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[uruknet] - NL 27 June - Part One

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:: information from occupied iraq
:: informazione dall'iraq occupato

Buhriz Massacre: a Continuation of the Fallujah Model?
Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire
...?People like Edelman don?t want the public to know that the same tactics
were used in Fallujah by the U.S. military?posting snipers around the city
to shoot anyone who moved, targeting ambulances, impeding medical care, and
detaining innocent civilians en masse,? Jamail comments. ?After all,
Fallujah is the model. Fallujah is our Guernica. And now, Haditha and
al-Qa?im can be added to the list, with Baquba and Buhre! z under
deconstruction.? (emphasis added) Is it possible the teenage males in the
digital photos that found their way on the internet are victims of Fallujah
model? As we know?although the corporate media did not report it?innocent
civilians of all stripe were summarily executed in Fallujah. Is it
possible, as well, the killing of the teenagers was a vendetta?..

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Incinerating Iraqis: The Napalm Cover-Up
Mike Whitney
Two weeks ago the UK Independent ran an article that confirmed the US had
?lied to Britain over the use of napalm in Iraq.? (6-17-05) Since then, not
one American newspaper or TV station has picked up the story even though
the Pentagon has verified the claims. This is the extent to which the
American ?free press? is yoked to the center of power in Washington. As
we?ve seen with the treatment of the Downing Street Memo, (...) the
air-tight American media ignor! es any story that doesn?t embrace their
collective support for the war. The prospect that the US military is using
?universally reviled? weapons runs counter to the media-generated narrative
that the war was motivated by humanitarian concerns (to topple a brutal
dictator) as well as to eliminate the elusive WMDs. We can now say with
certainty that the only WMDs in Iraq were those that were introduced by
foreign invaders from the US who used them to incinerate the indigenous
people who dared to resist.

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MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media - I'n'I
At the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal in 1946, Nazi leaders like Goering,
von Ribbentrop, Jodl and Streicher were sentenced to death by hanging for
?Crimes against Peace: namely, planning, preparation, initiation or waging
of a war of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties,
agreements or assurances, or participation in a Common Plan or Conspiracy
for the acc! omplishment of any of the foregoing.? (...) It is remarkable,
but now indisputable, that the current leaders of Britain and the United
States are responsible for just such a conspiracy...

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Wake up Calls
Dahr Jamail
...Here is the letter from my friend: (...) Nowadays, your army is
occupying our homeland, destroying our homes and killing our men, women,
and our children. The occupation is leaving this country full of chaos to
the point we are now facing so many disasters, including suffering from
looting and robbery. Sudden attacks and cruel murders have been perpetrated
by your army who then prevent all people from submitting judicial
complaints. This encourages all soldiers to kill thoughtlessly ! without
any threat of trial. We have seen our Holy Quran desecrated by soldiers,
but you continue to say your soldiers do not do what the Mogul and
Barbarians did in the lands they occupied...

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The State under siege or is it the people?
William Bowles, I'n'I
...So too, the ?debate? around the illegal invasion of Iraq, itself clearly
a war crime of horrendous dimensions, comparable in its ferocity to
Hitler?s invasion of Poland in 1939 (worse in fact because the invasion was
preceded by months of secret bombing of the country on a daily basis, most
of it being carried out by the British government), sees the corporate
press still maintaining the state?s fictional accounts (when it?s not
simply ign! oring the facts)...

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The Fantastical World of Studley McMuffin
Sheila Samples, www.dissidentvoice.org
...How long are we going to allow this war criminal to keep killing
innocent men, women and children while wiping his brow and complaining how
much work -- hard work -- it is? How long, America? Until they're all dead
under the weight of our liberation? In his Saturday radio address, Bush
boasted that he and his puppet Iraqi Prime Minister Jaafari not only
"discussed" their strong partnership but reveled in the dramatic progress
all ! his hard work in Iraq has made over the past year. A mouse in the
corner might confide that Bush told Jaafari, "Do as I say or die, punk...

