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Iraq: A Colonial Dictatorship
Ghali Hassan, www.globalresearch.ca
After two months of wrangling and haggling over the forming of the new
Iraqi "government", the US got what it wants, a US government. The Iraqi
people are saying: 'How could we have elected those people'? And those are
the people the US will continue to protect. At gunpoint, the Iraqi people
have been denied the right to govern their country and live in peace.
Iraqis were disappointed by the results of the infighting between the
expatriates in thei! r bunker. The rigged elections and the US-crafted and
unconstitutional Transitional Administrative Law (TAL) gave the Kurds veto
power, not only over the new constitution, but also to derail any
democratic negotiation, including the end to the US Occupation of Iraq...

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The Rise Of Legitimate Resistance Movement
Ghali Hassan, Countercurrents.org
...The shameful propaganda perpetuated against the Iraqi Resistance by
Western media and pundits is unfounded. The label of "insurgency" used by
Western governments and mainstream media to depict the Iraqi Resistance
which is fighting for a legitimate cause, as an 'organized rebellion
fighting against legitimate government' is an imperialist labelling to
justify a "counterinsurgency" by foreign forces. It is typical smear
against those r! esisting Western colonial aggression...

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Jaafari's Government Falling Apart, Already?!
Raed Jarrar, Raed in the Middle
I didn't find a SINGLE news item in any of the mainstream media about what
happened in Iraq two days ago. Not a single news item about it! The Sunni
Arabs Front, that includes both The National Front and The National
Dialogue Council, announced their withdrawal from the Government, just few
hours after Jaafari finished his "partial" announcement. Jafari's partial
announcement didn't declare 7 of the most important positions: oil ministe!
r, defense minister, electricity minister, industry minister, human rights
minister, and two vice-prime-ministers. Other Sunni Iraqis, like the PM
Mishaan Al-Juburi the head of The Reconciliation and Liberation party,
asked the rest of the Sunni Arabs to withdraw from Jaafari's government...

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Hasan Karim Akbar Death Sentence: Ammunition for the Paranoid Right
Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire
No doubt right-wingers and plastic flag-wavers are jumping for joy now that
Army Sgt. Hasan Karim Akbar (a Muslim) has been sentenced to death for
killing two soldiers at Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait during the first week
of the United States military?s illegal invasion (predicated on famous
lies) of Iraq. It is said Akbar killed the soldiers because he ?claimed
that white racists and Nazis had harassed? him ?! and that drove him to his
murderous assault.? Of course, this is no excuse for murder, even with the
overriding irony of the fact Akbar and these alleged racist soldiers were
sent to Iraq precisely to engage in a blood-and-guts orgy of mass murder
that makes Akbar?s homicidal act pale by way of comparison...

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EYEWITNESS: Iraq?s children die of curable kala azar
Dr. Eva-Maria Hobiger, project coordinator for Aladdin?s Magic Lamp, a
Vienna-based humanitarian venture which provides medicines and medical
equipment to Ibn Ghazwa Mother-Child Hospital in Basra, Iraq, says
thousands of Iraqi children are at risk of dying from kala azar, a curable
disease transmitted by sand flies...

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Iraq Victim's Mother 'Will Take Blair to Court'
Victoria Mitchell, Chief Reporter, Scottish Press Association
The mother of a British soldier killed in Iraq said today she will fight
?tooth and nail? to take Tony Blair to court over the death of her son and
what she described as ?war crimes? (...)Today, at a press conference in
East Kilbride, where Mrs Gentle is standing against Armed Forces Minister
Adam Ingram, she said: ?We want justice not just for Gordon but for all the
boys killed in Iraq and for all the Ir! aqis that have been killed"...

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3 U.S. Soldiers Among 41 Killed in Iraq
THOMAS WAGNER, Associated Press WriterFri
Insurgents unleashed a series of car bombings and other attacks across Iraq
on Friday, killing at least 41 people, including three U.S. soldiers, and
wounding dozens of people a day after the country's first democratically
elected government was approved (...) At least 11 car bombs exploded in and
around Baghdad on Friday, including four suicide attacks in quick
succession in the Azamiyah section of central Baghdad...

