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Civilian Deaths in Iraq: Iraq's citizens have a right to know
Iraq's beleaguered citizens deserve to be told the numbers of lost human
lives they have paid for a war in their name
The Lancet, Global Research
Last week, Iraq Body Count (IBC), an organisation set up with the aim of
tracking civilian deaths in Iraq, released its Dossier of Civilian
Casualties 2003?2005. The conclusion: 24865 civilians have died since the
war in Iraq began, most in violent circumstances. Compiled from Englis!
h-language news reports detailing Iraqi casualties and deaths, this
calculation provides an absolute minimum number of non-military lives lost
and resolves some of the uncertainty of previously published studies. But
the figure is necessarily an underestimate. The IBC database, from which
data for the dossier were drawn, lists only those deaths reported by two or
more news agencies. Incidents for which there was no journalistic observer
are therefore not counted...

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Masters and deputies
Amin Howeidi, Al-Ahram Weekly
...An Iraqi friend I knew since I was ambassador to that country half a
century ago is here for a visit. He tells stories of overflowing sewage,
electricity that lasts for three hours a day, gasoline shortages and
radioactive pollution. He tells of a country with no jobs, no construction,
no security, no water, no peace, but garbage, dead bodies and fire
everywhere. The US Embassy in Baghdad, he says, has just rented the
republican palace for two years, for it ne! eded a bigger place to make its
personnel more comfortable. What a disgrace. Iraqis are in a living hell....

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Where is Our Iraq Going???
Mujahideen Central Command (MCC)
Iraq today is overwhelmed by the waves of the occupiers and the Persians,
the hatred and envy of the neighboring countries, & all have today revealed
their plan with the occupation forces. Our decision as you know, is that
military conflict, with what weapons we Iraqis have and develop, is the
path to freedom. It is the correct choice, after the points we have
clarified to you in release No. 13; and not what is released by those who
lack the understandin! g of politics, the cowards, and those who are in a
hurry to approve the American prepared new constitution of Iraq...

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If Joe was right ...
John Kaminski
If Joe Vialls was right, then we are on the brink of World War III,
specifically because of Zionist neocon crazies willing to bet everything
they have ? and everything you have, as well ? that they can bludgeon the
whole world into submission with their money, their weapons, and their
hypocritically sanctimonious and psychologically flawed dogma. But if Joe
Vialls was not right, and if he was little more than a would-be writer of
sensational fiction thrillers in the style of Ro! bert Ludlum or Tom
Clancy, then we?re really screwed, because so much he said seems to have so
much validity...

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Family Breakdowns Soar
Sahire Rasheed Jabir
...The deteriorating security situation and changes in society have caused
a divorce boom in Iraq with experts warning that women are losing out (...)
Court legal adviser Sufyan Abbas believes the increasing numbers of
divorces are part of the continuing deterioration of society and family due
to the years of wars. Abbas added that women often lose out in divorce
cases, as it is usually only the men who can afford lawyers and are aware
of their rights...

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Blair the Camera Man
Gilad Atzmon
...Blair is determined to be victorious over terror. His philosophy is
simple: if terror is bad all we have to do is to kill the terrorists
Apparently, it is the Israelis who invented this kindergarten philosophy.
At the time it had a catchy name; they called it ?War Against Terror?. For
the Israelis it was a local war with a conflicting nationalist movement.
Thanks to the fully Zionised Blair and Bush, this local conflict is now
expanding rapidly into a global crisis or even a w! orld war...

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Brain drain puts new strain on Iraq
Caroline Hawley, BBC News
In stifling summer heat, Dr Muthanna al-Assal patiently waits his turn in a
jostling queue. Like many doctors in Baghdad, he is making preparations to
leave the country. The main passport office in the city is crammed with
people, like Dr Assal, trying to get out of Iraq. Some are planning
holidays in neighbouring countries but others are in search of a better,
safer life abroad. "If I can get a job elsewhere, I'll go," says the
35-year old chest and h! eart surgeon. "Things are going downhill here both
with security and basic services. And there's no hope in the near future. I
think conditions will take 20 years to improve"...

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US fraud found in Iraq reconstruction
A special investigator tracking money spent by the US on reconstruction in
Iraq has said he found millions of dollars worth of fraud by US officials
and companies. Stuart Bowen, the special inspector-general for Iraq
reconstruction, said on Thursday that the US Justice Department was looking
into fraud that he had uncovered...

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Has anything said by the London police been true?
Yet another (!) cousin of Jean Charles de Menezes has weighed in on his
execution, and states that he was not wearing a bulky coat, but just a jean
jacket, and did not leap the subway turnstiles (these are issues which
could and should be answered by the release of CCTV tapes). If he wasn't
wearing a bulky coat, and wasn't identified as one of the terror suspects
when he left his flat, British authorities are left with no good reason for
treating him as a! terrorist, and in particular as somebody who could be
subject to summary execution...

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The FBI's review of WMD forgeries looks like a sham
Josh Marshall
As long as the Rove/Plame/Wilson saga is now back on the front pages, let's
remember some loose threads that could still use some pulling. And not just
ones about the legal particulars of what Karl Rove knew or when he did what
-- but the big story, the White House's knowing use of phony intelligence
about an Iraqi nuclear program to game the country into war. And behind
even that, those pesky Niger uranium forgeries. Where did they come from?
Who ! created them? And why? This may seem like ground that's already been
thoroughly plowed. In fact it remains largely virgin earth.

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Inside Rove's Diary: How Do I Get Out of This One?
Bernard Weiner, Co-Editor, The Crisis Papers
...This is starting to smell too much like Watergate, in the number of good
Americans that possibly could get ensnared in the prosecutor's
investigative web. Me, Scooter, Bush, Cheney, Condi, Hadley, Ari, Bolton,
Gonzales, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Abrams, Feith, Perle, Hughes, Tenet,
Negropointe, et al., not to mention a whole slew of reporters and
lower-type aides -- all of whom have done good work for us...

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Oil and Blood
Bob Herbert, New York Times
...What has so often gotten lost in all the talk about terror and weapons
of mass destruction is the fact that for so many of the most influential
members of the Bush administration, the obsessive desire to invade Iraq
preceded the Sept. 11 attacks. It preceded the Bush administration. The
neoconservatives were beating the war drums on Iraq as far back as the late
1990's. Iraq was supposed to be a first step. Iran was also in the
neoconservatives' sights...

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