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Lies about the "oppression of the Shi'ah" and others
Muhammad al-Baghdadi, Translated by Muhammad Abu Nasr - www.albasrah.net
We have heard a lot about how the Shi'ah were supposedly oppressed in the
time when the Arab Socialist Baath Party ruled Iraq. We've heard about how
they were supposedly not treated equally with other Iraqis. In fact,
however, these are nothing but lies fabricated as part of a psychological
warfare propaganda campaign aimed at Iraqi citizens (...) Such lies on the
part of the invaders and! their stooges, whereby they try to hoodwink
people in order to split up the unity of Iraq, have prompted me today to
set out the facts about the nature of the cadres of the Iraqi state and
their backgrounds in order to refute those mendacious claims. My aim is not
in any way to deepen sectarian differences or bring them into higher
relief, nor am I just trying to defend a political regime, as those who are
trying to distort reality might have people believe. My only purpose is to
set forth the facts and bring out the truth...

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Malcom Lagauche
...During the 1990s, I became involved with the Iraqi-American community
because of my involvement in attempting to have the disastrous embargo
against Iraq lifted. What I discovered was an Iraq in miniature in the
areas of politics. There were anti-Saddam groups within the community and
pro-Saddam factions. Each had its own monthly publication. The
Chaldean-Assyrian Federation was a leading anti-Saddam group (...) An
Iraqi-American friend who owns a print shop in El Cajon keeps ! his eyes
and ears open and tells the current themes in the Chaldean community. The
big story is still the destruction of churches in Iraq. The El Cajon
Chaldeans are now upset with the U.S. government for allowing this to
happen. My friend said that within the past couple of weeks, a common
statement is being made by many in the community. A statement that was
unheard of until recently: "This never happened under Saddam"...

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100,000 Murdered Iraqis: A "Model for How Democracy Can Take Hold"
Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire
In Bushzarro world, as reflected by the corporate media, flattening large
swaths of Fallujah is considered democracy (...) If we are to believe the
corporate media?the Strausscon lie machine on steroids?only "insurgents"
were killed in Fallujah. "Like the Nazi media, the major US radio and TV
networks only report what they call 'military casualties' ?failing to
report the civilians killed since the war started! and the thousands of
women and children killed and wounded since the assault of Fallujah began,"
writes James Petras...

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Coming Soon! Police Academy: Baghdad!
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to run away
Ward Harkavy, The Village Voice
FOR MONTHS NOW, we've been hearing that Iraqi police and other security
forces are being trained to take over control of their chaotic, dangerous
country. But a Voice review of the Bush regime's official weekly "status
reports" indicates that the number of police may have actually fallen by
more than 33 percent in the past year...

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Alexandra Williams,Mirror.co.uk
IRAQ war orphan Ali Abbas has been robbed of Government financial help -
because officials suggest he cannot prove when he lost his limbs. Ali, who
lost both arms when an Allied missile hit his home killing 15 relatives,
applied for Disability Living Allowance last September. That was when aid
from the Kuwaiti government stopped. Ali, now a British resident living in
South West London, is otherwise dependent on charitable donations Officials
at Work and P! ensions lost his forms, they were re-submitted, and he got a
reply dated March 7. The letter said he would not be entitled to aid until
March 21 - last Monday - "because the conditions have not been satisfied
until then". Last night Zafar Khan, chairman of the Limbless Association,
asked what on earth Ali had to do to prove his disability. He added: "It is
ridiculous to say he is only affected from last Monday." Payments are
usually made from the time of applying...

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US forces impose curfew on Iraq's western restive city
US troops imposed a curfewon the restive Iraqi city of Ramadi on Tuesday as
tensions intensify in the country's western Anbar province, a provincial
official said. "The US troops imposed a curfew on Ramadi and the
surrounding areas, setting up several checkpoints in and around the
city,"Abdul Rahman al-Dulaimy, secretary of the Anbar province governor
told Xinhua. There was no comment from the US military in Baghdad about the
latest security measu! re on Ramadi...

