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TV Anchors; field-marshals in the Information-war
Mike Whitney
...America?s preemptive war of aggression is now being fought, in large
part, in the offices of TV executives, producers and engineers. They decide
the content of what the nation will see and how the ongoing slaughter will
be promoted. That?s why watching MSNBC, CNN, CBS or FOX News is comparable
to dumping incendiary bombs on fleeing townspeople in Falluja; or unloading
a magazine from an M-16 into a family of Baghdadis at a military
checkpoint; or a! ffixing electrodes to the penis of fruit vendor in Mosul.
All of these implicate the viewer in the depredations of the state;
connects him directly with the center of abusive power, and transforms him
into a patron of invasion, occupation and murder...5

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Clayton Hallmark
Karl Rove's only full-time foreign-policy advisor is Michael Ledeen, a
rabid anti-Arab, pro-Israel activist. The FBI is investigating Ledeen for
procuring forged documents (shown here) on nonexistent WMD, which George
Bush used to justify his war on Iraq. When Joseph Wilson exposed the farce,
Rove helped "out" Wilson's CIA wife. Did Ledeen procure the documents for
Rove, and how might he have done that? The story includes multinational
stool pigeon Rocc! o Martino, Italian spy Francesco Pazienza, wanted CIA
spy Robert Seldon Lady, and Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin, who's under
charges of giving US secrets to Israel...

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Sex, Drugs, Mind Control, and Gitmo
Professor Pan
...Many of the revelations in the New Yorker article (...) are familiar,
but there are hints of techniques that mirror the most horrific (and mostly
ignored) abuses at Abu Ghraib and the historical accounts of
government-sponsored mind control. Baher Azmy, a professor at Seton Hall
Law School who is representing one detainee states in the article, "The
whole place appears to be one giant human experiment." (p. 62. The people
behind these psychological abuses and e! xperiments are known as Behavioral
Science Consultation Teams, or BSCTs (commonly called "biscuits") (...) But
what is the aim at Guantanamo? To extract information, as the Pentagon
would have us believe? Or is it to further refine methods for breaking down
minds and creating dissociation in order to craft more effective

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Crisis in America
The Strange London ? 9/11 Coincidences
John J. Albanese, POAC
Reviewing these events, 3 key facts about the London attacks seem eerily
similar to 9/11: Strange Coincidence #1 ? Similar to 9/11, the London
bombings of July 7, 2005 took place at the exact locations ?bombing drills?
were taking place that morning (...) Strange Coincidence #2 ? In both the
case of 9/11, and the London bombings, ongoing investigations and
prosecution of apparent members of Al Qaeda were active! ly blocked by the
FBI and Department of Justice...

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Darker Purpose
Chris Floyd
Last week, we wrote of the Bush Faction's increasingly successful drive to
establish the principle of unlimited presidential authority -- beyond the
reach of any law or constitutional restriction -- as the new foundation of
a militarist American state. This relentless push toward autocracy gained
even more strength in recent days, in two cases centering on what has
emerged as the very core of President George W. Bush's authoritarian
philosophy: torture (...) Even as Cheney was chastisin! g Congress, the
Bushists were blatantly defying a federal court order to release 87
photographs and four videos of last year's Abu Ghraib mayhem. These depict
barbarities that even Pentagon warlord Don Rumsfeld once described as
"blatantly sadistic, cruel and inhumane (...) But there is more.
Eyewitnesses have said the pictures show the rape and brutal abuse of young
teenagers and children...

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Bush torture policies: Suffer the little children...
Lambert, corrente
...It was early last October that Kasim Mehaddi Hilas says he witnessed the
rape of a boy prisoner aged about 15 in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in
Iraq. ?The kid was hurting very bad and they covered all the doors with
sheets,? he said in a statement given to investigators probing prisoner
abuse in Abu Ghraib. ?Then, when I heard the screaming I climbed the door ?
and I saw [the soldier?s name is deleted] who was wearing a military
uniform! .?...

