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Let's 'Stamp' Out the War on Iraq

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Please forward widely!
Seventy-two percent of our soldiers in Iraq say the U.S. should end our
occupation of that nation this year.1 It's more clear than ever that
"supporting the troops" and "ending the war" are one and the same.

In order to spread that message and raise money for UFPJ's ongoing work, we
at United for Peace and Justice have teamed up with the creative activists
at BringThemHomeNow.com.

By putting a peace sign emblazoned with a yellow ribbon on a real 39 cent
stamp, we're using a novel and symbolically powerful way to spread the
message: Support the Troops, End the War ? Bring ALL the Troops Home, NOW!

here now to buy peace stamps, t-shirts, buttons and other Bring Them Home
Now merchandise and support the ongoing work of United for Peace and

We know stamping a letter won't end the war, but every time one of us lets
others know where we stand, it strengthens our own convictions and makes
the growing national peace majority just a tiny bit stronger. (And what
could feel better than mobilizing an unarmed, uniformed army of U.S. postal
workers to help you deliver that message?)

Use these stamps when sending letters to your representatives in Congress,
sending contributions to your favorite peace organizations (like United for
Peace and Justice!), or to make a statement when mailing for your everyday

Buying this postage and other items at BringThemHomeNow.com raises money to
increase awareness and continue the fight. Every sheet of postage or other
merchandise purchased through the link below will be another donation to
keep up our work. The folks at BringThemHomeNow.com are not making any
money from this effort ? the net proceeds of this drive will support UFPJ,
so we can continue our work to Organize, Mobilize & Empower the Peace

We have exciting plans for the rest of the year, including:

Local/regional organizing conferences for member groups;
A Voters for Peace pledge drive and peace advocacy campaign, designed to
keep issues of peace and justice on the agenda during the election season;
Escalating coordinated activism with our member groups to keep pressure on
Congress and the Bush Administration to end the war on Iraq and prevent a
war with Iran.
Please take a moment to
our online storefront and be a part of this novel and exciting campaign.
Thank you for your support!

Yours, for peace and justice,

The United for Peace & Justice National Staff

P.S. If you would like to make a direct contribution to United for Peace
and Justice, please visit our online donation page at
contact the national office at 212-868-5545 to make a donation by phone, or
mail a check or money order to: United for Peace & Justice, PO Box 607,
Times Square Station, New York, NY 10108.

Please forward widely! Tell a friend about this great way to spread the
message: Bring all the troops home NOW!

1. Zogby International Poll: U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006 -

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