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Democracy in bloom

<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/dossier.asp?id=158>  Dossier
<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/dossier.asp?id=158>Democracy in bloom
From Lebanon to Kyrgyzstan we are witnessing the beginnings of democracy.
At great risk to themselves, ordinary people are taking to the streets to
change their futures. Are these isolated incidents or a reflection of a
global trend?

 <http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=3464> Kyrgyzstan: the last
Kyrgyzstan has just become the latest of the ex Soviet republics to witness
a democratic revolution. But things are far from over
                 Rosa Solanes i Eva Queralt - Bruxelles/ParÌs

 <http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=3452> Democracy in Lebanon
against all odds
Since the assassination of the former Sunni Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri,
the opposition to Syria has become louder and is demanding the immediate
withdrawal of Syrian forces from Lebanese territory
                 Serge Najjar - Beyrouth

 <http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=3458> Will the Kifaya
movement be enough to change Egypt?
Radical, youthful, colourful and symbolic: the new style of the Egyptian
opposition echoes that of the Ukrainian ëOrange Revolutioní. However, its
success seems less certain
                 Benjamin Rey - Cairo

 <http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=3457> No ëOrange
Revolutioní in Moldova
Moldovans are waiting impatiently to join the EU and more and more are
heading West. By any means possible.
                 Nicola DellíArciprete - Roma

 <http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=3429> PORA: towards
another revolution?
PORA, the most active opposition group in Ukraine, helped precipitate the
full-blown revolution there. But why were they so successful?
                 SE'bastien Draycard-Heid - Paris

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