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:: informazione dall'iraq occupato

Iraq: A Criminal Process
Carpet bombing, cluster bombs and napalm against Iraqi civilians
Ghali Hassan, Globalresearch.ca
Just before the U.S. forces attacked the town of Qaim, a thriving town of
150,000 people in western Iraq, they cordoned off the town, cut off
electricity, water and food supplies. Then they indiscriminately and
disproportionately carpet bombed the town from the ground and from the air
with artillery shells, cluster bombs and napalm bombs with the full
knowledge that civilian! s, particularly women and children, will be
killed. When it is all over, the U.S. marines entered the city to fight
(with air cover) those who still alive. Humanitarian aides and medical
supplies are prevented from entering the town ? in gross violations of
international law and the Geneva Conventions. This cycle of criminal
process to legitimise the colonisation of Iraq is depicted by the
Bush-Blair axis as the "political process" towards "democracy"...

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Anticipating a Terrorist Attack on Congress
Mike Whitney
Will there be a terrorist attack on Congress? The strategy to militarize
the country is moving forward as planned despite apparent setbacks in Iraq.
As the Washington Post reported on Nov. 27 the Dept of Defense is expanding
its domestic surveillance activity to allow Pentagon spies to track down
and "investigate crimes within the United States". An alarmed Senator Ron
Wyden (D-Ore) said, "We are deputizing the military to spy on law-abiding
Americans in A! merica. This is a huge leap without a congressional
hearing". Is this the first time that the naïve Wyden realized that the war
on terror is actually directed at the American people? (...) Bush?s
fortunes are inextricably tied to an "unwinnable" war in Iraq. As his
popularity has continued to dwindle, Congress has become more reluctant to
promote his far-right agenda and make further cuts to popular social
programs. This situation promises to get worse unless the Cheney-Rumsfeld
cabal take "preemptive" action to reverse the current downward trajectory.
It may be time for another galvanizing "Pearl Harbor-type event"; one that
will strike at the legislative nerve-center of American democracy...

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NEWSWEEK: U.S. Ambassador Khalilzad Says He's Received Permission to Talk
to Iran to Help Secure Iraq After U.S. Troop Drawdown; 'There Will Be
Meetings ... That's Also a Departure and an Adjustment'
U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad tells Newsweek that he has
received explicit permission from President Bush to begin a diplomatic
dialogue with Iran, which has meddled politically in Iraq, to help secure
Iraq after U.S. troop phased drawdown. "I've been authorized by the
president to engage the Ir! anians as I engaged them in Afghanistan
directly," Khalilzad says. "There will be meetings, and that's also a
departure and an adjustment"...

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The only WMD in Iraq are US soldiers
Truth About Iraqis
...In the buildup to the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, US media
regurgitated the White House promise that once US forces went into Iraq,
they would discover stockpiles of WMDs. When no such stockpiles were found,
much to the mudding of America's reputation in the world, reports surfaced
that the US military would plant WMDs in Iraq to justify their illegal
invasion and occupation. Indeed, they did do that. The US military is the
WMD in Iraq. More ! than 160,000 US WMDs walk, breathe, murder, pillage,
loot and rape among the Iraqi people...

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He Dared to Challenge Power and the Official Consensus: Part One
Jack Dalton
...Why does a man who refuses to be a participant in what were illegal
orders, in an illegal war, which was based on provable lies and deceptions,
spend 15 months in a military jail; while a thief, a commissioned officer
at the same base at the same time, gets caught selling the troops
protective equipment and only gets 45 days in jail? Something is seriously
wrong with this picture to say the least! In fact, why is Kevin Benderman
in a ! military jail at all? What was Kevin?s "crime" other than having the
courage to act on his principles, his convictions, and then through proper
military channels, filed application as a Conscientious Objector?...

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White Phosphorus, Fallujah And Unreported Atrocities
MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media
...How much effort have Paul Wood and the BBC made to obtain such evidence?
Why have they ignored the work of the World Tribunal on Iraq, the Brussels
Tribunal, Iraqi human rights groups and the suffering reported by local
doctors, health workers and refugees? The BBC has relied heavily on
embedded reporters, and has broadcast relentl! ess propaganda from those
wielding devastating firepower in the assault on Iraq. But precious little
has been heard from the 'unpeople? - including women, children and the
elderly - who have been on the receiving end of such killing power...

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The Democrats and Iraqi WMDs: Bush is Right, Sort of?
Stephen Zunes, CommonDreams.org
Now that some Democrats are finally speaking out against the
administration's phony claims about Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction,"
conservative talk show hosts, columnists and bloggers have been dredging up
scores of pre-invasion quotes by Democratic leaders citing non-existent
Iraqi WMDs. These defenders of the administration keep asking the question,
"If President Bush lied, does that mean that the Democrats lied too?" The!
answer, unfortunately, is a qualified "yes." Based on my conversations with
Democratic members of Congress and their staffs in the weeks and months
leading up to the invasion, there is reason to believe that at least some
in the leadership of the Democratic Party is also guilty of having misled
the American public regarding the supposed threat emanating from Iraq. At
minimum, it could be considered criminal negligence...

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Interview with Scott Ritter
Tom Klammer
...I would ask those people to review their role as a citizen in democracy,
in a constitutional republic. To sit there and say that your only role,
once we go to war, is stand on the street corner, wave the flag, and shout
support for the president, you?re no better than the Germans who supported
Hitler, or people who support any brutal dictatorship. This isn?t about an
individual guiding our country. This is about a group of people who govern
in accordance with the rule of! law supported by a document called the
constitution, which these soldiers swore an allegiance, an oath to uphold
and defend, with their lives if necessary...

