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Tarmiya: The Silent Agony II
BRussells Tribunal [ For security reasons the name of the writer of this
article can not be revealed ]
One of the saddest parts of the agony is the helpless women the men leave
behind. The three women in K's house, we wrote about weeks ago, were one
example. Sana and Afrah were other different examples. Two young women,
with two different stories, but the silent agony is the same. Tarmiya, like
almost all of the Iraqi rural areas, is a very conservative town. Women
rarely go out to ! work, may be only as teachers in girls' schools, that is
all. It is a shame on men in the family, the tribe, even the neighborhood,
if a woman relative has to follow a case, or some business, definitely not
at the gate of an American military base. This is the utmost humiliation
they can imagine. "If I had to choose between execution and my wife coming
to ask about me in an American prison, I would choose death" one of them
told me...

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Reporting on the Spanish delegation of CEOSI in Iraq
Reports of 22nd, 23 th, 24th and 25th April
IraqSolidaridad, 26 April, 2005 (www.nodo50.org/iraq) - Translated into
English by Lola Oliván (CEOSI)
The Delegation got to enter in Falluja. Entering the city they were
welcomed the representatives of the city Reconstruction Committee. The
Delegation could cross the check point of the occupiers forces. The fact
that they were carrying on medical equipment has facilitated the entry. It
has been a very emotive v! isit; people have received the Delegation with a
deep kindness and affection. In fact this is the first foreign group
visiting the town after the US attack last November 2004. Falluja is
destroyed in 70% but despite of it is slowly recovering normality of the
daily life...

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Ann Coulter Wannabe Disses Marla Ruzicka: An Email to Debbie Schlussel
Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire
Earlier today I read Joshua Frank?s article ?Ghouls and Cowards: Horowitz?s
Gang Smears the Dead,? posted on the Counterpunch site. Not satisfied with
his excerpt from your article (Treasonatrix Barbie: Meet the Real Marla
Ruzicka) apparently slandering peace activist Marla Ruzicka, I did a Google
search and found your article in its entirety, posted on the Political USA
site. I must say, you are a piece o! f work. If your intention is to
out-Coulter Ann Coulter, you have done a masterful job?you share with
Coulter a mean-spirited viciousness, although I must admit her prose is
better (and she can afford an editor). In fact, I am dumbfounded by the
breezy ease of your nastiness and the vacuousness of your generalization....

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History lost in dust of war-torn Iraq (with photos)
Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly , Independent archeologist/journalist & Les Blough,
Editor, Axis of Logic
>From the beginning ... from the time the first U.S. missiles hit Baghdad
>on March 20, 2003 until today, millions around the world continue to be
>sickened by the carnage and human suffering. The destruction and wasting
>of the Historical Museum of Antiquities in Baghdad during those first few
>weeks of the invasion is another kind of suffering and of different
>propor! tions. The malevolence and ignorance behind that destruction and
>theft was inflicted by the United States government on all of humanity. We
>still carry in our hearts and minds, a sense of the darkness and
>self-hatred that led human beings to destroy the history of their own
>civilization. It is with great sadness that we read this report by
>archeologist-journalist Farchakh Bajjaly. We grieve as we try to come to
>terms with the profundity of this crime against our own humanity...

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Lies about Syria
Remember the story, spread by Dick Cheney amongst others, that the Iraqi
weapons of mass destruction could not be found because they had been moved
to Syria? This story served the dual purpose of explaining the embarrassing
lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, while implicating Syria,
perhaps the next American victim of an illegal attack, in aiding the Iraqi
leadership by conspiring to hide the weapons. The Iraq Survey Group (ISG)
has now concluded (the conclusion is in an addend! um to its report) that
"it was unlikely that an official transfer of WMD material from Iraq to
Syria took place...

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They shoot journalists, don't they?
Pepe Escobar
Many uncomfortable, unanswered questions remain over the killing on March 4
of Italian secret intelligence agent Nicola Calipari by American soldiers
near Baghdad airport, immediately after Calipari had negotiated the release
of Giuliana Sgrena, the unembedded correspondent from Il Manifesto, a
communist Italian daily, who had been held hostage for one month and was
wounded in the US firing...

