
Evan Augustine Peterson III, J.D ., OrbStandard.com
How have the upper classes in every ostensibly Christian society managed to
sustain the blatantly immoral practice of war-profiteering? In the American
context, this question can be reduced to a twenty-first century version of
Cicero's maxim: "How does our military-industrial complex make predatory
killing so lucrative for its war profiteers?" Toward answering that
question, it will be useful to examine the Bush F! amily Dynasty's most
recent war-profiteering activities...

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'Core values: The moral corruption at America's center'
Chris Floyd, Moscow Times
Day in and day out, patriotic American dissidents on both the left and the
right keep shovelling through the bloody muck of the Bush Imperium. The
filth is endless, Augean; Salon.com recently catalogued 34 ongoing major
scandals, equalling or surpassing the depravity of Watergate. Yet still the
patriots bend to the task, tossing up steaming piles of ugly truth before
the public. And with every loud splattering of fresh Bushflop, the! re's a
flurry of hope that this time, the dirt will stick; this time, the stench
of corruption will be so overwhelming that the nation's long-somnolent
conscience will be aroused...

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$9B Goes Missing In Iraq.
Huge Sum Disappears Without A Trace
Helen Thomas
Profiteering from the Iraq war is not a surprise, especially in light of
the Bush administration's pandering to the military-industrial complex. But
some Democratic lawmakers are concerned that profiteering may have achieved
stratospheric dimensions in the case of the $9 billion that is missing from
the sale of Iraqi oil. This money was to have been used for humanitarian
aid and reconstruction for Iraq. It seems no one is watching the! store...

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Suicides in Marine Corps Rise by 29%
Ann Scott Tyson, Washington Post Staff Writer
The Marine Corps suffered a 29 percent spike in suicides last year,
reaching the highest number in at least a decade, with the demanding pace
of military operations likely contributing to the deaths, the top-ranking
U.S. Marine said yesterday. Thirty-one Marines committed suicide in 2004,
all of them enlisted men, not commissioned officers. The majority were
younger than 25 and took their lives with gunshot wounds, according to Mar!
ine statistics...

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AI: Concern for arrested Iraqi woman
Firas Al-Atraqchi, Aljazeera.net
Amnesty International (AI) has expressed concern for the whereabouts of an
Iraqi woman allegedly arrested by US and Iraqi military personnel. In an
Urgent Action report issued on 18 February, AI USA is demanding the safe
treatment of Huda Hafiz Ahmad al-Azawi, a businesswoman, seized at 4am on
17 February. She was reportedly handcuffed, blindfolded, and beaten as were
her two daughters, Nura, 15, and Sara, 20...

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War Crimes in Fallujah and Iraq and the War on Terrorism
Ron Forthofer, Ph.D., PalestineChronicle.com
...The war crimes the U.S. committed in Fallujah last April pale in
comparison to what we did this past November and December. We did what Lt.
Dillbeck suggested - we essentially wiped Fallujah off the map. Fallujah
was not a small town; its population approximated the combined population
of Boulder, Longmont and Ft. Collins. We destroyed the city and created
somewhere between 200,000 and 300,000 refugees. Many o! f these people had
nowhere to go, no food, water or clothes as they fled the U.S. attack with
few possessions. The thousands or tens of thousands of people who remained
in Fallujah were victims of a free-fire zone for U.S. troops...

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Iraqi women eye Islamic law.
The majority United Iraqi Alliance supports sharia
Jill Carroll | Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor
...In the nearly two years since the regime of Saddam Hussein fell,
pressure has grown for women to conform to stricter Islamic standards. "The
Baath Party, with all the things many believe they did wrong, [still
ensured that Iraqi] women had the most rights in the region," says Rime
Allaf, an associate fellow with the Royal Institute of International
Affairs in London, ! where she is researching women's status in Iraq. "Now,
a lot of women are being very careful about how they dress. They are being
told by perfect strangers, 'You need to cover your hair ... [and] your
arms.' "...

