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Media Disinformation and the Nature of the Iraqi Resistance
Ghali Hassan, www.globalresearch.ca
The flurry of news, hypotheses, and disinformation about the nature of the
Iraqi Resistance against the Occupation continues unabated. How much of
this is managed propaganda against the Iraqi Resistance? According to both
the Western mainstream media and the alternative media, the U.S. is
"building democracy" and fighting "terrorism" in Iraq. The distortions of
reality and lack of oppositional media leave people in th! e West,
Americans in particular, ill informed. The Western media diligently diverts
public attention from the illegal Occupation of Iraq and the responsibility
of the U.S./Western governments for the horrendous crimes committed against
the people of Iraq...

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Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the Silver Bullet
Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead, or maybe he is alive. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is
wounded, but maybe he isn?t. ?It remains unclear whether he is seriously
wounded, whether he is in Iraq or elsewhere, and whether he has been
replaced at least temporarily as leader of his group,? reports the BBC.
Nobody knows much of anything about the mercurial Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and
yet he is ?blamed for many of the most deadly attacks and is the only w!
idely-recognized leader in the insurgency,? even though he may be dead,
seriously wounded, or not in Iraq. Considering the dearth of information on
al-Zarqawi, how can the BBC and the corporate media claim he is the ?only
widely-recognized leader in the insurgency"?...

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US media censor uranium weapons stories
Depleted uranium turns to poison gas
Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner & Online Journal Contributing Writer
A dedication in 2120 might say: Dedicated to the memory of the Iraqi
people. Many people believe Iraq was the birthplace of civilization some
5,000 years ago. Iraq was destroyed and radioactively contaminated in an
early 21st Century Oil War by a fascist world power, now extinguished...

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The mystery of Iraqi resistance
... While there is undoubtedly some settling of scores going on, the
majority of Sunni-Shi'ite violence is the work of the same agents
provocateurs who are trying to start a civil war in Iraq (and the fact that
Iraqi politicians on both sides are not taking the bait is an indication
that the nature of this provocation is understood in Iraq). The reason that
Sunnis are prominent in the resistance is because Baathists made up the
officer corps of the Iraqi army, and k! now where the weapons are hidden
and how to use them. The sad fact of the matter is that when you break
international law and start a completely unprovoked war on a sovereign
country based on a pile of lies, and then engage in a brutal occupation
murdering and torturing innocent civilians, everyone is going to be in the

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Iraq resistance grows under U.S. provocations
Leslie Feinberg, Workers World
The Pentagon war to annex Iraq as a profitable region of U.S. capital?s
empire is still raging, long after the fragile pretexts for invasion have
torn like tissue. The sheer brutality and colonial-style character of the
occupation have unleashed a firestorm of resistance that enjoys widespread
support in the Iraqi population. But not many people here?in what
Vietnam-era anti-imperialist activists referred to as the ?belly of the
beast??a! re seeing the reality of life for Iraqis and GIs on TV news or in

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Rebels clash with forces in Fallujah
Clashes took place in the Iraqi town of Fallujah late Thursday night
between Insurgents and joint Iraqi and American patrols. Areas of Fallujah
town were sealed off with additional patrols and armed vehicles and
fighting raged on throughout the night. A doctor at Fallujah General
Hospital said it was treating 18 people injured in the fighting, most of
whom were women and children...

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Judge Says U.S. Must Release Prison Photos
A federal judge in New York told the Defense Department yesterday that it
would have to release perhaps dozens of photographs taken by an American
soldier of Iraqi detainees in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The judge,
Alvin K. Hellerstein, said at a hearing that photographs would be the "best
evidence" in the public debate about the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by
American soldiers at Abu Ghraib...

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If This Isn't Evil
Anwaar Hussain, Fountainhead
...A careful reading of these documents makes it abundantly clear that
these acts of torture and abuse are not just some off the wall case of
rogue or poorly trained soldiers who were going against the rules. These
acts are part of a pattern of behavior fully condoned by the Bush
administration. The abuse of POWs in Baghdad and Afghanistan, the no man?s
land constructed for the Guantanamo ?enemy combatants? is nothing new.
American warfare has a history of abuse (..! .) The real lesson of the
current American onslaught on a defenseless, but oil rich, people then is
that there is no limit to the horrors that the ruling American class will
inflict to stay in power and gobble up the fast dwindling world resources.
As long as the American nation continues to tolerate these leaders, who
make lies seem true and slaughter respectable, mass carnage will continue
to be committed in their name...

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 26 May 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board,
the Free Arab Voice. ( http://www.freearabvoice.org )
...The puppet so-called ?shock troops? of the puppet ?interior ministry?
arrested two Palestinian residents of Iraq after storming into an Iraqi
apartment complex located near a Palestinian complex in eastern Baghdad?s
al-Baladiyat area on Sunday. QudsPress reported that the puppet ?shock
troops? raided the Iraqi housing comp! lex and beat several Palestinian
women before arresting Kamal Salim ?Abdallah after hearing that he was a
Palestinian. Diya? Isma?il ?Abdallah was arrested while visiting his
brother?s apartment. QudsPress noted that hundreds of Palestinians resident
in Iraq were being singled out by the puppet security services and the
collaborationist ?semi-official? militias on the grounds that they are
supporters of the Iraqi Resistance...