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Judy Miller: How deep do her connections run?
Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post
The more I'm reading about Judy Miller and her actions leading up to and
during the early days of the war, and then through the unfolding
Plame-Rove-Libby-Gonzalez-Card scandal, the more I'm struck by the special
access and relationships she enjoyed with many of the key players in the
Iraq debacle (which, at the end of the day, is really what Plamegate is all
about). For starters, of course, we have her still unfolding involveme! nt
in the Plame leak...

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GI Special 3C5: An Honorable Soldier - July 29, 2005
...Benderman said during the sentencing phase that he didnt mean for his
actions to hurt his comrades. I am not against soldiers, he said. I dont
care what anyone says. Though some might take my actions as being against
soldiers, I want everyone to be home and safe and raising their families. I
dont want anyone to be hurt in a combat zone. Military police immediately
took Sgt. Benderman into custody...

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Iraq reconstruction funds being diverted
Violence continues to slow reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan
and is forcing the U.S. to spend on security needs some money that had
originally been allocated for building projects. In a report issued
Thursday, the Government Accountability Office said that as of May the
insurgency in Iraq was holding crude oil production and power generation at
levels below the output before the U.S.-led invasion. The GAO said $1.8
billion intended for major electricity and! water projects during the 2004
fiscal year had to be shifted to cover urgent security and law enforcement

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Bring on investigation of White House conspiracy
David Frenkel, Winchester Star
Just as the Watergate burglary turned out to be the tip of a large iceberg,
namely a vast criminal array of behavior that pervaded the Nixon White
House, Karl Rove's outing of Valery Plame has all the earmarks of a crime
committed to cover up a much larger crime, a conspiracy to commit a war of
aggression. The United States is a signatory to the UN charter and is
committed thereby to uphold this charter. The charter is quite clear in !
forbidding a war of aggression...

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A Note From Monica Benderman
Monica Benderman
THANK YOU -- to everyone for supporting Kevin and me. Kevin is currently in
a local county jail -- but he is being treated well. We are waiting to see
where he will be going next, and what will be happening. The appeals
process has been initiated - BUT -- Kevin has not actually been convicted
as yet. He is in prison, but the conviction will not be official until the
Convening Authority, Col. John Kidd,has signed off on it. He cannot make
the sentence any greater, but ! he can reduce it...

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Terrorism brings no mirth - Yet the myth persists!
Iqbal Jassat
...The pressure exerted on the pope by the Sharon regime to condemn a
legitimate freedom struggle as "terrorist" is, apart from being brazenly
arrogant, an assault on his pontificate. Also it tells us much more about
the "War on Terror" than the rhetoric emanating from the Pentagon. As
similar pressure is mounted on more countries by Israel to castigate and
criminalize Palestinian resistance, more people will comprehend how and why
the question of te! rrorism is being equated with Muslims and Islam. Worse
than the linkage is the remedy: "Israelisation". Britain's security
apparatus is quickly learning the hazard of "Israelising" its intelligence
and police...

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of of Thursday, 28 July 2005
ranslated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board,
the Free Arab Voice.
An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a joint US-Iraqi puppet force patrol
on the road to ath-Tharthar near the offices of the regional government in
al-Fallujah ? a facility currently occupied by US forces who have turned it
into one of their headquarters. The al-Fallujah correspondent for Mafkarat
al-Islam reported residents of the ad-Dubbat neighborhood in! central
al-Fallujah as saying that a bomb that was planted by the side of the
ath-Tharthar road blew up as a joint patrol was passing at1 pm local time
Thursday. The blast set one American Humvee on fire, killing two US troops
and three Iraqi puppet soldiers and wounding two more American troops...