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It's Not Enough to Simply Disagree
Kurt Nimmo
..."According to a recent report compiled by FAO, more than one million
Iraqis have died as a direct result of the sanctions, which the U.S. and
U.K. refuse to lift, despite Iraq's compliance to the unjustly imposed U.N.
resolutions," writes Ali Baghdadi. "Among the victims are 560,000 children.
Lack of food and medicine and deteriorating sanitary conditions has
actually caused more harm and suffering than the war itself despite the
most savage and indiscriminate bomb! ing ever experienced." As I have noted
elsewhere, the so-called "Gulf War" and the imposition of sanctions have
radically diminished the quality of life for average Iraqis on several
levels. "Prior to the destruction of the entire Iraqi infra-structure,
including sewage, water, and electricity plants, Iraqis had enjoyed a
higher life expectancy than the United States," Baghdadi continues...

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Brussels protest: 'Bush is not welcome!'
John Catalinotto, Workers World
"Bush is not welcome!" That was the message here on Feb. 20-22 from the Bel
gian peace movement, progressive groups and a good portion of the
population. U.S. President George W. Bush arrived here the evening of Feb.
20 to try to mend the relations with his imperialist allies in Western
Europe that he had shattered by unilaterally launching the war on Iraq in
2003. How much he offered the government leaders is still an open question.
He offe! red nothing to the European working class, youth and students...

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Conclave of the Brats
Dubya and Puty-Put Share a Medieval Castle
KURT NIMMO, CounterPunch
...1989 is an interesting year. In 1989, the Iraqi people had what the
people of the United States might call universal health care, a public
medical system that was the envy of the Arab world. Iraq also had low
infant mortality, increasing literacy rates, and other social benefits,
thanks to the socialist ideals of the Ba'athists (...) Iraq now has a
higher poverty rate than Haiti (...)Considering the killing fields of! Iraq
(...) who can rightly blame the Iranians for burning the midnight oil and
working feverishly to develop a few nukes of their own, especially with the
Israelis, secretly harboring a passel of their own nukes, a missile's throw
away to the west?...

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US casualties in Baghdad bomb attack
A bomb attack north of Baghdad killed three US soldiers and wounded eight
on Friday, a US army spokesman said. "We did have soldiers killed in
northern Baghdad," Wright said, adding that the deaths were the result of
an improvised explosive device, US military jargon for a roadside bombing.
The attack came as the soldiers were on a foot patrol in the town of
Tarmiya, some 20km north of the capital...

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 24 February 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board,
the Free Arab Voice.
...US forces raided a mosque in the town of 'Amiriyat al-Fallujah, south of
the city of al-Fallujah, on Thursday and demanded that the Imam order the
refugees from al-Fallujah who are still in 'Amiriyat al-Fallujah to go back
to their homes in the city. The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported
that refugees from al-Fallujah have been staying in 'Ami! riyat al-Fallujah
since the US aggression on their city began in November. They have refused
to return home out of fear for their lives and those of their children
since US attacks are recurrent...

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I fasti del CMIM ( Coro Mediatico Indipendente Mondiale )
Giulietto Chiesa, Megachip
...Infatti, con la consueta e completa acquiescenza, l'intero coro
mediatico "indipendente" mondiale (CMIM) ha comunicato al pianeta, il 31
gennaio 2005, che in Iraq avevano votato 8 milioni e mezzo di iracheni, i
quali, sfidando il terrorismo, erano andati alle urne per accogliere
finalmente la democrazia portata loro dagli Stati Uniti d'America. Da quel
momento, per il CMIM, la guerra irachena è dunque terminata, la missione è
! divenuta definitivamente accomplished e la democrazia è stata finalmente
raggiunta in Iraq. Col che si è potuto calare il sipario sui risultati
delle elezioni, sul computo dei voti, sulle modalità con cui sarà formato
il nuovo governo. Il tutto essendo nelle mani fidate del signor Negroponte
e in quelle non meno fidate della Commissione Elettorale "indipendente"...

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