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Iraq's hostage cabinet
Pepe Escobar
"We fasted for three months; then we broke our fast with an onion." - Iraqi
proverb. After fasting - or watching non-stop squabbling - for almost three
months since the January 30 elections, Iraqis finally got their onion: a
new cabinet no one likes (except the Kurds). Shi'ite Prime Minister Ibrahim
Jaafari didn't get what he wanted. No wonder: the Washington/Green Zone is
wary of him. The Sunnis are threatening to walk out of the government

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Rebutting Gordon Brown
The Attorney General's Legal Advice, Government Spin and the Iraq War (Part II)
Milan Rai, www.dissidentvoice.org
...Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown has sought to defend the
decision to go to war (which he participated), by referring to a range of
documents brought before the British Cabinet on 17 March 2003. None of
these documents demonstrates that Iraq was failing to cooperate with
inspectors, or that Iraq definitely possessed weapons of mass destruction.
The documen! ts instead demonstrated that Iraqi cooperation with the
inspectors, and Iraqi disarmament, were increasing, not decreasing, on 17
March 2003. It was also clear that the judgment as to Iraq's cooperation
should not have been made by the British Cabinet, but by UN weapons
inspectors and the UN Security Council...

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The Attorney General's Legal Advice, Government Spin and the Iraq Weapons
Milan Rai, www.dissidentvoice.org
The publication of UK Attorney General Lord Goldsmith?s legal advice,
presented to Prime Minister Tony Blair on 7 March 2003, before the invasion
of Iraq, but not published until today (28 April 2005), marks a significant
defeat for the Government, and an important opportunity for the anti-war
movement to educate the general public about some crucial realities --
particularly about the role and f! unction of the UN weapons inspectors.
Foreign Minister Jack Straw is piloting a new Big Lie for the Government to
cover up its dishonesty...

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Conscientious Objector Status for Army Sgt. Kevin Benderman Denied: Ft.
Stewart Command Quickly Rubber-Stamps Disapproval
Robert S. Finnegan (Southeast Asia News)
Yesterday [April 27] at Ft. Stewart Georgia, U.S. Army Sergeant Kevin
Benderman was dealt a setback in his battle with the U.S. Army when his
application for Conscientious Objector status was denied by his command.
Benderman applied for CO status after having already served one combat tour
in Iraq during which his Captain ordered personnel in the unit t! o fire on
Iraqi children throwing rocks. This was one of many incidents during his
deployment that Benderman said convinced him that war is immoral and it is
his duty to refuse to kill.

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Marla's Message
War, Aid and Public Relations
American news outlets provided extensive -- and mostly laudatory --
coverage of Marla Ruzicka after she died in Baghdad on April 16. The
humanitarian aid worker's undaunted spirit and boundless dedication had
endeared her to a wide array of people as she strived to gain
acknowledgment and compensation for civilians harmed by the war in Iraq
(...) By all accounts, she was a wonderful and inspiring person. Yet after
I left the fu! neral, some key themes of the media eulogies and other
testimonials kept bothering me. We were being encouraged to celebrate Marla
Ruzicka's life, her work and her message. But -- in the context of a
continuing war -- what was her message?...

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Defending the 'Good' Done in Iraq
Harry Browne
From time to time someone writes an essay that impresses enough people that
the essay is circulated from hand to hand throughout the Internet. I
recently received such an essay. It consists of a series of "Did you know .
. . " questions. The purpose, obviously, is to make us realize that we
don?t know the whole story of what?s happening in Iraq (thanks to the
liberal media). And if we did know the whole story, we?d be getting down on
our knees and thanking George Bus! h for being so much more far-sighted
than we are. Or something like that. However, the questions indicate that
the writer himself is a little confused about the war and especially
uninformed about pre-war Iraq...

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Amnesty: Torture continuing in Iraq
Amnesty International has said there are signs of fresh torture and sexual
abuse in Iraq by prison authorities. The human rights group on Thursday
also blasted the United States for failing to launch an independent
investigation into the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, a year after images of
abused detainees first shocked the world...

