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Fw: solidariety to Tury Vaccaro

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Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 8:41 PM
Subject: solidariety to Tury Vaccaro

> I Knew Tury Vaccaro during my civil service as a conscientious objector
> during the first years of the eighties, when I left my service with
> handicapped children in Milan and I moved to Comiso, where nuclear
> were going to be deployed , though we were still under the military law .
> had  been charged of desertion for that action. He was strongly supporting
> me   before and after my short detention in the military jail in Palermo.
> Tury has a strong faith , and he has been living in poverty. He studied
> philosophy like me at University, but he didn't  finish his studies,
> eventhough he was very keen in that subject and he was endowed with  a
> vein in poetry. I believe that this vein he is still flowing in him. A
> little signal of it has been given us by his choice of  August 10th, St.
> Laurence Day to perform his individual nonviolent direct action.
>     I remember when  he recited poems, in particular the famous poem " San
> Lorenzo" and we were a little bit amazed   for his accurate and
> performance.  But these nuances were neglected by  most of pacifists,
> and pure, around him with some  sparkling exception, for example our
> friend, the  fine suisse novelist  Giulia Bueno, a nonviolent humanistic
> cosmopolitan woman.
> It happened to me, in our common life in Comiso, to be in desagreement
> Tury as concerned my  attempt ( shared with others ) to harmonize
> direct action with constructive project.   Unlike me Tury had worked for
> eleven years at Fiat motor- works, as a worker, and at the same time he
> attended at University. He learned to build vehicles, but he also learned
> well to become a good sapper.
> His individual direct action,  connected to the tradition of "Plowshares",
> (we remember brothers Barrigan and Rosemary Lynch, catholics like our
> could be a strong signal mainly for some  pacifist and nonviolent people,
> who are running the risk to devote their best efforts in building a
> bureaucratic peace.
>                         My support to Tury.  Hope to see you soon and have
> meeting with our children and  beloved women
> Lorenzo Porta , Via Maroncelli, 4
>                             50137 Firenze - Italy