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Saddams lawyers: "We dont know where he is"
Lawyers defending Saddam Hussein at his forthcoming trial stated on Tuesday
that they have been denied access to the toppled Iraqi leader and that they
don't even know where he is. "We have no access to Saddam nor the other
Iraqi leaders who are in captivity and awaiting trial. We do not even know
where they are, or even which country they are in. Nor do we know when or
where the trial might be," said M Matthew Fautin, a lawyer from Rheims. "We
have been t! rying so far without success to put pressure on relevant
officials so that we can see our clients and be briefed by them." "This is
hardly a good example of Western justice. It is scandalous that their
lawyers cannot talk to them," Mr. Dalyell, MP for Linlithgow said...

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Army Papers Reinforce Allegations of Systemic Prison Abuse in Iraq
NewStandard Staff
Newly released documents from the US military tell the harrowing story of a
20-year-old Iraqi, who was detained along with family members, forced to
perform intense physical exercises while soldiers harassed and possibly
assaulted him, and who suffered a broken jaw while in military custody. An
army investigator assigned to look into the incident determined that Salah
Salih Jassim's injury resulted from an "intentional act," that! "abuse of
the detainees" at that holding facility was considered "acceptable
practice," and that military personnel "engaged in physical torture of the
detainees" held there...

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Apathy Adds to Sufferings of Disabled Iraqis
Two years after the US invaded Iraq to "liberate" its people, disabled
Iraqis realized that they were better off under the ousted regime of Saddam
Hussein, decrying the apathy of their government and occupation
authorities, who both speak from an ivory tower in the Green Zone. "Neither
the government nor occupation authorities raised a finger to help the
disabled Iraqis and end their unspeakable sufferings," Mohammad Hassan Abd,
who lost a leg during th! e second Gulf War, told the London-based Al-Quds
Press news agency on Tuesday, March 29. ..

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Picnic Is No Party In the New Basra
Anthony Shadid, Washington Post Foreign Service
Celia Garabet thought students were roughhousing. Sinan Saeed was sure a
fight had erupted. Within a few minutes, on a sunny day at a riverside
park, they realized something different was afoot. A group of Shiite Muslim
militiamen with rifles, pistols, thick wire cables and sticks had charged
into crowds of hundreds at a college picnic. They fired shots, beat
students and hauled some of them away in pickup trucks. The transgressio!
ns: men dancing and singing, music playing and couples mixing...

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Iraq Parliament in Uproar Over Stalemate
Khaled Yacoub Oweis and Mariam Karouny, Reuters
Iraq's parliament erupted in acrimony at only its second sitting on Tuesday
and journalists were thrown out after lawmakers berated leaders for failing
to agree on a new government, two months after historic elections. When
parliamentarians were told that despite last-minute talks that delayed the
session no agreement had been reached, even on the post of parliamentary
speaker, several stood up to say leading politicians wer! e letting down
the Iraqi people...

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Watch Out for Kurdistan
Aaron Glantz, Antiwar.com
"Watch out for Kurdistan," I tell everyone I know. It may take a few years,
but Iraq will be cut up into two, possibly three, countries - and the Kurds
will be the first to go. Already, northern Iraq is hardly one with the rest
of the country. In the provisional capital of Arbil, the red, green, and
white Kurdish flag is everywhere; the Iraqi flag is nowhere to be seen.
Signs on buildings proclaim: "Kurdistan Health Ministry" and "Kurdistan
Education Ministry." Th! e streets are patrolled - not by American soldiers
in Humvees and tanks - but by Kurdish peshmerga guerillas with AK-47s. If
they see someone who even looks Arab, they stop him as a suspected

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Death Squad Democracy: The Inner Dynamics
U.S. Invasion of Iraq on March 20th, 2003 must be remembered as a "Day of
Infamy" since the illegal Doctrine of Preemption substituted the rule of
international law and subverted the UN's International Court. As if that
was not enough two years after the illegal invasion, the US has imposed the
first of series of puppet government, in a sham election created by "Death
Squad Democracy" to ensure the permanency of American Dominance over the
ec! onomic and socio-political life of the region...

