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To launch it, I present Jeff Blankfort who deconstructs Mitchell Plitnick of Jewish Voice for Peace.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Jeff Blankfort vs Mitchell Plitnick - On the Israel Lobby

Blankfort vs. Plitnick on the Israel Lobby: The Debate that never happened.

Earlier this year, after publication of my critical article on Noam Chomsky in Left Curve,
http://www.leftcurve.org/LC29WebPages/Chomsky.html, I was asked by Khalil Bendib, a co-host of Voices of the Middle East and North Africa on Berkeley?s KPFA radio station, if I would be interested in debating Mitchell Plitnick of the Berkeley-based Jewish Voice for Peace on the issue of the Israel Lobby. I said that I would be glad to but assured him that Plitnick would never agree to it. Even when he apparently had agreed to do so in his initial response, I was still convinced, and told Khalil, that he wouldn?t do it, and I was proved correct. Khalil was then able to get Stephen Zunes to agree to come on the air with me and the debate was recorded on May 25 and broadcast on KPFA in two segments on the following two Wednesday nights http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=12876 .

Was it a coincidence that the night before the taping, Plitnick gave a talk on the subject in Berkeley? And was it another coincidence that this article appeared and was circulated on the internet very shortly afterward? I will leave the answer to that to the reader.

To read it in its entirety:
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