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?Withdrawal?; forget about it
Mike Whitney
We can expect to hear a lot about civil war in the next few weeks; and
Federalism, too. Don?t believe a word of it. The Pentagon is moving forward
with its plan to divide Iraq into three parts and it?s using the pretext of
civil war to justify its strategy. Rumsfeld and co. have known for some
time that the conflict is no longer ?winnable? and they?ve been moving in
this direction since shortly after the elections. The choice of language,
?civil war and federalism?, only! bear out what the media plan of attack
will be...

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US murdering Iraqi detainees
Adbul ? Wahab Al Obeidi, "Freedom Voice, Society for Human Rights"
Our association received some information stating that the US forces have
murdered some of the people they arrested, and tied their bodies to
explosives in different areas of Iraq, particularly Abu Ghraib, situated
near Baghdad. Eyewitnesses and families of the detainees have confirmed the
above. A US patrol, led by an officer claiming that his name was Johnny and
that he was ordered to restore the buildings previousl! y used by the US
forces and repair the resulting damages and promised medical care to be
provided for the children and the sick, two of which were the children of
Kahled Murai?id Hammad Mihawi, who both had a physical disorder, besieged
Azzeidan village in Abu Graib. The family of Khaled Murai?id Hammad Mihawi
(34) and his brother Yaseen (35) were shocked when the US forces arrested
the two young men besides another man who managed to escape the blowing up
of the two brothers and disclosed the details of the incident...
Warning Graphic Photos

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Iraqi Journalist's Death Looks Like Assassination
Fintan Dunne
Latest information about the death of an Iraqi journalist who was
investigating the activities of the death squads in Iraq, shows he was shot
with his hands up in a scene which resembles an assassination zone.
Knight-Ridder reporter, Yasser Salihee, 30, was killed on June 24, 2005
while on his for gasoline to bring his family to the swimming pool. He came
into a Baghdad road intersection where every exit had been blocked by U.S.
Humvees. He died of a ! single shot to the head...

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Mobilize for November 2, 2005

Your government, on the basis of outrageous lies, is waging a murderous and
utterly illegitimate war in Iraq, with other countries in their sights.
Your government is openly torturing people, and justifying it.
Your government puts people in jail on the merest suspicion, refusing them
lawyers, and either holding them indefinitely or deporting them in the dead
of night.

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British MP Galloway: Americans losing in Iraq and Lebanon is on brink of
civil war
Al Bawaba
...Galloway said he did not believe they would withdraw in 2006, and that
the aim of this "misinformation" is somewhat of an enduring practice aimed
at procrastination and diverting the attention from the demands for
withdrawal. "The United States ties its withdrawal from Iraq to the
building an Iraqi armed forces capable of maintaining their own security in
the country." This, Galloway believes, is unachievable and, acco! rdingly,
"the foreign forces will not leave in the coming years." The British MP who
is known for his fierce opposition to the war, expected further
deterioration in the security situation in Iraq in the absence of a
definite timetable for the withdrawal of foreign forces that is being
demanded by the resistance. ?I believe that the resistance will grow
stronger and stronger, and the occupiers will pay dearly?...

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Bush Won't Block Abuse of Detainees
Helen Thomas, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
President Bush, who bills himself as a "compassionate conservative,"
refuses to rule out cruel, abusive treatment of prisoners of war and
detainees. He has gone so far as to threaten to veto the vital $491 billion
defense bill if an amendment barring mistreatment of prisoners is attached.
This is the president who -- along with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
-- was shocked last year when he saw photos of leashed naked prisoners
under ! U.S. guard at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison...

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Gold Star Mother Has it Right on Iraq
Robert Sargent, Bangor Daily News (Maine)
When Cindy Sheehan talks one listens carefully as I did in Blue Hill
recently. This co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace has been there.
She's got "skin in the game," a term Cindy has learned which refers to all
who are directly affected by any situation. In Cindy's case, it describes
those whose family members have died or been wounded in the war in Iraq or
are in harm's way there. Cindy's son Casey was killed in an ambush in I!
raq five days after arriving there on assignment with the Army's First
Cavalry Division. Cindy's message is simple. She calls for immediate and
unconditional withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq...