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Soldiers Charged in Iraqi, Afghani Deaths
The Associated Press
-- A look at some of the soldiers charged with murder as a result of
military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. Does not include
soldiers charged in deaths of Iraqi and Afghani prisoners...

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American troops closed off the two main bridges in the city of Ramadi, to
the west of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, on Wednesday. Eyewitnesses told the
Kuwaiti news agency Kuna that the soldiers appear to have launched a major
operation there in their fight to root out insurgents, consisting of a
series of raids in the centre of the city...

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This is our Guernica
Ruined, cordoned Falluja is emerging as the decade's monument to brutality
Jonathan Steele and Dahr Jamail, The Guardian
...Remember Falluja? A city of some 300,000, which was alleged to be the
stronghold of armed resistance to the occupation. Two US attempts were made
to destroy this symbol of defiance last year. The first, in April, fizzled
out after Iraqi politicians, including many who supported the invasion of
their country, condemned the use of air strikes to terror! ise an entire
city. The Americans called off the attack, but not before hundreds of
families had fled and more than 600 people had been killed. Six months
later the Americans tried again. This time Washington's allies had been
talked to in advance. Consistent US propaganda about the presence in
Falluja of a top al-Qaida figure, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was used to create
a climate of acquiescence in the US-appointed Iraqi government...

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US rights group calls for criminal probe of Rumsfeld
Joseph Kay, WSWS
...Rather than punishing those ultimately responsible for the torture, the
US government has sought to place the blame entirely on a few individual
soldiers and low-level officials. According to Human Rights Watch, the US
?is doing what dictatorships do the world over when their abuses are
discovered?loudly proclaiming its respect for human rights while covering
up and shifting blame downwards to low-ranking officials and ?rogue actors?

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Iraqi MP Killed, No Government Announced
India Daily, NJ
Gunmen shot an Iraqi woman member of parliament Wednesday in a fresh shock
to politicians whose failure to form a government three months after
elections has allowed violence to thrive unchecked. Iraqi police said
Lame''a Abed Khadawi, a member of caretaker Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's
political party, was shot outside her house in eastern Baghdad. She is
believed to be the first person in the 275-seat National Assembly to be
killed. Allawi himself survived! an assassination attempt this month when
his convoy was attacked by a car bomber...

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 26 April 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board,
the Free Arab Voice. http://www.freearabvoice.org
...A group of gunmen belonging to the Shi?i chauvinist Badr Brigades, the
armed wing of the so-called ?Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in
Iraq? (SCIRI) raided the Union of Iraqi Journalists office in the
al-Waziriyah area of northern Baghdad Monday evening. The gunmen ransacked
the belongings of the Journalist Union and ! stole a number of documents
that contained the names of Iraqi journalists working in Iraqi newspapers
and of Iraqis working in foreign and Arab news agencies. The correspondent
for Mafkarat al-Islam reported sources in the Union?s administration as
saying that they learned the identity of the gunmen after they introduced
themselves and when they demanded to know the names only of Sunni

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U.S. troops may have killed Canadian in Iraq: reports
CBC News
Foreign Affairs is investigating whether U.S. troops killed a Canadian on
the weekend in Iraq. A Foreign Affairs spokeswoman confirmed to the CBC on
Tuesday that a Canadian, whom she did not identify, died on Saturday. A
source told Broadcast News that Ali Alwan may have died after U.S. forces
"tracked" a target, using a helicopter gunship. The source, who did not
want to be identified, said the family asked the Canadian government to
look into the ci! rcumstances of his death...

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The prime minister is a war criminal
Richard Gott, The Guardian
Tony Blair has been the worst prime minister since Neville Chamberlain, a
figure with whom he shares a number of significant characteristics (...)
Like Chamberlain, he is an arrogant and God-fuelled appeaser, the unseemly
ally of an unbridled country that presents a global threat similar to
Germany in the 1930s. Instead of seeking a grand alliance to confront this
new danger - "a coalition of the unwilling" that would include the
Europeans, the Russi! ans and the Chinese - Blair has sided with the evil
empire. He has taken up a role as its principal cheerleader, obliging
Britain to become a participant in its wars of aggression...