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To Bush?s Blood-Stained Hands, The Answer Must Be No.
Anthony Wade, www.OpEdNews.com
The answer is NO. This Tuesday night the President will address the nation
from Fort Bragg. It is fitting for this braggart to choose that venue, but
that aside, we should be prepared for the inevitable. Faced with plummeting
poll numbers Bush sees that we are beginning to realize that our children?s
blood has been spilt not for a worthy cause, but rather for a deliberate
lie. Bush has loathed any public forums during his preside! ncy so this
step is a calculated one, designed to do one thing, LIE to us in the hopes
that we ease up on the pressures which are mounting. The answer to that
must be a resounding, NO...

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World Tribunal on Iraq Condemns U.S. and Britain, Recognizes Right of
Iraqis to Resist Occupation
Democracy Now!
The World Tribunal on Iraq wrapped its three-day session today in Istanbul,
Turkey. The tribunal investigated various issues on Iraq including the
legality of the war, the role of the United Nations, war crimes and the
role of the media, as well as the destruction of the cultural sites and the
environment. We play excerpts of addresses by human rights attorney Barbara
Olshansky and Indian writer Arundh! ati Roy...

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The Doctrine of Humanitarian Intervention & The Neo-Colonial Implications
of its Revival in our Unipolar World
Jim Harding, WTI
Where did the doctrine of humanitarian intervention (HI) come from, and
does it really represent a new, more human-rights orientation to
international politics in the wake of the supremacy of the America
superpower? Does the revival of this doctrine signal a new potential for
this liberal, corporate democracy to tackle the roots and consequences of
terrorism and genocide? How is this doc! trine actually reflected in the
actions of NATO and the US in international affairs, and in the process,
affecting the operations of the United Nations and international law?...

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Protectors of "the Innocent and of Memory"
[From the World Tribunal on Iraq in Istanbul]
Under The Same Sun
Something extraordinary is happening here. Many different strains of people
from around the world have converged here, in this meeting held among
ancient stone walls, to reclaim a voice for what is right and just, and it
is a wonder. In fact, it is breathtaking that we are all here, now,
together. Here, there are people who were well-integrated into structures
of power when they found themselves! put in positions that their conscience
could no longer carry, such as Denis Halliday and Hans Von Sponeck, both
former assistant secretary generals at the UN. There are people whose
hearts carried them to become voices against injustice and cruelty even
though a life of comfort and the glitter was theirs for the taking, such as
Arundhati Roy...

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In February 2003, weeks before war was declared on Iraq, millions of people
protested in the streets of the world. That call went unheeded. No
international institution had the courage or conscience to stand up to the
aggression of the US and UK governments. No one could stop them. It is two
years later now. Iraq has been invaded, occupied, and devastated. The
attack on Iraq is an attack on justice, on lib! erty, on our safety, on our
future, on us all. We the people of conscience decided to stand up. We
formed the World Tribunal on Iraq, to demand justice and a peaceful

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2 U.S. Fliers Die in Helicopter Crash in Iraq
Andy Mosher, Washington Post Foreign Service
An American helicopter gunship crashed northwest of Baghdad on Monday,
killing both members of its crew, the U.S. military said in a statement.
The AH-64 Apache went down at about 11 a.m. northwest the town of Taji,
which is about 10 miles northwest of the capital. The military did not say
what caused the crash. It said the incident was under investigation. Since
May 1, 2003, 36 U.S. military helicopters have been shot down! over Iraq.
However, none has been shot down since January...

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Is This What They Call Democracy?
Brendan Smith and Zeynep Toufe, t r u t h o u t
Today in Istanbul the jury was taken aback by witness testimony from Iraqi
war victims and a US Air Force veteran. "Snipers hunt people in the
streets. People attempting to go to health centers are shot at," testified
Eman Kmammas, an Iraqi translator. "There are many crippled children. There
are thousands of widows and orphans. There are no police for security and
there are no courts. Even hospitals are occupied and bombed and burn! ed."
Former US Air Force combat veteran Tim Goodrich stunned the jury by
revealing his role in the "softening up" of Iraq months before the US
declaration of war...

