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:: informazione dall'iraq occupato

Full Text of the Draft Iraqi Constitution
Associated Press
The complete text of the final draft of the Iraqi Constitution, as
translated from the Arabic by The Associated Press. Differences between
this text and the Aug. 22 version are in parentheses:(...) Article (1): The
Republic of Iraq is an independent, sovereign nation, and the system of
rule in it is a democratic, federal, representative (parliamentary)
republic. Article (2): 1st ? Islam is the official religion of the state
and is a basic source of! legislation: (a) No law can be passed that
contradicts the undisputed rules of Islam (...) Article (3): Iraq is a
multiethnic, multi-religious and multi-sect country. It is part of the
Islamic world and its Arab people are part of the Arab nation. Article (4):
1st ? Arabic and Kurdish are the two official languages for Iraq...

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Sign of the Times: Bushzarro World Exemplified
Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire
Here is an image posted on Eric Pfeiffer's National Review Online blog.
This sign was attached to a fence at "Camp Qualls" across the way from Camp
Casey outside of Bush's faux cowboy ranch in Crawford, Texas. I had to
chuckle because this impromptu cardboard sign is a perfect illustration of
Bushzarro world where up is down, invasion and occupation is peace and
freedom, and unreality as dictated by a gaggle of arrogant neocons p! asses
for reality...

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Reuters demands release of wounded Iraq journalist
Alastair Macdonald, Reuters
Reuters demanded the immediate release on Monday of an Iraqi cameraman who
was still being held by U.S. forces in Baghdad more than a day after being
wounded in an incident in which his soundman was killed. Iraqi police said
the news team was shot by U.S. soldiers. The U.S. military said it was
investigating and refused to say what questions it was putting to cameraman
Haider Kadhem. It would not say where he was held nor identify the ! unit
holding him. "Reuters demands the immediate release of Haider Kadhem,"
Global Managing Editor David Schlesinger said. "We fail to understand what
reason there can be for his continued detention more than a day after he
was the innocent victim of an incident in which his colleague was killed"...

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George W. Bush's Noble Cause - 'Political Capital'
Thom Hartmann , CommonDreams.org

Cindy Sheehan continues to ask George W. Bush what the "Noble Cause" was
for which her son died in Iraq, and why Bush's daughters haven't enlisted
in this Cause. While Bush talked to us about WMDs, an imminent "mushroom
cloud," and tried to link Saddam and Iraq to 9/11 (when it was 14 Saudis
who hit the World Trade Center), those all fell apart and were exposed (by
no less than Paul Wolfowitz) as intentional lies. When Bush shifted his
Noble Cause to invading Iraq to bring democracy to the Iraqi people, the
Downing Street Memo told another story. And now, also, so does Bush's first

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?Support Our Troops and Trash Their Mothers?
Daithí Mac Lochlainn, The Gaelic Starover
The prolific Rev?d J. Grant Swank has written two new apologiæ for the
Bushling?s mischief in Iraq that is now resulting in the establishment of
Islamic theocracy in that country, ?Reasonable Bush: Iraq: Stay the Course?
and ?Anti-Sheehan: ?Don?t Dishonor Me. Don?t Walk on My Grave??. The text
for each is as well prepared as its corresponding title. We brought Islamic
theocracy to the people of Iraq, Rev?d Swank seems to argue,! because Islam
is a threat to us...

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Islamic party accuses government forces of killing 36 Sunnis
A leader of Iraq's largest Sunni political group blamed Shiite-led security
forces Monday for the deaths of 36 Sunnis found shot in the head and said
such acts could have unforeseen consequences. Tarek al-Hashimi,
secretary-general of the Iraqi Islamic Party, said the Sunnis were abducted
by squads in police uniforms from Baghdad's northern neighborhood of
Hurriyah. Their bodies were discovered last week in a dry river! bed south
of the capital. "The Iraqi Islamic Party renews its condemnation and
clearly accuses the current government," he told reporters...

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Bilious Falwell Jumps on the Attack Cindy Bandwagon
Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire
First it was Pat Robertson, showing off his patriotic and Christian zeal by
calling for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, a democratically elected
leader. Now it's his buddy, Jerry Falwell, checking into to dispense his
hackneyed wisdom about Cindy Sheehan. "The key problem, as I see it, is
that Ms. Sheehan has turned her distress into an anti-Bush tirade that can
have no positive conclusion," Falwell writes for the Conserva! tive Voice,
a right-wing "commentary" web site, the sort of place where reactionaries
of Falwell's ilk congregate...

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Constitution born by Caesarian Section
Juan Cole, Informed Comment
So they had the ceremony, and the drafting committee (minus Sunni Arab
members) presented the final draft of the permanent Iraqi constitution to
parliament on Sunday. But parliament did not vote on it. The Sunni Arabs
did not attend. Parliament has abdicated its responsibilities toward the
constitution and put it in the lap of the October 15 national referendum.
Al-Hayat aptly said that the Iraqi constitution has been delivered by
caesarian sectio! n. It was plucked from the womb of the drafting committee
before the latter could give birth to it naturally. Sunni negotiator Salih
Mutlak called it "a minefield."

