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God Save the Queen, Basra?s Sovereign!
In case you did not think that the audacity of the occupying powers could
be topped by the audacity of the occupying forces, well ? think again, and
again, and again ? until you go black and blue in the face, torso and the
abdomen, just like those who are taken as visitors to the theme park known
as Abu Ghuraib. Here is the news item, headlined, Britain will scrap and
replace police force in Basra, in Christian Science Monitor (September 26,
200! 5). As reported: ?British Defense Minister John Reid says he is
planning to scrap the 25,000-member police force in southern Iraq and
?replace it with a new military-style unit capable of maintaining law and
order.?? And why would this be? Because the current police force dared to
show independent initiative in that by-now-infamous case of the two British
agents provocateurs shooting at a local police, who was about to arrest

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Lawyer says Hussein's rights have been violated
CTV.ca News Staff
A member of Saddam Hussein's defence team believes that his client's legal
rights have been trampled even before his trial begins next month.
International human rights lawyer Curtis FJ Doebbler is unofficially
representing Hussein pro bono, because the interim Iraqi government has
allowed Hussein only one court-appointed lawyer, Khalil Dulaimi. Doebbler
tells Canada AM the list of violations against Hussein's legal rights is a
long one, but the pr! imary problem for him is that Hussein didn't have the
right to choose his own legal representation...

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The coup that wasn't
Scott Ritter, The Guardian
Scott Ritter was the former US marine captain tasked with finding Saddam
Hussein's weapons. Now, in this first detailed account, he reveals how the
CIA plotted to use a UN weapons inspection to overthrow the Iraqi regimeand
how fiasco turned to tragedy when it failed 'This is big, Scott," Moshe
Ponkovsky said. "We don't share this with anyone." Israel's military
intelligence was already assisting us at Unscom (the United Nations Special
Commission, which ran the ! UN's weapons inspections programme in Iraq) by
scrutinising the "take" from the American U-2 spy-plane flights over Iraq.
It had proved an unorthodox but fruitful relationship for Unscom: the
Israeli analysts had proved far superior to the CIA's. But what I was now
proposing to the Israelis was a dramatic expansion of this

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Anybody Home?
Sheehan and the Democrats
JOSHUA FRANK, CounterPunch
In a recent article in these pages, I tweaked Cindy Sheehan for going soft
on Hillary Clinton's warmongering. Well, I was wrong. Sheehan hasn't gone
soft on Clinton; she's attacked the New York senator for her hollow
position on the Iraq conflict. At a rally outside Hillary Clinton's office
in New York, Cindy Sheehan declared to the crowd on hand that Clinton must
either speak out against the war or risk losing her job...

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Special Report:Katrina/Rita Fallout Part Two
Martial Law: The Pretext Is Now Set
Steve Watson
In the Aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita it has become obvious that
not only will another terror attack on US soil provide the pretext for a
police state crackdown, so will a natural disaster. I'm not going to once
again go over in depth the police state showcase that was New Orleans in
the days after Katrina, but let us recap a few key points: FEMA has been
deliberately sabotaging relief efforts in New! Orleans, making things worse
than need be. FEMA, its officials and the people it employs have a long
history of incompetence, corruption, fraud and criminality...

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Special Report:Katrina/Rita Fallout Part One
Martial Law: Police State America - We're So Close Now
Steve Watson / Infowars
For years we have warned that the police state is coming, how Martial Law
will become the norm, how ancient laws, rights and freedoms are being
overturned and replaced with repressive mechanisms of control. For years we
have presented the evidence, the Army War College documents, the domestic
military takeover drills, the draconian legislation, officials left right
and centre calli! ng for more centralized military control domestically.
For years people refuted the evidence, or passed it off as being intended
for something else, or simply refused to believe it. Now everything we
warned you about is happening...

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Iraq Burns; Dems Look on the Bright Side
Arianna Huffington
If you need yet another reminder why the Democrats continue to teeter on
the verge of becoming a permanent minority party, I suggest you pick up the
Boston Herald and watch CBS News. At the same time the situation in Iraq
continues to deteriorate, with CBS reporting on the "undeclared civil war"
raging between Shiites and Sunnis and the Saudi Foreign Minister telling
the world that Iraq is "going toward disintegration," there was John Kerry
giving a spee! ch arguing that "progress" was being made. As the Boston
Herald put it, Senator John Kerry "back-pedalled on blistering criticism of
the war." Unbelievable...

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Officer Criticizes Detainee Abuse Inquiry
An Army captain who reported new allegations of detainee abuse in Iraq said
Tuesday that Army investigators seemed more concerned about tracking down
young soldiers who reported misconduct than in following up the accusations
and investigating whether higher-ranking officers knew of the abuses. The
officer, Capt. Ian Fishback, said investigators from the Criminal
Investigation Command and the 18th Airborne Corps inspector general had
pressed him to d! ivulge the names of two sergeants from his former
battalion who also gave accounts of abuse, which were made public in a
report last Friday by the group Human Rights Watch...

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Shooting Palestinians Like Fish in a Barrel
Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire
Best write this while I can, because the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes
Prevention Act of 2005 has passed in the House (thus eliminating once and
for all the First Amendment), and I will not be allowed to criticize the
criminal state of Israel (or for that matter America) much longer? Now that
Israel has ?evacuated? Gaza, it appears set on a policy of bombing the
place mercilessly...