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New Iraq, Guantanamo Prison Abuses Revealed
Brendan Coyne, The NewStandard
More evidence of abuse at US-run prison camps in Iraq and Guantánamo Bay
were brought to light this week in document releases, news accounts and
military hearings. The latest round of information prompted fresh calls for
investigations and prosecutions of top military officials from the world?s
two largest and most influential humanitarian and civil liberties
organizations. Wednesday, the Denver Post reported that it received
transcripts o! f a closed military court martial hearing describing how CIA
officials regularly beat Iraqi detainees with sledgehammer handles...

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A Moral Leader of the Nation Goes to Prison
In Praise of Kevin Benderman
Conscience is not in the chain of command. "Before being sentenced to 15
months for refusing to return to Iraq with his Army unit, Sgt. Kevin
Benderman told a military judge that he acted with his conscience, not out
of a disregard for duty," the Associated Press reports. Benderman, a
40-year-old Army mechanic, "refused to go on a second combat tour in
January, saying the destruction and misery he witn! essed during the 2003
Iraq invasion had turned him against war."...

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Baath Party Statement: Beirut Conference is an attempt to divide the
Resistance and attract its masses
The Arab Baath Socialist Party, Al-Moharer.net
...The enemy is collapsing fast and the day of victory is approaching, that
is why he is getting delirious in his doomed choices, and tries to mix
cards. This is a situation, which requires the maximum vigilance and
prudence and self control in order to face the requirements of this
decisive situation of the liberation of Iraq. We call upon you all to open
a dialogu! e with all the patriots to establish a true patriotic political
Front which includes all the acting militants for the liberation of Iraq
and all those who are convinced that the Armed Resistance is the sole and
unique representative of the Iraqi people...

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David Edwards, Medialens
...Last week, The Independent noted that an October 2004 report in The
Lancet had estimated Iraqi civilian deaths at nearly 100,000, but that the
methodology "was subsequently criticised." (...) But the Johns Hopkins
Bloomberg School of Public Health, which conducted the survey, is one of
the world's most prestigious research organizations. And The Lancet is one
of the world's leading science journals. I asked Terry Kirby, co-author of
The Independen! t article, which criticisms he had in mind. Kirby replied:
"So far as I am aware, The Lancet's report was criticized by the Foreign
Office." (E-mail to the author, July 22, 2005). By contrast, an independent
website, Iraq Body Count, last week published a report estimating that
nearly 25,000 Iraqi civilians have died since the invasion and occupation
began. The report was not conducted by a leading research body, it was not
peer reviewed, and yet it was broadly accepted and granted headline status
by the BBC, ITV News, The Guardian and many other media. Even senior
government figures were happy to mention the website's results...

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9/11 in Historical Perspective: Flawed Assumptions
Deep Politics: Drugs, Oil, Covert Operations and Terrorism
Peter Dale Scott, Global Research
The American people have been seriously misled about the origins of the al
Qaeda movement blamed for the 9/11 attacks, just as they have been
seriously misled about the reasons for America?s invasion of Iraq. The
truth is that for at least two decades the United States has engaged in
energetic covert programs to secure U.S. control over the Persian Gulf! ,
and also to open up Central Asia for development by U.S. oil companies.
Americans were eager to gain access to the petroleum reserves of the
Caspian Basin, which at that time were still estimated to be ?the largest
known reserves of unexploited fuel in the planet?...

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Suicide bomb claims 25, two Marines killed in Iraq
A suicide bomber blew himself up outside an army recruitment centre in the
northern Iraqi town of Rabia, near the Syrian border, killing 25 people and
wounding 35, police said. "An initial toll put the number of those killed
at 25 and the number of those wounded at 35," police General Said al-Juburi
said from Mosul (...) Two US marines were killed in clashes with insurgents
in western Iraq, the US military said in a statement Friday. The two,
assigned to Regi! mental Combat Team-2 of the 2nd Marine Division, were
killed Thursday by insurgents who used small arms and rocket-propelled
grenade fire in a village west of Haditha city, some 250 km west of

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