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dear friends

I send you some information about the G8 actions. Get organized! Come to

6 -9 J U L Y 2005 G 8 S U M M I T

The G8 July 2005 will see the eight of the most  industrialised states
(Canada, France, Germany, Italy,Japan, the UK, the US and the Russian
Federation) meet at Gleneagles in Scotland. The G8 has no formal basis in
international law, it?s a private members club where the mostpowerful
nations decide how to protect their economic domination of the world.

Six of the G8 have nuclear weapons on their soil; the other two nations are
tied in to military treaties with them and others.

Military policies followed by the G8 work hand in hand to reinforce the
economic domination they aim to extend over the world.

Mobilisation Around the G8

Lots of different groups are mobilising to protest at the G8 in Scotland in

Events to coincide with the G8 summit are being planned for the week from
Saturday 2nd July to Saturday 9th.

Things to remember when planning to come:

Travelling as a group to Scotland using public transport will be cheaper
than trying to hire buses. Make plans early and book early to get lower
prices and ask for group discounts.

Remember Scotland has reliable and frequent public transport links between

Glasgow and Stirling. (The distance between these three cities is less than
the distance from London to Brighton. Both Glasgow and Edinburgh also have
direct flight international airports.)

Come as self-reliant as possible so you can be as flexible as possible

Treat it as a holiday! You will meet hundreds of people from around the
world, enjoy the famous Scottish hospitality and see some of the most
beautiful scenery the UK has to offer.


    DISSENT!       <http://www.dissent.org>www.dissent.org

    The Dissent! Network was formed to co-ordinate radical resistance to
the Summit in the autumn of 2003     by a group of people who have
previously been involved in radical ecological direct action, Peoples?
Global     Action, the anti-war movement and the global anti-capitalist



    The G8 Alternatives is a coalition that includes organisations and
individuals from a broad range of social     movements that are coming
together to plan for and organise massive peaceful protests and a counter-

 WHAT'S ON... SO FAR....

Saturday 2nd July   

EDINBURGH  The Meadows  Make Poverty History March & Rally

Organized by Make Poverty History
<http://www.makepovertyhistory.org>www.makepovertyhistory.org calling for
?Bread Not Bombs?.

The ?Make Poverty History? coalition brings ogether a wide cross section of
over 200 charities, campaigns, trade unions, faith groups and celebrities
who are united by a common belief that 2005 offers an unprecedented
opportunity for global change.

Sunday 3rd July

Alternative Summit AT The Usher Hall EDINBURGH G8 Alternatives 

Monday 4th July

Mass sit-down blockade of the Faslane Trident submarine base against the
UK?s most important nuclear weapons site at, only 60 miles (100 km) from
Gleneagles. Nonviolently shut down the port where all of Britain?s nuclear
weapons are based with thousands of other protestors organized by TRIDENT

Faslane G8 Blockade      <http://www.faslaneg8.com/>www.faslaneg8.com ;
<mailto:info at faslaneg8.com>info at faslaneg8.com  0845 45 88 361

Trident Ploughshares
<mailto:info at tridentploughshares.org>info at tridentploughshares.org 0845 45
88 366

Scottish CND <http://www.banthebomb.org>www.banthebomb.org    0141 423 1222

CND <http://www.cnduk.org/>www.cnduk.org
<mailto:enquiries at cnduk.org>enquiries at cnduk.org   0207 700 2393

Getting To Faslane

We'll organise low-priced buses from Glasgow, Edinburgh and other Scottish
towns & cities to Faslane on Monday morning.Accommodation for the blockade
is already organised in Glasgow for Saturday, to Monday nights. People
coming to Edinburgh for Saturday can then either make their way to Glasgow
over the weekend or stay in Edinburgh and get one of the coaches to Faslane
on Monday.

Blockade briefing-meetings will be held on Sunday evening (3rd July) in
Glasgow and at the Alternative Summit in Edinburgh.

Legal Info

If we get enough people no-one will get arrested! If people do get
arrested, we've a lot of experience of doing this kind of action here and a
good relationship with the local police. Many people, from many
backgrounds, have been arrested at Faslane and have found it a good
experience. Long-term personal repercussions are rare. NB: Scots Law is
different from English law.

Tuesday 5th July

Dungavel protest DUNGAVEL     Asylum Seeker Detention Centre

Wednesday 6th July

Start of G8 Summit

G8 Alternatives March & Rally  www.g8alternatives.org.uk

Dissent blockades   www.dissent.org

6th July ? 9th July

Convergence centre/campsite Details to be confirmed