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UK-EU, the very special relationship

<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/dossier.asp?id=180>UK-EU, the very special
Britain's relationship with the EU has always been fraught but, with the UK
due to take over the EU presidency on July 1, can Blair's recipe for
success overcome old grudges?

Fanny Costes - Paris

<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=4138>Great Britain, do you
want us?
<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=4138>Great Britain is
currently playing it safe, saying neither yes, nor no to Europe. But this
is nothing new. Indeed it has been doing so since Churchill's speech at
Zurich in 1946.

Julia Mills - Paris

<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=A&Id=1314>"The British can't
have an adult discussion on Europe"
<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=A&Id=1314>Denis MacShane, Labour
MP and previously the UK's Minister for Europe, discusses Euroscepticism
and the British EU presidency with café babel.

Ian O'Donoghue - Bruxelles

<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=A&Id=1313>Britain's ambivalence
towards Europe
<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=A&Id=1313>With Britain assuming
the EU Presidency in July, and with it the task of restoring credibility to
the EU, the time seems right to ask if Britain will ever be an integral
part of Europe.

Grégory Mounier/ Sarah Wolff - Bruxelles

<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=4134>Tony Blair to the rescue?
<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=4134>If the recent summit
in Brussels has further deepened the crisis in the EU, Blair has emerged as
the strong man capable of sorting out Europe's problems. Will an injection
of liberalism revive the machine?

Jeremy Cliffe - London

<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=A&Id=1312>British welfare is in
a state
<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=A&Id=1312>Britain's 'New Labour'
has succeeded in protecting the country from the unemployment and welfare
crises currently plaguing certain other EU countries. But behind the
statistics lurks a less rosy picture.

Thamar Zijlstra - Amsterdam

<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=A&Id=1311>The people want their
money back
<http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=A&Id=1311>Criticism of the
British rebate from EU coffers is growing, but Euroscepticism in the
aftermath of the No to the constitution is manifesting itself increasingly
in national greed across the continent.

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