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Children of New Iraq and the Disgusting Sex Trade
Middle East Online
The Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), for humanitarian
affairs, which is working in cooperation with the United Nations, has
issued a report on the phenomenon of the sexual abuse of children in the
new American Iraq. According to the report, hundreds of families in Iraq
have found the trade of homosexuality with children as a means of living,
under the blockage of horizons and the deterioration of the security
conditions in Iraq..! .

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Iraq conflict costlier than Vietnam war
The US war in Iraq now costs more per month than the average monthly cost
of military operations in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s, says a report
issued on Wednesday. The report, entitled The Iraq Quagmire from the
Institute for Policy Studies and Foreign Policy in Focus, both liberal,
anti-war organisations, put the cost of current operations in Iraq at $5.6
billion per month. This breaks down to almost $186 million a day...

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Iraq?s draft constitution: a recipe for neo-colonial rule
James Cogan, WSWS
The constitution that was endorsed by Iraq?s presidential council on
Sunday, and is to be put to a referendum by October 15, is an outrage
against the Iraqi people. From beginning to end, it has been written to
advance US imperialist ambitions in the Middle East, notably long-term
control over Iraq?s oil reserves and permanent military bases in the

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Iraqis demonstrate against the constitution

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Is the US Still Tinkering with the Iraqi Constitution?
Juan Cole, Informed Comment
...Al-Watan (Riyadh) [Arabic link] reports that one Sunni member of the
parliamentary drafting committee told it that Washington at one point
promised $5 million apiece to tthe Sunnis on the committee if they would
sign off on the constitution. Sy Hersh has also alleged bribery. It is
certainly the case that a lot of money is being spread around for
cooperativeness. I was told that one high Iraqi official received one
million doll! ars a month for serving in the interim government of Iyad
Allawi, and recently went on a shopping spree at Harrod's in London where
he spent $1 million on gifts for his second wife...

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The Halliburton Retaliation
Bunny and the War Profiteers
JOSHUA FRANK, CounterPunch
You most likely haven't heard of a feisty woman named Bunnatine "Bunny"
Greenhouse, even though you pay her salary. For over 20 years now,
Greenhouse has overseen contracts at the Army Corps of Engineers. And up
until last Saturday, Greenhouse was the highest-ranking civilian member of
the Army Corps of Engineers. She has been demoted for "poor job
performance," despite an untarnished career as one of the country's highe!
st-ranking procurement officers. And from what you'll see, her performance
has been anything but "poor." So why did she get shoved out of her
position? Well, she did a bad thing. She raised a little hell over the
Pentagon's no-bid contracts to Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), the fully owned
subsidiary of Dick Cheney's old company Halliburton...

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Stan Goff, Feral Scholar
Since this nimrod not only continues to spam my email with his blustering
threats, and since he is openly calling for and offering to facilitate
vigilante killings of leftists in the US, it seems he needs a bit more of
the attention he craves? I?m not a lawyer, but I?d bet that if I posted
some crazy shit like this, I?d have federal agents knocking on my door
within 24 hours. Feel free to circulate this in order to give George Weener
the ! maximum possible visibility. Now who says I?m not tolerant of
right-wing views? Hot off the press? here?s Georgy!...

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Stan Goff, Feral Scholar
It is time, it seems, to debunk the notion that the American occupation of
Iraq is somehow required to prevent a civil war. This bullshit keeps
resurfacing, and not just on the Right. At the very point when public
opinion is decisively turning against the war, for a variety of reasons,
center-left spokespersons ? mesmerized by the direct and indirect
repetition of this assumption ? are presenting all sorts of sly political
strategies desi! gned NOT to refute this assumption, but pandering to it...

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The conservatives' meltdown
W. David Jenkins III
My, what a busy summer it's been! I've been away for awhile enjoying time
with the family and, during my travels, I noticed something very odd
happening out there. People are talking about Iraq instead of "American
Idol." They're bitching about gas prices instead of bitching about the
wrong person being "fired" by The Donald...

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Sliming Miss Cindy
Paul Waldman, Philadelphia Daily News
...But something remarkable happened when Sheehan came under attack. She
didn't wilt, and the arrows missed their target. Support for the war
continues to go down. According to the latest Gallup poll, 54 percent of
Americans say the war was a mistake and 57 percent believe it has made us
less safe from terrorism. Only 34 percent told Newsweek they approve of the
job Bush is doing on Iraq...

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Sign the Petition of Redress. Either the Bush Kids Put Their Lives on the
Line for George's "Noble War" or the Troops Come Home.
..."I demand that George W. Bush's daughters, and his eligible nieces and
nephews, serve in Iraq to prove their support of Bush's 'noble war for a
noble cause.' If the Bush family does not believe in 'sacrificing' for the
war and is not willing to put their lives on the line, then Bush must bring
the troops of middle class and poor Americans home now"...

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Sunnis Protest New Iraqi Constitution
Iraqi Sunnis launched a campaign against the new constitution draft
approved Sunday, August 28. Senior level Sunni leaders and religious clerks
initiated action to prevent the new Iraqi constitution not be ratified in
October 15 referendum (...) If a ?no? comes out of the referendum, the
Iraqi National Assembly will be dissolved, parliamentary elections will be
held, and the same political process will start again. As Saddam supporter
Sunni Arabs hold demonstrations! at increasing levels, the draft Iraqi
constitution is also harshly protested in these meetings...

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Halliburton Contracts Illegal - But Bush Busts The Whistleblower
In October, 2004, Bunnatine Greenhouse, a top military official responsible
for making sure the Army Corps of Engineers complies with contracting
rules, came forward and revealed that top Pentagon officials showed
improper favoritism to Halliburton when awarding military contracts. The
allegations made by this official were first reported by Time Magazine.
Greenhouse said that when the Pentagon awarded Halliburton a five-year $7
bill! ion contract, it pressured her to withdraw her objections, actions
which she claimed were unprecedented in her experience...

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Reporters Without Borders or Principles
The New York Times feels Judith Miller should be released from jail as
"continued incarceration is not going to sway a reporter who believes she
is making a principled sacrifice." It seems to me that the damage done by
her incarceration to the concept of whistleblowing - and, unlike many, I
think that there has been such damage (see here) - has already been done,
and letting her out won't cure the damage. Her contempt continues. Given
all the terrible things she di! d to lie the U. S. into the attack on Iraq,
they might as well throw away the key and leave her in there forever...

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The Defensive Shield of Lies and Deflections
Stan Moore, MMN
...The Bush junta is pulling strings in Baghdad and in Washington, with a
compliant press corps who has completely forgotten the art of verification
and healthy suspicion of facts and motives. The American public has largely
accepted the lies and the deflections with a lazy gullibility that
continues even as the stage is being set for further removal of American
civil liberties and installation of a Police State...

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GI Special 3C38: More Soldiers Call On Sheehan - August 30
...An Iraq war veteran who told how when he was 17 he took an oath to
defend and protect the United States and in his anti-war advocacy says "I
am still defending the country today - from enemies within. We're all
patriots here today." Another voice a Latino who lost his nephew in Iraq
who focused on the class realities of the war, what some have described as
an "economic draft" and he described as "the false nobleman of today dec!
laring a false noble cause fought by the poor who have no choices for the
wealthiest to get wealthier"...

<http://www.uruknet.info/?s1=1&p=15220&s2=31>Read the full article / Leggi
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