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Leave Now
Departing Iraq
...Bush administration neocons such as Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby,
along with their cheerleaders at Fox "News", the Weekly Standard, Wall
Street Journal editorial page, National Review, and the New York Times'
Judith Miller will go down in history as the architects and enablers of the
greatest strategic blunder in American history. The neocon dream of
conquering the Middle East for Israel and destroying Islam as a force is
now in history's trash heap of f! ailed adventures along with such
miscalculations as Hitler's march into Russia and the Japanese attack on
Pearl Harbor...

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?Mein Kampf ? by George Bush & Tony Blair
Investigating the New Imperialism
A major shift in the language of conflict has commenced on both sides of
the Atlantic this week. It is a shift we should note with concern, because
it helps to mask another rasp on the ratcheting up of control over our
freedoms of speech, thoughts and ideas. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
and General Myers chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and as such the
supreme military commander of US Forces worldwide (...) have spoken of ?a
glo! bal struggle against violent extremism? rather than ?the global war on
terror,? which had been the catchphrase, the leitmotif, the cliché for
almost any military activity anywhere that the US chose to use it. Hitler
of course used the title for his autobiography of ?Mein Kampf? ? My

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British soldiers face war crimes charges for killing Iraqi civilians
Richard Tylerm, WSWS
Three British soldiers face war crimes charges arising from the killing of
an Iraqi civilian. Mr. Baha Mousa, a 26-year old hotel receptionist, was
arrested in September 2003 and taken to British Army Headquarters in Basra,
southern Iraq. He died the next day. A post mortem found strangulation
marks, a broken nose and three broken ribs. Corporal Donald Payne is
charged with manslaughter and faces a second charge of ?inhuman ! treatment
of persons.? Two other soldiers from the Queen?s Lancashire Regiment, Lance
Corporal Wayne Cowcroft and Private Darren Fallon, also face the same
charge, which falls within the provisions of the International Criminal
Court Act...

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Iraq Affecting Mental Health of Troops
JOHN J. LUMPKIN, Associated Press Writer
A survey of troops returning from the Iraq war found 30 percent had
developed mental health problems three to four months after coming home,
the Army's surgeon general said Thursday. The problems include anxiety,
depression, nightmares, anger and an inability to concentrate, according to
Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley and other military medical officials. A smaller group,
usually with more severe cases of these symptoms, is diagnosed with post-!
traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD...

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About Those Nuclear Attack Speculations
Jesse, TvNewsLIES.org
Some rumors eventually prove to be accurate foreknowledge. I hope that this
one turns out to be silly paranoia spawned by someone (me) who gets too
much email and worries too much! We hear it every day from our government
officials: ?It?s not a matter of if, but when!? This phrase of course
referrers to the domestic nuclear terrorism that our government tells us in
inevitable. Naturally when our our government tells us this we have to
respect their wor! ds. But when similar information is sourced to
independent media the ?conspiracy theory? tag is immediately applied. Let?s
all hope that we can look back at this note and tag it as well meaning
alarm and not as foreknowledge...

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The New Statesman Editor And Blair?s ?Mistake? ? In The Service Of A Machine
MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media
...In his latest article, Kampfner says of Blair: ?Sure, most level-headed
people around him would now privately accept that the Iraq war was a
terrible mistake, but they would ask, quite reasonably, in which
circumstances it would be justified in the future to take military action
against a sovereign state either for humanitarian or security reasons.
These debates ha! ve yet to be engaged in properly.? After all the lies,
all the cynicism, all the unrelenting misery and carnage, the invasion of
Iraq was a ?mistake?. Not a vast crime, not an atrocity, but a mistake. As
Chomsky observed many years ago: ?their terror and violence are crimes,ours
are statecraft or understandable error?. (Chomsky, op. cit, p.380...

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Naseem?s Complaint
Kurt Nimmo, Another day in the empire
It?s time for the corporate media to make Britain?s Muslims look like
conspiracy nuts. ?Mohammed Naseem, Birmingham?s most prominent Muslim
leader, claimed yesterday there was nothing to prove Muslims carried out
bomb attacks in London on July 7 and 21,? reports the Financial Times. ?The
comments of the chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque are surprising given
the wealth of evidence, including DNA matches and CCTV images, linking at
least eight young Musli! m men to the outrages.? Considering the track
record of the British government?most recently revelations that Blair and
MI6 concocted a passel of lies in order to invade Iraq and violate numerous
international laws (i.e., the so-called ?Downing Street Minutes?)?taking
their assertion about DNA evidence at face value would be foolish, sort of
like asking to be sucker punched a second time...

