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We?re talking impeachable crimes, here. We?re talking high crimes and
misdemeanors. We?re talking about conspiracy and murder. We?re talking
about war crimes and crimes against humanity. We?re talking about deception
and manipulation. We have the proof and we know whodunit. We even have
public confessions but the American news media is so obviously complicit in
the crimes and coverups that people don?t even worry about confessing in
public any more! And there is nothi! ng at all we can do about it. We have
all the evidence we need to indict the criminals. We even have the smoking
gun. In fact, we have a whole slew of smoking guns...

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Scott Ritter: US at War with Iran
Traprock Peace Center
On June 23, 2005, Scott Ritter spoke to 110 people at a fundraiser for
Traprock Peace Center at the Woolman Hill Meeting House. Before the
presentation, Ritter met with 30 people over dinner at Woolman Hill. Hear
his presentation and the question and answers, complete and unabridged.
Sunny Miller moderated the event, introducing Ritter and reading questions
from the audience...

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The tipping point
Gary Younge, The Guardian
...Anti-war sentiment had always been part of mainstream national
conversation here. But with the Democratic party and its presidential
candidate having supported the war, such views remained marginal in the
body politic. Now, as these statistics make themselves felt in the postbags
and phone logs of congressmen, the notion that not only is the war not
going to plan but that the plan might itself be flawed is finding
expression in the most unlikely places...

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Murder in the Abstract is Still Iniquitous
Jason Miller, OrbStandard.com
...Over the last several years, a group of rabid pit-bulls have emerged to
virtually guarantee that "Yankee imperialism" will continue advancing the
cause of the continued enrichment of the Plutocrats ruling our fictitious
republic. Karl Rove, Bush's master propagandist whom Bush affectionately
refers to as "Turd Blossom", rivals the genius of Joseph Goebbels in his
ability to manipulate the masses. Preying on the average American's
relative! ignorance about other cultures and societies, Rove whipped the US
populace into a frenzy of fear and lust for revenge after 9/11. Drawing on
the momentum of anti-Muslim and Middle East sentiment, Rove, Rumsfeld,
Cheney, and Bush wove a web of intricate lies to convince the American
public to become complicit in the invasion of a sovereign nation (which had
no involvement in 9/11 and possessed no weapons of mass destruction)...

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 26 June 2005.
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board,
the Free Arab Voice. ( http://www.freearabvoice.org )
An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US armored column in the city of
al-Hadithah, 250km west of Baghdad at 10am local time Sunday morning.
Witnesses told the al-Hadithah correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam that the
bomb was planted in the Barwanah area in the east of al-Hadithah by the
side of the road leading to the downto! wn area of the city. The witnesses
said that it blew up when a column of US armored vehicles passed by...

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General admits to secret air war
Michael Smith, TimesOnline
THE American general who commanded allied air forces during the Iraq war
appears to have admitted in a briefing to American and British officers
that coalition aircraft waged a secret air war against Iraq from the middle
of 2002, nine months before the invasion began. Addressing a briefing on
lessons learnt from the Iraq war Lieutenant-General Michael Moseley said
that in 2002 and early 2003 allied aircraft flew 21,736 sorties, dropping
more than 600 bom! bs on 391 ?carefully selected targets? before the war
officially started...

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An Interview with Clint Coppernoll
Counter-Recruitement: Preventing the Military from Getting More Youth for
Their Wars
Kevin Zeese, CounterPunch
The Army and National Guard have been failing to meet their recruiting
goals for the last four months. Summer is typically the time they have
their greatest success in recruiting and they are counting on this summer
to make up for their shortcomings in the previous months. They are
increasing their efforts and making more promises to get America?s youth to
si! gn up for war. As a result those of us who oppose the war need to step
up our efforts in counter-recruitment as well. Below is an interview with a
counter-recruitment activist from Washington State that provides directions
on how to get started and documents to assist in your efforts...

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Path to War, 2005
Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire
While I usually do not put much credence in historical dramas, especially
political dramas, John Frankenheimer?s Path to War (2002) is worth watching
(although an excruciating 165 minutes in length) for one simple reason: it
details how the Vietnam War was impossible to ?win? and how nationalist
resistance movements, regardless of the odds and the efforts of a
technologically superior opponent, ultimately prevail...

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Culminating Session Of World Tribunal On Iraq
Anatolian Times,
...''This World Tribunal in Istanbul has the opportunity and obligation to
demand full international prosecution of the U.S./British war leaders and
war criminals involved in the destruction of Iraq, the lives of its people
and their human rights and well being, through unlawful and unjustifiable
armed invasion and military occupation,''...

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Mosul bomb attacks kill dozens
Three bomb attacks around the northern Iraqi city of Mosul have killed more
than two dozen people, many of them from the Iraqi security forces. A car
bomber wrecked a police headquarters on Sunday, while an attack on an Iraqi
army base killed at least 15 people. Four police officers were killed when
a bomber walked into Mosul's General Hospital and blew himself up...

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Malcom Lagauche
...Mahmood Ahmadinejad was overwhelmingly elected to office by the Iranian
people. The U.S. administration did not send him a congratulatory note,
however. According to an Al-Jazeera News report of June 25, 2005: "The
election of a hardliner, Mahmood Ahmadinejad, as the new Iranian president
is out of step with the rest of the region and the currents of freedom and
liberty that have been so apparent in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon," State
Department spokeswoman Joanne Moore! said on Saturday. In addition, the
U.S. called the Iranian presidential election "flawed from the inception."
This concept of freedom and liberty taking hold in the world because of
U.S. military intervention is a lie deserving to have a display at
Fantasyland in Disneyland. Iraq sure is not free. Nor is Afghanistan. And,
Lebanon had been a democracy prior to the current state of mild instability
that is encompassing the country. The U.S. has destroyed two countries with
bombs, missiles and bullets...

