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The Globalization of State Terror
Mike Whitney
...The expression of Bush?s maligned vision is now evident everywhere; from
the gun-towers over Guantanamo, to the concertina wire surrounding Falluja,
to the cement abutments enclosing the White House. The rising wave of
militarism has been accompanied by an equal and opposite retreat in civil
liberties and personal freedom. The full-force of the
economic-political-military establishment is bearing down on the
institutions that preserved the peace for the last 60 ye! ars. The old
order is crumbling and being replaced by a system that accepts no rule
except the absolute authority of the executive. Ideas are the fuel that
power the engine of history. The radical ideology that animates the Bush
regime is a force as real as the laser-guided munitions that pummeled
Baghdad. They may be obscured by the vile fictions of the media, but their
deadly meaning is not hard to grasp. They represent the greatest danger the
world has ever seen; the globalization of state terror.

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"We Regard Falluja As a Large Prison"
David Enders
Eight months after the second invasion of Falluja, there is hardly a street
that does not still feature a building pulverized during the assault. I had
not been in the city since last July, when I was escorted out by three cars
of mujahedeen ? that's when things were still relatively nice ? and though
I had expected it, the destruction was still shocking. The dome of one
mosque I had previously used as a landmark was completely missing, large
holes had been blown! in others. Houses have been pancaked, it is hard to
find a façade without the mark of at least small arms fire...

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Kevin Benderman needs your help
Charlie Jenks, Traprock Peace Center
Kevin Benderman's court martial starts tomorrow - Thursday, July 28. More
funds are needed to pay for his legal defense. He is taking a stand for
peace, and against an illegal war. By filing as a Conscientious Objector,
and refusing re-deployment to Iraq, his case will set a precedent for
hundreds if not thousands who want to do what he has done, but hesitate to
do so.

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The London Police's Mossad-style Execution of a 'Suspect'
Professor John Gardner, Globalresearch.ca
Like many of my fellow-Londoners I am less alarmed by suicide bombers than
I am by the police's Mossad-style execution of a 'suspect' (who turned out
to be a completely innocent passer-by) on Friday 22 July. This is not
because we are at greater risk of death at the hands of the police than at
the hands of the bombers. (Both risks are pretty tiny, but of the two the
risk posed by the police is clearly smaller)...

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Halliburton announces 284 percent increase in war profits
Halliburton Watch
Halliburton announced on Friday that its KBR division, responsible for
carrying out Pentagon contracts, experienced a 284 percent increase in
operating profits during the second quarter of this year. The increase in
profits was primarily due to the Pentagon's payment of "award fees" for
what military officials call "good" or "very good" work done by KBR in the
Middle East for America's taxpayers and the troops...

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Tomgram: Schell and Engelhardt Making Sense of the Plame Affair
Tom Engelhardt & Jonathan Schell
I've written regularly about the media's inability to connect the dots. The
other day a reporter out in the far-flung reaches of our imperium wrote in
to Tomdispatch pointing to a front-paged dot that no one -- myself included
-- had bothered to pay much attention to or connect to anything at all. In
the July 21st Washington Post, Walter Pincus and Jim VandeHei wrote a
piece, Plame's Identity Marked as Secret, descri! bing a memo from the
State Department's intelligence experts that Secretary of State Colin
Powell had with him on a 5-day trip to Africa he took with the President
and his aides that began on July 7, 2003. This was only a day after former
Ambassador Joseph Wilson published What I Didn't Find in Africa on the
op-ed page of the New York Times, exposing the Bush administration's Niger
uranium lie...

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The Left Coaster
This is a continuing series focusing on the findings on the "uranium from
Africa" issue in the whitewash Senate Report - the report by the Senate
Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) (...) In this part we get to one of
the most whitewashed aspects of the Senate Report - the forged Niger
documents and the CIA/Bush administration narrative about it...

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Hospital waste raises public health concerns
Toxic hospital waste being released in residential areas in southern Iraq
is causing a health and environmental hazard in the Basra area, despite
repeated appeals for help to tackle the situation, according to local
sources in both fields. "The waste usually consists of pharmaceutical,
chemical, radioactive, infectious and other materials that should only be
disposed of in incinerators, which burn the materials at high
temperatures," Hasan Sahib, an environmental ! activist, said...

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Condoleezza Rice at the Center of the Plame Scandal
The Source Beyond Rove
ROGER MORRIS, Former NSC staffer
It was September 2002, and then-National Security Advisor, now-Secretary of
State Condoleezza Rice was fastening on CNN perhaps the most memorable and
frightening single link in the Bush regime's chain of lies propagandizing
the war on Iraq. Behind her carefully planted one-liner with its grim
imagery was the whole larger hoax about Saddam Hussein possessing or about
to acquire weapons of mass de! struction, a deception as blatant and
inflammatory as claims of the Iraqi dictator's ties to Al Qaeda...

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Insurgents haven't heard that this war is almost over
LAST THROES. It conjures up an enemy about to collapse, but with maybe one
more fight in him. It says that if the Iraqi insurgents don't fold we will
defeat them in a final battle as no enemy ever has been defeated. Their
remnants will scatter. Iraq will be as free as the air of spring. Our
troops will come home and all will be well. There will be parades. But
there's a problem. In the 57 days since Cheney displayed his keen obse!
rvation of the state of the struggle in Iraq, those insurgents have made
Iraq a charnel house...