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Ricin plot: London and Washington used plot as a pretext to invade Iraq,
Selected articles
We bring to the attention of our readers several related articles on the
alleged ricin in January 2003, which was used by the British and US
governments as a pretext to invade Iraq. The evidence suggests that the
ricin threat was based on fabricated intelligence and was deliberately used
as pretext for war. And those who relied on the ricin plot to justify the
war are war criminals...

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Multiple car bomb blasts rock Iraq
At least 10 car bombs have exploded in Iraq a day after the country formed
a new government. The string of deadly blasts on Friday killed at least 20
people and wounded 90 in and around Baghdad and al-Madain. The attacks
targeted the Iraqi police and army, but also claimed the lives of
civilians. The attacks came a day after parliament voted in the new
government of Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jafari, which left several jobs
vacant, including the powerful oil and def! ence ministries...

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Major Role in Iraqi Government for Chalabi
"PA", Scotsman.com
Thwarted in his bid to be Iraq?s leader, one-time Pentagon favourite Ahmad
Chalabi has nevertheless captured a key position in the new government ? a
deputy prime minister?s spot and temporary control of the lucrative oil
ministry. With his nephew also installed as finance minister, Chalabi and
his family appear to have a firm grip on the country?s purse strings...

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Iraqi cabinet announced under US pressure
James Cogan, WSWS
After months of infighting, and despite numerous unresolved differences,
the dominant pro-occupation parties in the Iraqi National Assembly have
been pressured by the Bush administration into forming a government. A
cabinet list was submitted by transitional prime minister Ibrahim
al-Jaafari to the assembly yesterday and approved by 180 of the 275
legislators. In order to create the illusion of stability and popular
support, the Bush administration has i! nsisted since the January 31
assembly elections that the parliament must form a ?government of national
unity,? which includes representatives of all the various sectarian and
ethnically-based factions. Differences between them, however, caused the
process to drag out for three months...

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Return of the Spanish Delegation of CEOSI from Iraq: The occupation forces
clearly on the defensive on the ground
IraqSolidaridad, 28 th April 2005 (www.nodo50.org/iraq) Translation into
English by Lola Oliv?n (CEOSI)
After what we live during those days, we have consolidated our full
confidence in the final result of the emancipator effort taking place today
in Iraq and supported in a formidable resistant effort. Despite of the
horrible circumstances the Iraqi people face, we have found a dynamic
society ! that has achieved to preserve their values of tolerance and
dignity. The Iraqi people is living an stimulating, promising, plural
process of self organization in all ambits (politic, in trade unions, in
defence of human rights, women, anti repressive, etc.), process that
encourages and protects the armed resistance against occupation and
predicts a future fully sovereign and democratic...

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Iraq Through the Eyes of Unemebedded, Independent Journalist Dahr Jamail
Democracy Now!
...the situation in Iraq is devastating. It's difficult to be there and see
it day in and day out where there's no security whatsoever. There's
complete lawlessness in the capital city and most other cities. The
situation in the hospitals is an ongoing health care crisis. They're
lacking medicines and basic supplies and things they need. Then we have the
refugee situation where people are all over the city, hundreds of familie!
s in various places, trying to survive. It's really quite -- it's the
ongoing refugee situation we have that -- over 300,000 there. We have
rampant fuel crisis going on where people are waiting one, sometimes two
days, to fill the tanks of their cars...

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Exposed: Blair is a serial liar
Tony Blair's credibility was blown apart yesterday by the bombshell leak of
the Attorney-General's top-secret legal advice on invading Iraq. It
revealed that the Prime Minister persistently lied to Parliament and the
public about the legal basis for the war. For two years Mr Blair has
refused to publish the advice, citing confidentiality, while insisting the
Attorney-General, Lord Goldsmith, was "unequivocal" that the war was

<http://www.uruknet.info/?s1=1&p=11383&s2=30>Read the full article / Leggi
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