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Pace of Insurgent Attacks in Iraq Rises
After a postelection respite, the pace of insurgent attacks in Iraq has
increased in recent weeks to approach last year's levels, Pentagon
officials said Tuesday. "Where they are right now is where they were almost
a year ago, and it's nowhere near the peak," said Air Force Gen. Richard
Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in a Pentagon press
conference. That's about 400 attacks a week of all kinds: bombings,
shootings, rocket and mortar attacks! , Pentagon officials said...

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A Fine Christian Nation
Sex Trumps Torture and Murder
The public and media obsession with victims of Catholic priest abuse, which
includes the hounding down of alleged molesters decades after the alleged
incidents of abuse occurred, stands in stark and shameful contrast to the
almost complete disinterest shown for tracking down the far more vicious
abuse of prisoners by their American military or intelligence unit captors
(...) Yet there can be no doubt the double standard ha! s as much to do
with racism as with jingoism. If it had been white people being subjected
to the kind of torture that was (and may yet be) going on at Abu Ghraib in
Iraq and Baghram Air Base in Afghanistan, there would probably be far more
public outrage than there has been...

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Unready for combat: US soldiers in Iraq rushed into battle with little training
Bryan Bender, Boston Globe
When Dustin W. Peters, an Air Force supply technician, arrived in Kuwait in
January 2004, all he and his fellow airmen knew was that they would be
supporting US troops in Iraq. But when their unit received its assignment,
they recalled, they were stunned: They would be protecting supply convoys
traveling along Iraq's violent roadways. Peters, 25, was killed last summer
when his Humvee was struck by a roadsid! e bomb near the town of Bayji,
placing him among at least 13 Air Force and Navy members to die in Iraq
while on assignments that were different from what they signed up for --
and with far less training than military personnel who usually performed
those missions, according to a Globe analysis of Pentagon statistics...

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Ghouls and Cowards
Horowitz's Gang Smears the Dead
JOSHUA FRANK, CounterPunch
David Horowitz and gang never cease to amaze (...) On April 25, Ann Coulter
wannabe and FrontPage darling, Debbie Schlussel, had this to say about the
death of peace activist Marla Ruzicka, who, as I am sure you know, was
killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq earlier this month: " ... It's time to
stop worshipping at the alter [sic] of this false heroine. There are plenty
of young American men and women ... who've been bruta! lized or killed in
Iraq and Afghanistan. But none of them got the ... coverage that Ruzicka
got (...) Not kidding. Schlussel actually claims Ruzicka "aided and
abetted" terrorists. She also has the impudence to whine that the
mainstream media hasn't backed the US war, or lauded fallen US soldiers as
heroes. Yeah right. The media Schlussel so vehemently attacks has yet to
print the names of all those innocents who have been killed by the bullets
and bombs of Bush's "democracy"...

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Mainstream Media and Bloggers
Juan Cole, Informed Comment
... If Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo was published by mainstream
media, would he still be allowed to say everything he now says? Would Tom
Engelhardt be allowed to discuss the ways in which the Iraq quagmire
suggests the limits of superpowerdom if he were working for the Big Six? If
Bill Montgomery worked for The Weather Channel, would he be allowed to
criticize Senator Rick Sanatarium for trying to keep Federal forecasters
from "competing" with pri! vate weather forecasting companies? Would
Riverbend be allowed to be so incisive if she worked for a big Iraqi
computer firm? Remember the famous question, "Can blogging get you

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Blair faces fresh impeachment threat over Iraq
Matthew Tempest, Guardian
The Scottish National party and Plaid Cymru today pledged they would make a
fresh bid to impeach Tony Blair over the Iraq war after the election. Alex
Salmond and Plaid's Westminster leader, Elfyn Llwyd, campaigning together
in Scotland, criticised the Liberal Democrat leader, Charles Kennedy, and
his party for failing to back the impeachment bid, despite opposing the
war, as Iraq creeps back up the election agenda...

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More evidence of US military?s culture of torture in Iraq
James Cogan, WSWS
Material obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), under
Freedom of Information, provides further evidence of the culture of torture
and abuse that has prevailed among US military personnel involved in the
interrogation of Iraqi prisoners. It confirms that the brutal treatment
photographed at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad during November and December
2003 was not an isolated series of actions...

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