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Three US soldiers killed, six injured in Iraq
Three American soldiers were killed and six others injured in two separate
attacks in the north of Baghdad yesterday, the Multinational force (MNF)
said Thursday. A statement by the MNF said a US army soldier from the
liberty force was killed and five others wounded when a roadside bomb
exploded in Tirkit province.
Two soldiers from the Baghdad force were killed and another injured on
Wednesday when a bomb was detonated near their vehicle in northern

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GI Special 3C4: Polish Troops Cut 60 Per Cent - July 27,2005
...UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has correctly identified an extreme and
evil ideology lying at the root of the terror. Where the mendacious Blair
erred is exclusively ascribing a poisonous misinterpretation of the
religion of Islam as being the root cause of the terror. The root cause is
rather the insidious ideology of capitalism that spawns imperialism,
exploitation, and usurpation of wealth by a few people....

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Ahmad Chalabi emerges, once again, as powerful leader
Hannah Allam, Knight Ridder Newspapers
...From his deputy premier's seat in the elected Iraqi government, Chalabi,
60, oversees Iraq's vast oil resources as chairman of the energy council.
He presides over a board that regulates multimillion-dollar rebuilding
contracts. He commands the controversial purge of former Baath Party
members from government posts and the Iraqi Special Tribunal prosecuting
Saddam Hussein. Until an oil minister was named, Chalabi held ! that job,
too. One of his top aides, Entifadh Qanbar, is headed for a plum job at the
Iraqi Embassy in Washington. Chalabi's Harvard-educated nephew is the
finance minister; rebel Shiite Muslim cleric Muqtada al Sadr is an ally...

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Wednesday, 27 July 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board,
the Free Arab Voice. http://www.freearabvoice.org
...Continuing its coverage of the American offensive on the people of
al-Fallujah ? dubbed ?Operation Gnawing Rats? ? the correspondent for
Mafkarat al-Islam in ?Amiriyat al-Fallujah just south of the city reported
in a dispatch posted at 10:50am Mecca time Wednesday morning that the Iraqi
Resistance had mounted four various attac! ks on the attacking US forces in
the area, forcing them to dig in ant take cover inside schools and
government office buildings...

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Un-embedded Iraq war journalist?s tour hits San Diego
Rebecca Romani

It?s a humid summer day in Houston, but, as he drives around town, Texas
native Dahr Jamail?s mind is thousands of miles away. Temporarily back from
Iraq, where he works as an un-embedded reporter, Dahr Jamail spoke to
CityBeat from somewhere on a Texas expressway (...) Jamail dismisses
reports that the insurgency is led by foreign strategists. ?That?s just the
corporate media repeating Bush?s propaganda,? he said. ?It?s not good PR to
be fought by the Iraqis you came to liberate. And until the occupation
ends, the U.S. military is the leading cause? of the insurgency. Asked if
most Iraqis see Iraq as a sovereign nation, Jamail told CityBeat that
?across the board, Iraqis do not see sovereignty?they see that they are
occupied. [Interim Prime Minister Iyad] Allawi?s government is just an
extension of the US?....

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US military imposes curfew in central Samarra
An indefinite curfew was imposed Wednesday for all vehicle and pedestrian
traffic in the central Iraqi city of Samarra, following an attack on a US
convoy in the area, the US military and Iraqi police said. "There is
currently, and until further notice, no vehicle or pedestrian activity
allowed in Samarra," said a spokesman for Task Force Liberty. The
insurgent-riddled Samarra, about 95 kilometers (60 miles) north of Baghdad,
is part of the Sunni Tria! ngle north of Baghdad, a center of the
anti-American insurgency...

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Bob Herbert, New York Times
Oil and Blood
...What has so often gotten lost in all the talk about terror and weapons
of mass destruction is the fact that for so many of the most influential
members of the Bush administration, the obsessive desire to invade Iraq
preceded the Sept. 11 attacks. It preceded the Bush administration. The
neoconservatives were beating the war drums on Iraq as far back as the late
1990's. Iraq was supposed to be a first step. Iran was also in the
neoconservatives' sights...

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