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[PEACE] MA in International and European Studies in Hungary

Masters Degree in International Relations and European Studies -
Institute for Social and European Studies
ISES Foundation
14 Chernel St., 9730 K_szeg, Hungary
Phone/fax: 00-36-94-563-055
Email: postmaster at ises-koszeg.t-online.hu
When: Academic year starts in Fall
ISES in collaboration with Budapest Corvinus University (the degree issuing
institution)  provides students with the opportunity to obtain theoretical
and practical knowledge in the fields of international relations,
economics, political science, history and sociology.  ISES provides a
variety of programs and services during the academic year which will make
your stay in Hungary a rewarding and enriching experience.  You will be
part of an international student body of approximately 30 students and have
the opportunity to meet outstanding professors from around the world.
Credits are transferable to most universities.
Curriculum highlights: Courses in English include: The Role of New Europe
in the EU; Foreign Policy of the EU; International Economic Organizations
and Institutions; Change in the Theory and Practice of International
Relations, Changing European Values, Philosophy, Psychology and Power;
Comparative Study of Communism, Fascism, and Fundamentalism; Global
Governance and Global Civil Society; History of European Integration;
Security, Peace and Democratization in the Balkans. These courses are
conducted by internationally known scholars like Philippe Schmitter, Elemér
Hankiss, Mitja Zagar, Ferenc Miszlivetz, András Blahó, Tamás Szentes, Atila
Eralp, Tibor Palankai, among others.  Application forms can be downloaded
at: http://www.ises.hu/ma200607.html.  Additional info about the duration
of and tuition for the program can also be found on the ISES website.
Setting description: The program is based in the beautiful town of K_szeg,
in the western part of Hungary.  Two semesters are required on campus for
course work, plus a third semester elsewhere for the writing of the thesis.
Students are accomodated in hostels and all necessary facilities
(libraries, laundry, restaurants, swimming pool, track, etc.) are nearby.
Research requirements are built into the program.  Students can form groups
to conduct research on a chosen topic.  A total of 180 credits (includes
the credit for the MA thesis) are required to complete the course.  The
area is famous for wine, gastronomy and wellness tourism.  It also supports
a variety of cultural activities in unspoiled natural surroundings.
Students can reach Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava in 2-3 hours by car.
Program expenses: Tuition & materials, room & board, medical insurance,
program-related field trips, travel to and from K_szeg, application fee.
Where: K_szeg, Hungary