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Tomgram: Nick Turse on Bush's Expanding "Fallen Legion"
Tom Engelhardt & Nick Turse
Back in mid-October, I noted that informal "walls" and exhibits to honor
those Americans (and sometimes Iraqis) who fell -- and continue to fall --
in the Bush administration's war and occupation of choice in Iraq have been
arising on and off-line for some time. I suggested then that "the
particular dishonor this administration has brought down on our country
calls out for other 'walls' as well. Perhaps, for instance, we need some!
negative walls built, stone by miserable stone, to cronyism, corruption,
and incompetence." At that moment, Tomdispatch author (and Associate
Editor) Nick Turse began to build a verbal "wall" of honor to those who
have "fallen" in government service while fighting in some fashion to hold
the line against this administration...

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Ludicrous al-Qaeda Plot to Kill Saddam Judge
Kurt Nimmo, Another day in the empire
For decades, Muslim radicals have targeted secular Arab leaders as
infidels. Assassins and terrorists have targeted Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar
al-Sadat (killed by Egyptian Islamic Jihad in 1981), Hosni Mubarak, Hafez
al-Assad, the Saudi royal family, and the military government of Algeria.
Ayman al-Zawahiri, supposedly Osama bin Laden?s right-hand man, was
indicted in the al-Sadat assassination plot along with three hundred
Muslims,! including Omar Abdel Rahman, later convicted for "Seditious
Conspiracy" (in other words, there was not enough evidence to convict him)
in relation to the World Trade Center bombing of 1993 and an alleged plot
to bomb New York landmarks including the United Nations and FBI offices. In
1990, Osama bin Laden called for jihad against Saddam and asked the Saudi
government for permission to send jihadists to Iraq to overthrow the

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 27 November 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board,
the Free Arab Voice.
...In a dispatch posted at 2:55pm Mecca time Sunday afternoon, the Mafkarat
al-Islam correspondent in Abu Ghurayb reported that US forces launched a
campaign of raids and searches at dawn on Sunday that was still underway
when he filed his report in the afternoon. The correspondent reported that
more than 2,500 US and Iraqi puppet army troops with air cover ! from
helicopters launched raids on homes, shops, middle schools, date palm and
citrus groves in the area. Eyewitnesses said that 88 youths had been
arrested as of the time of writing. One 18-year-old youth had been killed
after he tried to leave his home and go to that of a neighbor...

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Selling the biggest lie of them all ? Capitalism
Review: Gangster Capitalism ? The United States and the Global rise of
Organized Crime by Michael Woodiwiss
William Bowles, I'n'I
...'Gangster Capitalism? documents the lie in all its sordid details from
the days of the 'Robber Barons? through to the 'War on Terror? and all the
stops in-between, the 'War on Communism?, the 'War on Drugs?. Between them,
they are responsible for an assault of unparalleled brutality that is
global in scope and a lie! that has been so successfully sold, it has
dragged much of the planet into going along with it. From the United
Nations to so-called independent states, all have been bribed, blackmailed,
threatened or finally invaded/occupied into participating in the various
'wars? the US is waging, ultimately to the benefit of capital...

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jouna, iraq-war.ru
The UNITED NATIONS subcommission (August 2002) reports that the United
Stated use of DEPLETED URANIUM violates the following INTERNATIONAL LAWS:
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Charter of the United
Nations. The Genocide Convention. The Convention Against Torture. The four
Geneva Conventions of 1949. The Conventional Weapons Convention of 1980.
The Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907. (forbidding poisoned weapons
calculated to cause unnecessary suffering) All of these laws are designed
to spare civilians from unwarranted suffering in armed conflicts...

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Kurt Nimmo, Another day in the empire
The Washington Post reports today: The White House is considering expanding
the power of a little-known Pentagon agency called the Counterintelligence
Field Activity, or CIFA, which was created three years ago. The proposal,
made by a presidential commission, would transform CIFA from an office that
coordinates Pentagon security efforts?including protecting military
facilities from attack?to one that also has authority to investigate crimes
with! in the United States such as treason, foreign or terrorist sabotage
or even economic espionage. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English
Language, Fourth Edition, defines treason as follows: Violation of
allegiance toward one?s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of
one?s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely
acting to aid its enemies. If we are to believe this news item, the freshly
minted and tasked CIFA will investigate people with questionable
"allegiance" to the Bush administration...

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Parents of slain Danish soldier sue Prime Minister
Carsten Kofoed, Fritirak.dk
On November 22, Johan and Kirsten Kirkmand, parents of slain Danish soldier
Bjarke Kirkmand, formally sued Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen
for breaking the Danish constitution by deciding to bring Denmark into the
US-led illegal aggression against Iraq. In this way, the two parents have
now joined the 24 plaintiffs, who on October 11 delivered a writ to the
Danish High Court instituting legal proceedings against the Danish ! Prime
Minister for breaches of § 19 of the Danish Constitution, according to
which the use of military force may only be applied under a UN mandate, and
within the boundaries of commonly accepted international law. Furthermore,
the decision is considered to be in breach of § 20 of the Constitution, as
it does not fulfil the requirement of a 5/6 parliamentary majority in
relinquishing sovereignty, the Danish troops having been placed under
foreign command...

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