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Ignoring US, Chalabi Pursues Attempt to Fire Hussein Judge
John F. Burns, New York Times
...Ali Feisal, an aide to Mr. Chalabi, said the judge, Raid Juhi, was the
most prominent of 19 judges, prosecutors and officials on a new list of
those to be purged from the Iraqi tribunal set up to try Mr. Hussein and
top officials of his government. All 19, Mr. Feisal said, are former
members of Mr. Hussein's Baath Party and therefore legally ineligible to
work for the tribunal (...) Mr. Juhi has refused to comment publicly! on
the controversy. But other tribunal officials said they believed that Mr.
Chalabi, once the Pentagon's favorite to be Iraq's first ruler after the
fall of Mr. Hussein, was using the issue of Mr. Juhi's Baathist past as
cover for a political maneuver intended to protect Moktada al-Sadr, a
volatile Shiite cleric who is Mr. Chalabi's new political partner...

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Iraq police accused of torture
Richard Galpin, BBC News
Iraq's new police force is facing mounting allegations of systematic abuse
and torture of people in detention, as well as allegations of
extra-judicial killings. The minority Sunni community in particular claims
it is being targeted by the Shia-dominated police force. The traumatised
face of Dhai Adnan Saleh stares from the podium at the journalists and
cameramen in front of him at a hastily convened news conference in

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US majority doubts America will win Iraq war -poll
A majority of the U.S. public doubts the United States will win the war in
Iraq and believes the Bush administration deliberately misled Americans
over Iraq's weapons capabilities, according to a USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll.
The poll in Wednesday's USA Today also showed that despite the doubts, a
majority believes it was right to send troops to topple Iraqi leader Saddam

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The Islamic Party Condemns the Arrest of Two Women in Rawa and Al Yusefia
The Iraqi Islamic Party has issued a press conference, which condemned the
arrest of two Iraqi women on behalf of the American forces. A statement
circulated by news agencies, stated that two Iraqi women, one in the city
of Rawa and another in Al Yusefia region have been arrested. This has an
awful effect on us after we verified the circulated news that the American
forces have given green light to its soldiers in Iraq to arrest ! women,
based on suspicion of the involvement of their relatives in armed
resistance operations...

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Thomas Friedman, Liberal Sadist?
Norman Solomon, CommonDreams.org

...During the last decade of the 20th century, Friedman was a vehement
advocate of -- in the words of a January 1998 column -- "bombing Iraq, over
and over and over again." In early 1999, when he offered a pithy list of
recommendations for Washington's policymakers, it included: "Blow up a
different power station in Iraq every week, so no one knows when the lights
will go off or who's in charge." Such disruptions of electricity would have
deadly effects, from hospitals to homes where vulnerable civilians live...

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A collective shitting in the pants
William Bowles, I'n'I
...I refuse to be held hostage by a 9/11 or a 7/7 or whatever shorthand is
used to describe the crimes of our rulers. That ostensibly it?s carried out
by some small clique of liberal ?intellectuals? (or inspired by them) is
neither here nor there. They are the bastard sons of capitalism come home
to shit in our backyard, not on Tony Blair and his criminal associates, nor
on those who plunder the wealth of the planet in the name of ?civilisation?
and the GDP! ...

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There will be no program or no political means replacing the Resistance and
Liberation Program!
The Arab Baath Socialist Party
On the basis of Resistance and Liberation and holding firm to the
principles and the field activation of the Armed Resistance non-negotiable
choice, we establish the national legitimate right to any political
propositions going hand in hand with the Armed Iraqi Resistance action.
This legitimate right doesn't allow or doesn't permit those who make such
proposals to represent the Armed Res! istance or to speak in its name. In
the course of the ongoing liberation battle "until defeating the Occupation
and liberating Iraq and safeguarding it unified and a homeland for all

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Guardsman: CIA beat Iraqis with hammer handles
Arthur Kane, Denver Post Staff Writer
CIA officials used a sledgehammer handle to beat various prisoners in Iraq,
and one official, whose name is classified, would often brag about his
abuse of prisoners, according to testimony in a closed session of a
military hearing. The transcript, obtained this week by The Denver Post
under a court order, was of a March hearing to determine whether three Fort
Carson Army soldiers should stand trial for the death of Iraqi Maj. Ge! n.
Abed Hamed Mowhoush during an interrogation in 2003...

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 26 July 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board,
the Free Arab Voice. http://www.freearabvoice.org
...US forces announced that they would arrest any journalist who enters
al-Fallujah without a pass issued by them, or who takes photographs, or
conducts interviews. The American announcement added that all journalists
must refer to US occupation forces outside al-Fallujah before carrying out
any journalistic activity. Civilians who ! entered al-Fallujah told
Mafkarat al-Islam that the US occupation forces who searched them on their
way into the city confiscated all camera cell phones...

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Database Kills Algerian Diplomats
Kurt Nimmo, Another day in the empire
...?The group of al-Qaeda?s Iraq frontman Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said it has
killed the two Algerian diplomats it kidnapped last week in Baghdad,
according to an internet statement issued on Wednesday,? reports News 24.
In other words, a dead Jordanian criminal with a sub-standard IQ who nobody
can find (or see) and who seems to possess mercurial attributes?we are told
his ability to escape is akin to Harry Houdini, even though he has but one
l! eg and is occasionally wounded?who belongs to a sub-group associated
with a database of CIA- and Saudi-created (with more than a little help
from Pakistan?s ISI) mujahideen, has kidnapped Algerian diplomats (we must
assume the Algerians have no idea how to organize decent security for their
diplomats), killed them (probably by way of beheading), and posted a
?statement? on yet another fly-by-night web message board (possibly hosted
in Texas or Maryland)...

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The more they tell us, the less we know
As the Official Story of the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes develops,
it gets weirder and weirder: 1. The police were staking out the block of
flats in which he was living because the address had been found in
documents left in one of the abandoned rucksacks that didn't blow up in the
last series of attacks. That's a good place to leave the address of your
safe house! 2. There were eight separate flats in the block, and he did not
look like any of the suspects,! but the police decided to follow him

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