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Iraq is still the issue - Part 1: Waiting for the partition [plus an Action Alert]

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Iraq is still the issue - Part 1: Waiting for the partition
By Gabriele Zamparini

The brave boys and girls in Amerikan uniform did it again. This time,
flying their fat asses on helicopters and fighter jets, they bombed the
suburb east of Baghdad Madinat al-Thawra (City of the Revolution), now
known as Madinat al-Sadr (Sadr City). You may see in this photo gallery
women and children among the victims of such a heroic action. Support "our"

A few weeks ago Scott Ritter wrote an interesting analysis on the
priorities of the US anti-war movement, Iraq Will Have to Wait



Action Alert: e-mail to Sweeden's Government on Stockholm's migration
court's ruling about Iraqi asylum seeker

Dear friends,

Stockholm's migration court has ruled authorities are legally entitled to
return an asylum seeker to Baghdad, arguing the situation there does not
constitue armed conflict. The 51 year-old man is to appeal the ruling to
Sweden's highest migration court.


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Gabriele Zamparini

(*) Gabriele Zamparini is a writer, filmmaker and activist at

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