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Finding Closure
...At times it feels as though many years have passed. Weeks go by so fast
in my new civilian life that I don?t even realize that it was only five
months ago when I was counting days to escape the suffocating madness of
Operation Iraqi Freedom II (It Looks Good On Paper). But it doesn?t mean I
have forgotten about it. On the contrary, I think about this meaningless
war everyday. I can?t hide from the soldier I once was much like I will
never be able to bury the memories of one year! in combat. Whenever I
glance at war coverage on a television, or hear the ignorant hate-talk of
our blood mongering president, or read the latest death tolls in the news
papers my eyes fill with rage and my heart fills with sorrow. It is
impossible for me to ignore what is going on in Iraq when I am constantly
reminded of the death and carnage, as well as my participation in the war
machine. Some people boast the war chant ?never forget?. Well, I never do...

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Camp Casey, Texas: The Village is the Answer
Susan Van Haitsma, www.dissidentvoice.org
...The village that has grown at Camp Casey contains the essential elements
of what is life-giving and life-sustaining: food, water, shelter, clothing
(mostly T-shirts), health care, education, communications systems,
spiritual direction, visual art, music and dance. It's all there, sprouting
from the earth, brought into being by hundreds of people pooling talents
developed in their own communities around the country. People h! ave come
with children and pets, often staying longer than intended. ?It felt so
much like family, I couldn't bear to leave,? said a friend who spent the
night in her car with her daughter so they could stay an extra day...

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Age of Reason in Eclipse
Nation of Fools
...Their government is murdering millions of innocent people all around the
planet, torturing people and toppling both democratic and progressive
governments; it is committing acts of terror against the world's working
poor; it is plundering their homelands and stealing their wealth. How can
any person of conscience remain indifferent toward these acts? How can we
wave our flags and support our troops when this is what they are doin! g?
Is this their idea of liberation? Is this their perception of Democracy? Is
this the kind of nation we want to be?...

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Sunnis Protest New Constitution in Iraq
Thousands of Sunni demonstrators rallied in Saddam Hussein's hometown of
Tikrit on Monday to denounce Iraq's new constitution a day after
negotiators finished the new charter without the endorsement of Sunni Arabs
(...) In Tikrit, at least 2,000 protesters assembled near the office of the
Association of Muslims Scholars _ a hardline Sunni clerical group opposed
to the U.S. occupation _ carrying Iraqi flags and portraits of the former
dictator. "We sacrifi! ce our souls and blood for you, Saddam," chanted the

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Liberals and Cindy Sheehan
Triangulation for War
Over the weekend, a spectrum of liberal responses to Cindy Sheehan came
into sharper focus. The message is often anti-Bush... but not necessarily
anti-war. Frank Rich spun out his particular style of triangulation in the
New York Times. While deriding President Bush's stay-the-course stance,
Rich also felt a need to disparage the most visible advocate for quick
withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq...

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Shi'ite infighting opens new front in Iraq
Mariam Karouny
A power struggle in Iraq between powerful Shi'ite factions could complicate
efforts to stabilize the country as it heads toward a referendum on its new
draft constitution, officials said. Clashes that erupted last week between
supporters of a powerful Shi'ite party in the governing coalition and
militiamen loyal to a maverick Shi'ite cleric brought into public view
long-standing faultlines in Iraqi politics...

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The last Big Mac
Did Hasib Hussain suddenly fear that Allah might be a vegan?
Nick B. Possum
On his way to bomb the No. 30 bus at London?s Tavistock Square ? and
thereafter to meet Allah in Paradise ? Hasib Hussain stopped off at the
Scottish family restaurant to buy a Big Mac. This fascinating new
revelation about the 7/7 bombings comes from yet another of those anonymous
sources deep inside the police investigation, by way of The Independent
(Thursday 25 August), a newspaper I once held in some rega! rd. Somehow
Hasib?s mundane act of gustatory desperation doesn?t seem to square with
the picture of a fanatical Islamic terrorist on a mission to send as many
infidels as possible to their doom...

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 28 August 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board,
the Free Arab Voice. ( http://www.freearabvoice.org )
Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a column of several US military vehicles
on the road between al-?Ubaydi and al-Karabilah east of the city of
al-Qa?im (which is located on the Iraq-Syria frontier) at 3pm Sunday
afternoon. The al-Qa?im correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported
residents of al-Karabilah as saying that a de! tachment of Iraqi Resistance
fighters armed with light and medium weapons including RPG7
rocket-propelled grenades and PKS machine guns attacked a US column...

<http://www.uruknet.info/?s1=1&p=15155&s2=29>Read the full article / Leggi
l'articolo completo: www.uruknet.info/?p=15155

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