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:: information from occupied iraq
:: informazione dall'iraq occupato

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Monday, 30 January 2006
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board,
the Free Arab Voice
...Seven bombs blasted Iraqi Christian churches in Baghdad ? where five
churches were targeted ? Kirkuk, and Mosul on Sunday. At least nine people
were reported killed in the five bombings in the occupied Iraqi capital.
Three more were reported dead and six injured in Kirkuk, and another four
were reported dead in Mosul. Although some media outlets sought to p! lace
the blame for the attacks on the Resistance, the overtly sectarian
character of the assaults were clearly not consistent with the interests of
the Iraqi Resistance, which has always worked for national unity against
the foreign occupation and its local stooges. The US occupation since it
arrived in the country in 2003 has been promoting such sectarian features
as a puppet "Governing Council" and later a puppet "Parliament" divided
along sectarian lines. The US has consciously sought to turn Shi'i Iraqis
against Sunnis, attempting to manipulate religious sectarian differences
within the country. In response to the criminal attacks on Iraqi churches,
former Iraqi Ambassador to India and Viet Nam, Salah al-Mukhtar, wrote on
Sunday that the party to blame for the attacks on Iraqi churches is the
same party that has been promoting sectarian division within Iraq since the
start of the occupation ? namely "American intelligence in cooperation with
'Israeli? and Iranian intell! igence agencies"...

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Al-Qaeda Propagandizes For Bush On Eve Of State of the Union
Paul Joseph Watson
Hot on the heels of Osama bin Laden's latest release, an audio tape that
boosted George W. Bush's poll numbers despite it being described as a
probable fake by bin Laden expert Professor Bruce Lawrence, Ayman
al-Zawahri has popped up on the eve of the State of the Union to hand Bush
all the ammunition he needs to threaten American citizens for a sixth
consecutive time...

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Torture The Innocent, Release the Most Wanted
Paul Joseph Watson
The hallmark of the worldwide detainee and torture camps is defined by
repeated examples whereby proven top Al-Qaeda members are protected or
released while completely innocent individuals are imprisoned for no reason
and tortured.The Washington Post reports, For more than a decade, Osama bin
Laden had few soldiers more devoted than Abdallah Tabarak (...) Tabarak was
captured and taken to the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he
was c! lassified as such a high-value prisoner that the Pentagon repeatedly
denied requests by the International Committee of the Red Cross to see him.
Then, after spending almost three years at the base, he was suddenly
released. The article describes how Tabarak was a proven loyal and
unceasing Al-Qaeda member with an unparalleled affinity for Osama bin
Laden. Compare this to the 70-90% of Iraqis who are arrested, hooded, and
thrown into prison camps for the crime of not showing their papers at
checkpoints. This website has repeatedly highlighted examples of where
known terrorists, even in some cases individuals who were in the throes of
carrying out terrorist attacks, are ordered to be released by the US

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"The Last Jews in Baghdad"
Letter Writing Series
Wafaa' Al-Natheema
..The "Divid and Rule" of the current American occupiers has gone farther
by neglecting the notion and term of 'Moslems? all together. Now they refer
to Moslems as Shiites and Sunnis just like Joel Beinin did in your book?s
forward. Imagine eliminating the word 'Jews? and constantly referring to
them as Orthodox and Reformers. I don?t think Jews would like that. It was
equally disturbing, if not funny, to separate (in the statistics ab! ove)
Jews and Christians from Arabs when Jews are near entirely Arabs (with very
few Kurdish and Turkmen exceptions) and the vast majority of Christians are
Arabs as well!! (...) Remember and never forget the fact that IRAQ is a
majority Arab country including Baghdad whether the Americans, British and
Israelis like to admit it or not...

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Iraq - The Failure of the Press
Bob Burnett, CommonDreams.org
...Finally, the mainstream media censures what it reports from Iraq.
Michael Massing remarked ,"The abuses that US troops routinely commit in
the field, and their responsibility for the deaths of many thousands of
innocent Iraqis, are viewed by the American press as too sensitive for most
Americans to see or read about. When NBC cameraman Kevin Sites filmed a US
soldier fatally shooting a wounded Iraqi man in Fallujah, he was harassed,
denounced as an! antiwar activist, and sent death threats."...

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Rank Ignorance Reigns
Paul Craig Roberts
In keeping with its established role as purveyor of disinformation, Fox
"News" talking head Brit Hume misreported Fox?s own poll. On "Special
Report" (January 26) Hume said that 51% of Americans "would now support"
air strikes on Iran. What the poll found is that if diplomacy fails, 51%
would support air strikes. Can we be optimistic and assume that the
American public would not regard an orchestrated failure by the Bush
administration as a true diplomatic failure? ! Alas, we cannot expect too
much from a population in thrall to disinformation. The "evidence" that
Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons consists of mere assertion by members of
the Bush administration and the neoconservative media...

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Iraq: A Mark McGwire Moment
Editorial, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri)
Between May 2003 and June 2004, $38 billion was allocated to the U.S.-led
Coalition Provisional Authority, which ran the government of Iraq. The
money came from the United States war chest and from Iraqi oil revenues and
other assets that had been frozen in U.S. banks. No one is quite sure how
much of the money got spent, because the CPA didn?t keep very good records.
The special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction can?t locate a lot !
of the contracts. A preliminary draft of the inspector general?s report,
obtained last week by the New York Times, uncovered startling
irregularities in how vast sums of cash were handled...

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Electoral Politics and War: An Interview with Joshua Frank
What the Left Can Learn from 2004
Kevin Zeese
...It?s time for the antiwar movement to step up and oppose candidates who
support Bush?s war agenda. And if the Democratic candidates continue to
support Bush?s ghastly foreign policies, they must be defeated until they
learn. We need to monkey wrench this issue. The anti-war movement must
learn from the 2004 elections where so many activists and scholars caved in
and supported Kerry, simply becaus! e they saw Bush as such an extreme
threat to world peace. The threat isn?t Bush?s alone; both parties have a
long bloody history of employing military aggression. We aren?t going to
get what we want if we keep supporting candidates whose positions we
oppose. We are only going to get what we want when we start voting for what
we want...

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US journalist in video appeal
Jill Carroll, the kidnapped US journalist, has appeared in a new video on
Aljazeera, weeping and appealing for the release of women Iraqi prisoners.
The video, aired by Aljazeera on Monday, shows Carroll wearing a veil and
weeping. The video had no sound, but Aljazeera said she appealed for the
release of women Iraqi prisoners. Carroll is visibly crying in the video
and wears a veil as she speaks to the camera. The footage has a time
signature with the date 28 January..! .

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