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SPECIAL ISSUE: Countdown to Turkish membership

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Your newsletter of 29.9.2005

                SPECIAL ISSUE


Weekly analysis of current affairs

<http://cafebabel.com/en/dossier.asp?id=206>Countdown to Turkish membership

35 years have passed since Turkey first signed an agreement with the EU
foreseeing eventual membership of the bloc. And yet even now, when
negotiations over its entry are due to commence on October 3, it remains a
controversial subject.  <http://cafebabel.com/en/dossier.asp?id=206>»
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                        Pim de Kuijer - Bruexelles

<http://cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=A&Id=1445>Turkey, poised to join?

Despite an apparent lack of public support, clashes over Cyprus and
political scepticism, negotiations over Turkeyís entry seem likely to start
next week.              <http://cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=A&Id=1445>» read

                        Lorenzo Morselli & Julia Mills - Bruxelles

<http://cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=A&Id=1448>ìMembership remains a goal
and not a certaintyî

Dutch MEP and member of the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee, Emine
Bozkurt, speaks to cafÈ babel about the efforts Turkey has made to join the
EU - and how far it has left to go.
        <http://cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=A&Id=1448>» read

                        Chris Yeomans - Durham

<http://cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=A&Id=1461>EU, a Christian club?

The European Union, though secular, is essentially an association of
Christian countries. Would the addition of Turkey and its large Muslim
population will better reflect the changing demography of the EU?
        <http://cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=A&Id=1461>» read

                        Other articles in this issue

<http://cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=4830>Turkish markets are ready
for Europe

<http://cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=4835>Honour your women

<http://cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=4829>ìDemocracy and Islam are
two of a kindî

<http://cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=4837>Leyla Zana: Hope for the Kurds

<http://cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=4851>The temptation of referenda

<http://cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=4828>Erdoganís breach of trust

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