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Comuniqué from Arab Prisoners of War in Kitzion Prison

Put them on trial !
A communiqué from Arab prisoners of war in the Kitzion prison (Negev)
Autor: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights
Traductor: Adib S Kawar

We the prisoners in An-Naqab desert prison belonging to all factions of Palestinian resistance, demand to put on trial all those responsible for what happened in all sections of the prison known as the Administrators Fortress, where Mitsada forces specialized in breaking into against Arabs, at the directorate general of prisons, on Monday morning October 22.


At the time they broke into the sections allocated for war prisoners in se clusion while the prisoners were asleep, they were heavily armed, they broke through while firing their weapons, they were carrying and throwing tear gas bombs and sound bombs, beating unarmed prisoners of war with clubs, tying their hands with plastic strips and drew them out of the sections they were imprisoned in without a reason or indictment, all with the excuse of searching.

The breaking in started with section G1, and when other sections adjacent to it tried to confront the invaders after hearing the shouting in the assaulted section, incidents expended to 8 other sections without justification. The invading forcing fired rubber bullets, tear and sound bombs at all the sections and who ever is imprisoned in them. They were aiming at direct targeting in the torso and the head to cause permanent inabilities.

The number of casualties exceeded 300, thirty of whom were hit in the eye that could result in total blindness. Firing w as made at short distance thus making the result more effective, thus many of the injuries are serious. Muhammad Sati Al-Ashkar from the village of Saida-Toul Karem fell martyr.

Fire broke out in sections G1 and G2 burning six tents and all the belongings of the prisoners including clothing, books electric appliances and other belongings this is other then some of the prisoners suffered sever burns. Injuries were caused by tear and gas bombs and breaking whatever comes in their way and beating. All other sections were also invaded under heavy fire, beating and dragging prisoners without consideration to sick men who were also hand cuffed to the back. About 200 of them were put in the room usually used for visitors the area of which doesn't exceed 80 sq. meters. The Mitsada broke into the room and fired at prisoners where the most serious wounds were inflicted among whom was martyr Ashkar. It is to be noted that representatives of the prisoners tried sev eral times to ask the officers of the administration to calm thing down to bring out the wounded, but without any positive result. This proves that the breaking in and what followed including refusal of any possibility for negotiation, calming down or dialogue, this, proves, by all means, that the enemy wanted to execute  a plotted for massacre and other crimes.

WE are addressing this communiqué to all concerned, with head lines about what took place without details, we address public opinion, judicial and legal establishments, human rights organizations, legislative comities, international political organizations,  and the media, we request every body to act with responsibility to work on accusing all those who took part immediately accountable, and restrict them from performing their jobs, and to make sure that war prisoners shall no more be assaulted, release the isolated prisoners and put all those directly responsible for injuries and murder on trial, starting with the commander of the prison, Shlomo Cohn, the fortress administrator Duke Rodriguez, security manager Hamamy, intelligence manager Yusuf Khanfis section officers Thabet, Halek and others and all those who participated and responsible for them including Shabak leaders and those responsible for in the ministry of security and the Israeli Government.

With respect 

Fateh Movement - William Jalal

Hamas - Rabih Umar

Al-Jihad - Muhammad Masalmeh

Popular Front - Isam Shawawrah

Democratic Front - Dia' Al-Jabah

Prisoners in An-Naqab desert prison belonging to all factions of Palestinian resistance

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Original article published on October 25, 2007

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Adib S. Kawar  is a member of Tlaxcala, the network of translators for linguistic diversity. This translation may be reprinted as long as the content remains unaltered, and the source, author, translator and reviser are cited.

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