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Testimonials of Resistance
Jodie Evans
The hall is abuzz with the thrill of full-page spreads on the front page of
every newspaper in Istanbul, and the woman next to me says with a smile
that we are also on the BBC. The bank of cameras and the swarm of
photographers have filled the room again this morning. Still absent at the
World Tribunal on Iraq is any sign of the US media, except the cameras of
Deep Dish TV. The website got 15,000 hits from more than 100 countries. As
the spokesperson for the Jury of Conscie! nce, Arundhati Roy said earlier
in the week, "This is what resistance looks like; if we don't show those
who resort to violence alternative methods, it will be one of our

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Today in Iraq
Crisis Pictures - www.crisispictures.org
...Operations continued in and around Fallujah, which was ?pacified? in
Novmember (see this story:
<http://www.crisispictures.org/?p=94 >http://www.crisispictures.org/?p=94 )
. Marines with the Third Battalion, Fourth Marines, are pictured below
attacking suspected opposition fighter houses. Combat operations continued
in and around Baghadad. Pictured below is the al-Jameaa district, west
Baghdad where witnesses said US troops shel! led a house killing several
opposition fighters inside. The military claimed they found weapons inside,
an assertion that could not be confirmed independently...

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Nine Eleven Down the Memory Hole
Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire
It is interesting, if not wholly typical, that a Google news search of the
words ?Morgan Reynolds? and ?inside job? returns exactly ten matches.
Reynolds, a former Bushite (chief economist in the Labor Department during
Bush?s first term), told United Press International on June 8 ?that the
official story about the collapse of the WTC is ?bogus? and that it is more
likely that a controlled demolition destroyed the Twin Towers and adjacent
Buil! ding No. 7?...

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Rumsfeld says US, Iraq fighters talked
US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld acknowledged in American TV
interviews on Sunday that US officials have met fighters in Iraq. The
admission came after a British newspaper reported that two such meetings
took place recently at a villa north of Baghdad. Anti-US commanders
"apparently came face to face" with four American officials during meetings
on 3 June and 13 June at a villa near Balad, about 40km north of Baghdad,
The Sunday Times reported...

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Soldiers vs. Intellectual Property Rights
Critical Montages
...While Iraqi guerrillas' innovations made even the best-armored Humvees
unsafe, most US troops cannot even avail themselves of them: "[A]ccording
to military records and interviews with officials, about half of the Army's
20,000 Humvees have improvised shielding that typically leaves the
underside unprotected, while only one in six Humvees used by the Marines is
armored at the highest level of protection". Why? It turns out that US
capitalists are at w! ar with US troops...

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Iraq: The carve-up begins
Tom Burgis
Iraq war has so far cost America and Britain £105billion. But the financial
clawback is gathering pace as British and American oil giants work out how
to get their hands on the estimated £3trillion worth of oil. Executives
from BP, Shell, Exxon Mobil and Halliburton, Dick Cheney's old firm, are
expected to congregate at the Paddington Hilton for a two-day chinwag with
top-level officials from Iraq's oil ministry. The gathering, sponsored by
the British Government, is being des! cribed as the "premier event" for
those with designs on Iraqi oil, and will go ahead despite opposition from
Iraqi oil workers, who fear their livelihoods are being flogged to

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U.S. Plans Expansion of Crowded Iraq Prisons
Ashraf Khalil and Patrick J. McDonnell, LATimes Staff Writers
Faced with a ballooning prison population, U.S. commanders in Iraq are
building new detention facilities at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison and
Camp Bucca near the Kuwaiti border and are developing a third major prison,
in northern Iraq. The burgeoning number of detainees has also resulted in a
lengthy delay in plans for the U.S. to transfer full control of Abu Ghraib
to the Iraqi government...

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Buhriz - Evidence that Iraqi teenagers were massacred then framed
Oxford Antiwar
...Below you can read the little shit's account of their tough life
massacring children. Yeah, looks like one of the murdering schmucks who
killed these kids,
1st Lt. T. J. Grider decided to publish an article about "a kid as young as
12 ... firing RPGs at him." Sounds like a real hard-man, killing unarmed
framing them up ... but his lies being attacked by children, woo hoo - the most
powerful army in the world, so impressive...

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Bush warns Blair he must boost UK forces
BRITAIN is coming under sustained pressure from American military chiefs to
keep thousands of troops in Iraq - while going ahead with plans to boost
the front line against a return to "civil war" in Afghanistan. Tony Blair
was warned that war-torn Iraq remains on the brink of disaster - more than
two years after the removal of Saddam Hussein - during his summit with
President Bush in Washington earlier this month...

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Unveiling Iraq's teenage prostitutes
Joshua E. S. Phillips , Salon.com
...The story of a Sunni girl from Fallujah selling herself in a Damascus
nightclub represents startling new fallout from the Iraq war, one human
rights organizations and experts are only beginning to address. An
increasing number of young Iraqi women and girls who fled Iraq during the
turmoil are turning to prostitution in Syria, although there are no
reliable statistics on how many girls are involved...

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