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Two US soldiers killed in Iraq helicopter crash
Andrew Marshall, Reuters
Two U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq when their helicopter crashed after
being shot at north of Baghdad, the U.S. military said in a statement on
Friday. Two helicopters came under small arms fire near Baquba 60 km (40
miles) north of Baghdad on Thursday night, the U.S. military said. One
crashed while the other sustained damage but landed safely at a U.S. base.
"Two Task Force Liberty soldiers were killed when their helicopter crashed
nea! r Baquba on May 26," the statement said...

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Bush, Blair & Howard Photo Atrocities
On December 9, 1937, a crowd of vicious war criminals set a precedent for
what is happening today in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and inside the American
concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. On that fateful winter day
back in 1937, invading Japanese troops launched a massive attack on the
Chinese city of Nanking. On the 12th, the defending Chinese troops decided
to retreat to the other side of Yangtze River. On the 13th of Decem! ber,
the 6th and the 116th Divisions of the Japanese Army first entered the
city. At the same time, the 9th Division entered Guanghua Gate, and the
16th Division entered Zhongshan Gate and the Pacific Gate...
Warning - Extremely Graphic Images

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Malcom Lagauche
The illustration with this article was drawn in 1993 and depicted an Iraq
that was cut off from the outside world by the devastating embargo placed
on it. Today, I am re-publishing the same drawing, but for a different
reason. The new walls will be self-imposed. The stooge Iraqi government
announced that next week 40,000 Iraqi troops will be deployed in Baghdad to
hunt down resistance fighters and their weapons. According to Reuters News
of May 26, 2005, quisling Iraq! i Defense Minister, Sadoun al-Dulaimi,
stated: We will divide Baghdad into seven main areas, and the number of the
forces who will take part in the operation from the interior and the
defense ministry will be more than 40,0000 security men. We will also
impose a concrete blockade around Baghdad, like a bracelet around an arm,
God willing, and God be with us in our crackdown on the terrorists?
infrastructure. No one will be able to penetrate this blockade. (...) Just
imagine Saddam Hussein saying those words a few years ago. The U.S. would
have gone wild and stated that he was a brutal oppressor. However, when a
U.S. stooge utters them, he is an astute security-minded patriot...

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"With Us or Against Us"
It Really is a Crusade
GARY LEUPP, CouterPunch
...This is a faith-based war, with all the irrationality of the medieval
Crusades, or the wars of religion that accompanied the Reformation. The
fundamentalists are big on the Reformation of course, but downright hostile
to the Enlightenment that succeeded it. Not just hostile to Diderot and
Voltaire and Kant but to Thomas Jefferson who heretically declared,
"Question even the existence of God, for if there be one, He will mo! re
likely pay homage to Reason than to blind faith." Hostile too to the norms
of international relations prevailing in recent centuries. One can look at
the Treaty of Westphalia (1648) as the midpoint between the wars of
religion launched by the Reformation, and the dawn of reason in the
Enlightenment. That treaty posited the sovereign state as the basic unit in
world politics and promoted non-intervention in order to maintain peace.
All very rational. But the Christian right, some of whose members want to
chuck the constitution and impose their holy "dominion" over your life, are
happy to chuck hundreds of years of international law to irrationally
assault the world. All in the name of God! Their hero George Bush
specifically said of his illegal invasion in 2003, "God told me to smite
[Saddam Hussein], and I smote him"...

<http://www.uruknet.info/?s1=1&p=12096&s2=27>Read the full article / Leggi
l'articolo completo: www.uruknet.info/?p=12096

...The former dictator told his lawyer that the place he was caught was the
house of a friend of his in the al-Doura area of Baghdad, where he had been
hiding for several days. He also claims that he was arrested because one of
his inner circle betrayed him, but he would not identify the person. "The
arrest was made just before sunset, while he was sitting on his prayer mat
reading some verses of the Koran and waiting to pray," said the lawyer. "At
tha! t moment he heard the voice of the friend he was staying with, saying:
"the Americans have come"...

<http://www.uruknet.info/?s1=1&p=12095&s2=27>Read the full article / Leggi
l'articolo completo: www.uruknet.info/?p=12095

"We want to see the truth at last"
Faiza Jarrar, A Family in Baghdad
...The only new thing is that some Sunni leaders held a news conference two
days ago, in which they accused some Shia'ats parties, who entered Iraq
after the regime fell, saying they were responsible for a part of the
assassinations and eliminations campaign in the Iraqi street, for more than
two years? The mentioned Shia'at party denied its relation to the
subject?and the argument still goes on? Some people see this as a bad step
towards the wo! rst in the general conditions of Iraq, but I see it as a
positive step; for everyone to stand up and talk publicly (...) There are a
lot of victims who were independent men who had no black history. Who has a
hand, and an interest to assassinate them? This is how we always wondered,
for more than two years now, without hearing an official answer from any
one, whomever. And now, the accusations appeared, well, then, this is a
positive sign, and the accused is required to answer by "Yes", or "No"?
instead of addressing some illusionary ghosts like Al-Zarqawi, for some
people say he is just a lie, who doesn't exist, his kin know nothing of
him, saying perhaps he died, a long time ago?.