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'Iraqi and US intelligence agents forced Syrians to make confession'
Dahi Hassan, Khaleej Times Online
The families and relatives of the Syrian citizens, who last week appeared
on Iraqi state television making confessions alleging that they were Syrian
intelligence officers, confirmed that those "officers" are merely leather
dealers who left their shops at this small town to sell their products in
the neighbouring Arab country. They asserted that Ahmed Al Farra and
Mahmoud Al Rammah were threatened and forced by ! Iraqi and US intelligence
agents to make such anti-Syrian political confessions as part of a
well-organised campaign to destabilise Syria and build up a case to attack

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Monday, 28 March 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The
Free Arab Voice.
...Iraqi Resistance forces liquidated Mushin Karim, a man who had informed
US occupation forces of the whereabouts of Iraqi Vice President Taha Yasin
Ramadan, leading to his capture and later torture by the American invaders.
After his services to the invaders, the Americans had given Karim US$10
million in reward money. The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in!
Samarra' reported that Karin fled Iraq after receiving the reward money,
but he later returned to bring out his family. But the Iraqi Resistance
caught up with him and killed him in front of the Samarra' City Center in
the al-Qal'ah area at about 9am on Monday...

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Canada denies asylum to US soldier who refused to serve in Iraq
By Lee Parsons and Keith Jones, WSWS
Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board ruled last Thursday against granting
US war resister and Army "deserter" Jeremy Hinzman political refugee
status?a decision that, if upheld by Canada's courts, will in all
likelihood result in Hinzman being deported to the US and jailed for his
opposition to the US's illegal invasion of Iraq. Last week's ruling sets an
ominous precedent for other US military personnel seeking! asylum in

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More than 200,000 US casualties from Gulf War 1
Wolfgang Geist
...Soldiers now fighting in Iraq are being exposed to battlefield hazards
that have been associated with the Gulf War Syndrome that afflicts a
quarter-million veterans of the 1991 war, said a former Central Command
Army officer in Operation Desert Storm. In 1991, Desert Storm Commander
Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf asked Rokke to oversee the environmental clean up
and medical care of soldiers injured in friendly fire incidents involving
DU weapons. Rok! ke later wrote the DU safety rules adopted by the Army,
but was relieved of subsequent duties after he criticized commanders for
not following those rules and not treating exposed troops from NATO's war
in Yugoslavia. What Rokke and other outspoken Desert Storm veterans fear is
today's troops are being exposed to many of the same battlefield conditions
that they believe are responsible for Gulf War Syndrome...

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The Geneva Trap
Sonia Cardenas, Project Against the Present Danger
Ongoing scandals of prisoner abuse by U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq
are fuelled by the Bush administration's criticism of the Geneva
Conventions. The administration has perpetuated the myth, which domestic
public opinion and the popular media have accepted, that the Conventions do
not entirely protect suspected terrorists or other non-state combatants
captured abroad. This myth allowed the administration to invent a new
category of detainees! outside the purview of international law?"unlawful
combatants"?essentially legitimating subsequent mistreatment and abuse...

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No Government and 16 Dead
Juan Cole, Informed Comment
US Generals revealed on Sunday that a) guerrillas in Iraq are able to keep
the number of attacks at about 60 a day and b) that the proportion of
fighters that is foreign jihadis has increased somewhat in the past few
months (...) By the way, if there are 60 attacks a day, why do I only read
about 7 or 8 of them?:::

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Howard Dean Still Selling Out the Antiwar Movement
Joshua Frank, Antiwar.com
...The second anniversary of the Iraq war came and past, yet the most
popular "antiwar" Democrat remains speechless. Dean has said nothing about
Bush's potential forays in Iran and Syria. He has not muttered a single
word about ending the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Should we be surprised?
Nope. Howard Dean's "antiwar" convictions haven't vanished - they never
existed to begin with...

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US citizens wake up!
Abu Assur
US youth, US citizens don't accept to be led by Bush and his Zionists and
corporate interests. Wake up! (...) The US invaded Iraq and Iraqis are just
defending their soil and want to be left alone. They don't want the US Abu
Ghraib democracy, napalm and chemical weapons and the killing of innocents.
What you, US citizens, would have you done, had your country been invaded
by Martians. The Iraqi Resistance will fight until the last man, until the
last bullet, until the end. Until the! US invaders are defeated and
humiliated and leave Iraq...

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