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Not One Victim Was Called to Testify
The Invention of Porno Torture
Lynndie England, the Army private photographed holding a naked Iraqi by a
dog leash, has been convicted leaving behind a nagging question: how far up
does the responsibility go? By no means is Lynddie England alone. She is
the scapegoat of a larger US Torture Establishment. A related question that
demands scrutiny is the widespread use of porno torture. Photos and stories
emanating from Abu Gharib and Guan! tanamo, the military prisons that would
live in infamy, reveal that American soldiers, CIA interrogators, and
military contractors, all have engaged in porno torture against Muslim

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Stephen Bennett
The war protest in Washington DC last sunday had 300,000 + in attendance.
The conservative and hostile estimation was 100,000. Take your pick, the
numbers are increasing exponentially and irrevokably! I take your
definition of my being "extremist" and "radical". Yes, I do want change. A
change for the better. An end to human violence. An end to the exploitation
of human beings. An end to the injustice towards humanity (...) I'm sorry,
but President Bush who is Junior in every re! spect, just isn't interested
in these things that I have just mentioned above. Bush is a criminal of the
highest infamy. He is a murderer and he will get away with murder...

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Iraq woman bomber kills army recruits in Tal Afar
Maher al-Thanoon, Reuters
A female suicide bomber blew herself up outside an army recruitment center
in the northern Iraqi town of Tal Afar on Wednesday, killing herself and at
least seven other people and wounding 37, police said. Many people were
waiting to join the army at the recruitment site housed in a former U.S.
military base, which had just opened on Wednesday, police said...

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GI Special 3C66: ArchAngel Reporting - September 27, 2005
ArchAngel reporting yet another case of a medically unfit Soldier currently
stationed in Iraq until next year. This Soldier contacted me after reading
about what I did for my husband, and her farther has asked me and my fellow
ArchAngels to help. According to the Soldier's father, his daughter has
chondromalacia petella which also can be called runners knee. Her father is
relaying everything that the she sends to him back to me. Nam! es have been
requested not to be mentioned, so I will call this Soldier Angel 10 because
if I have counted correctly that is the number of people whom I have given
advise to in request for help. It could be more, hard to keep up. Anyway,
Angel 10 is in constant pain because of her knees...

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Here is a sweet list of conspiracy-minded questions about New Orleans. I am
particularly fond of number 2: "Who owned the huge barge that was
catapulted through the wall of the Industrial Canal, killing hundreds in
the Lower Ninth Ward - the most deadly hit-and-run accident in U.S.

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Reuters says U.S. troops obstruct reporting of Iraq
Barry Moody
The conduct of U.S. troops in Iraq, including increasing detention and
accidental shootings of journalists, is preventing full coverage of the war
reaching the American public, Reuters said on Wednesday. In a letter to
Virginia Republican Sen. John Warner, head of the Senate Armed Services
Committee, Reuters said U.S. forces were limiting the ability of
independent journalists to operate...

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What was the British SAS doing in Basra?
Chris Marsden
The September 19 arrest of two undercover Special Air Service officers in
Basra, traveling in an unmarked car containing weapons and explosives, has
led to numerous accusations that they were acting as agents provocateurs.
The BBC reported that the SAS men?s car contained ?weapons, explosives and
communications gear,? before claiming that these were ?standard kit for
British special forces.? But in a September 27 article, one of the more
serious reporters on ! the Middle East, Robert Fisk, wrote in the
Independent, ?Remember how we were told that our immense experience of
?peace-keeping? in Northern Ireland had allowed us to get on better with
the Iraqis in the south than our American cousins further north??...

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US military intensifies campaign of intimidation prior to Iraqi referendum
James Cogan, WSWS
The US-led occupation forces in Iraq are widening the campaign of
repression being carried out against sections of the population who are
expected to vote ?No? in the October 15 referendum called to ratify a draft
constitution. On September 25, for the first time in over a year, American
and Iraqi government troops in Baghdad launched an attack on the Shiite
supporters of cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in the impoverished working! class
district of Sadr City...

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Tomgram: Davis, 25 Questions about the Murder of New Orleans
Tom Engelhardt, Mike Davis and Anthony Fontenot
...We recently spent a week in New Orleans and Southern Louisiana
interviewing relief workers, community activists, urban planners, artists,
and neighborhood folks. Even as the latest flood waters from Hurricane Rita
recede, the city remains submerged in anger and frustration. Indeed, the
most toxic debris in New Orleans isn't the sinister gray sludge that coats
the streets of the historic Creole neighborh! ood of Treme or the Lower
Ninth Ward, but all the unanswered questions that have accumulated in the
wake of so much official betrayal and hypocrisy. Where outsiders see simple
"incompetence" or "failure of leadership," locals are more inclined to
discern deliberate design and planned neglect -- the murder, not the
accidental death, of a great city...

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US troops kill 4 civilians in western Iraq
US troops on Tuesday opened fire randomly at civilians in central Ramadi, a
western city of Iraq, killing four people and wounding five others, medics
said "We have received four bodies and five wounded people," Ayad Khalaf,
an official in Ramadi Hospital, told Xinhua. "Two roadside bombs struck a
US military convoy in the city, destroying an armored vehicle and a Humvee,
prompting the US soldiers to open fire randomly at civilians who happened
to be at the sce! ne," Khalaf said...

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Some " Reconnaissance" Mission in Basra
According to the BBC-world TV channel , the official version of the British
Government is that those two soldiers arrested and later rescued in
Basra... were on a "reconnaissance mission "(...) I wonder if two persons
dressed in traditional Arab clothes and carrying explosives and weapons
would be found on the London Metro , lately ?? Look what happened to this
Brazilian who had no weapons , no rucksack and no Arab clothes and was not
even on reconnaissanc! e-mission !!...

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A Whore for War
Daithí Mac Lochlainn, The Gaelic Starover
The Administration?s in-house male prostitute, Jeff Gannon, was among the
post-Peace-Rally counter-protesters, who gathered in Washington last Sunday
to support the Bushling?s mischief in Iraq. It seems that they were able to
find about four hundred people from across the United States who still
believe the lies flowing out of the White House. Some people also still
believe that the world is flat...

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