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Rumsfeld: Iraq Could Face Insurgents For 12 Years
Associated Press
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Sunday it may take as long as 12
years to defeat Iraqi insurgents and that Iraqi security forces, not U.S.
and foreign troops, will finish the job. Rumsfeld, addressing a question
about whether U.S. troops levels are adequate to vanquish the increasingly
violent resistance, said, ``We're not going to win against the insurgency.
The Iraqi people are going to win against the insurgency. That insurgency
coul! d go on for any number of years. Insurgencies tend to go on five,
six, eight, 10, 12 years...

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WTI: UN Should Pay War Indemnity to Iraq
The World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI), which symbolically tried the leader of
Iraq War US President George W. Bush and his biggest supporter England
Prime Minister Tony Blair for crimes against humanity during the war, has
stated that all of the United Nations (UN) should pay war indemnity to
Iraq. Former Vice Secretary General of UN Denis Halliday made a speech on
the second day of symbolic trial and said that the UN had not protected
Iraq from attacks of US and Britain.! ..

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Bush, Blair, Howard and the Downing Street memo
Rohan Pearce, Green Left Weekly
US troops shot Farqad Mohammed Khinaisar at 8am on May 29. She was 15
minutes away from the Baghdad high school she taught at when a convoy of
soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division opened fire on her car. Her death
was the end result of a decision by the US, British and Australian
governments to pursue their imperial interests, at the expense perhaps more
than 100,000 Iraqi lives. With the publication of the ?Downing Street memo?
in! Britain's Sunday Times on May 1, the motives behind the Iraq invasion
are once more under scrutiny...

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Iraq: Bush's Vietnam
The "Vietnam Syndrome" - that strange malady in which the people of the
U.S. turn decisively against a U.S. war of aggression in a far away
third-world country - is coming back, and the White House knows it. The
warmakers today will learn, as they did during Vietnam, that it is
impossible to sustain such a war as the people of the U.S. turn the issue
of the war into an unending "domestic crisis"...

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Confirmation, DSM Originals Not Destroyed but Returned to source.
Ilyana, Axis of Logic
When May day hit the presses in London town, in the form of the Downing
Street Memo "aka Minutes", (DSM) *1, the Sunday Times was the publisher,
though a little late. Official documents came into the hands of journalist
Michael Smith, through a protected British source in September 2004. His
first article on the memos were published by his previous employer, The
News.Telegraph(an online news source) *2 beginning Sept 19, 2004.! For
reasons, I have yet to fathom, this story was not picked up in the US until
nearly nine months later, following the London Sunday Times' publication of
the DSM on May First, 2005...

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The reason for the Buhriz massacre
Dahr Jamail, on Buhriz: "People like Edelman don't want people to know what
one of my sources in Baquba just told me today. His email reads: 'Near the
city of Buhrez, 5 kilometers south of Baquba, two Humvess of American
soldiers were destroyed recently. American and Iraqi soldiers came to the
city afterwards and cut all the phones, cut the water, cut medicine from
arriving in the city and told them that until the people of the city bring
the "terrorists" to them, the e! mbargo will continue'...

<http://www.uruknet.info/?s1=1&p=13084&s2=27>Read the full article / Leggi
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The Buhriz massacre
A fellow named 1LT TJ Grider who claims to have led the platoon that killed
the boys in Buhriz has responded to allegations that the photographs are
evidence of war crimes. The gist of the defense of the actions of the
American troops (...) He has admitted that they planted the weapons, but
now claims that this was done for innocent motives, as "they will be used
in the prosecution of the surviving insurgents". Obviously, this won't do...

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The 9/11 Reichstag Fire
Michael Rivero, What Really Happened
The Reichstag fire on February 27, 1933 was a disaster for Communists
because they received the blame for starting it, but it was a dream come
true for Hitler as it allowed him to transform Germany from a democracy
into a dictatorship. The rest, as they say, is history. Did the Bush
administration try the same trick on September 11, 2001?...

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