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LUKOIL & Conoco Philips set to exploit Iraq oilfields
Edward Teague, Postman Patel
Exploitation of Iraqi oil fields has taken 3 years since the invasion. Now
after much backstage wrangling the players (No 1 Vagit Alekperov see pic
)are making their moves with the new Shia dominated Gubment. The Russian
energy companyLUKOIL, the 20th biggest oil company in the world, has Mr
Meyer of Conoco Philips on the board, they also never closed their office
in Baghdad. LUKOIL is planning to start joint exploration of the Wes! t
Qurna-2 oil deposit in Iraq with U.S. company ConocoPhillips (they have a
17.7% stake), LUKOIL President Vagit Alekperov announced Tuesday. CP took a
stake in LUKOIL last September which they want to raise to 20%...

<http://www.uruknet.info/?s1=1&p=12091&s2=27>Read the full article / Leggi
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Dear President Bush
What Really Happened
I hope this letter finds you well. Actually, I hope this letter finds you,
period. I understand that you do not read newspapers, and that you are
refusing to listen to bad news. If you were still a spoiled rich kid down
in Texas, I guess it would be okay for you to wall yourself off from the
rest of the world, protected and insulated by the family fortune, but you
are not in Texas any more, you are in MY White House, you are there to do a
job, and a major part of that job! is to deal with the bad news. So, as a
public service, and in the interests of the greater good, here is a list of
what your closest friends and advisors aren't telling you...

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Coalition of citizen groups seek formal inquiry into whether Bush acted
illegally in push for Iraq war
Larisa Alexandrovna
A coalition of activist groups running the gamut of social and political
issues will ask Congress to file a Resolution of Inquiry, the first
necessary legal step to determine whether President Bush has committed
impeachable offenses in misleading the country about his decision to go to
war in Iraq, RAW STORY has learned. The formal Resolution of Inquiry
request, written by Boston constitution! al attorney John C. Bonifaz, cites
the Downing Street Memo and issues surrounding the planning and execution
of the Iraq war. A resolution of inquiry would force relevant House
committees to vote on the record as to whether to support an

<http://www.uruknet.info/?s1=1&p=12079&s2=27>Read the full article / Leggi
l'articolo completo: www.uruknet.info/?p=12079

US puppet government announces state of siege in Baghdad
Barry Grey, WSWS
...He said the lockdown of the capital would continue indefinitely and
serve as a model for operations to be mounted throughout the country. Bayan
claimed those arrested in the police sweeps would receive a ?fair and just
trial,? a worthless assurance from a puppet government that has already,
since it formally assumed office at the end of April, arrested 587
suspected insurgents, and stands accused of dispatching commando units to
assassin! ate prominent Sunni clerics. Coming in response to an escalation
of insurgent attacks over the past month, the measures announced Thursday
amount to a reign of terror employing indiscriminate arrests and death
squad violence...

<http://www.uruknet.info/?s1=1&p=12098&s2=27>Read the full article / Leggi
l'articolo completo: www.uruknet.info/?p=12098

More Iraqi Civilians Killed Because of the Occupation
Raed Jarrar
...The US and other occupation forces hold responsibility for all the
Iraqis who were killed because of this illegal war, whether those Iraqi
civilians were killed directly by US and occupation soldiers or because of
the Iraqi National Resistance attacks targeting the occupying forces. The
occupation forces shouldn't be in Iraq in the first place, they are
unwelcomed and they should leave our country as soon as possible...

<http://www.uruknet.info/?s1=1&p=12080&s2=27>Read the full article / Leggi
l'articolo completo: www.uruknet.info/?p=12080

Why the World Hates the US
Ted Rall, Bellaciao
...As far as I?m concerned, Bush deserves to be impeached for lying to his
employers--us--about Iraq?s WMDs. He should face prosecution at a war
crimes tribunal for the murder of the 100,000-plus Iraqis he ordered killed
by U.S. troops. He deserves life in prison for ordering the torture, and
allowing the murder under torture, of countless innocent Afghans and
Iraqis. Nothing, not even if the Iraq war sparked the transformation of the
entire Muslim world into peacefu! l and prosperous Athenian-style
democracies, could retroactively justify such murderous perfidy. I?m not
convinced a Riyadh spring is about to bloom...

<http://www.uruknet.info/?s1=1&p=12082&s2=27>Read the full article / Leggi
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