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[Fwd: Transcend Peace University List of Courses 2008]

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the worlds first online Peace University (http://tpu.transcend.org)

Johan GALTUNG, one of the founders of peace studies and of the
TRANSCEND method for peaceful conflict transformation, the first
Rector of TPU, invites you to join students from all over the world.

If you want to develop your skills in order to contribute to peace,
TPU is the right place for you. Whether you are a beginner or a
seasoned government or NGO practitioner, we offer a range of skills
and knowledge intensive courses, mostly online but with some onsite
classes around the world. TPU offers a valuable collection of courses
having internationally renowned professionals as resource persons.

Please see below for the offer of the next semester:

LIST OF COURSES IN MARCH SEMESTER 2008 (March 3rd - May 23rd, 2008)
Applications are received until February 22nd, 2008
1) Advanced Course on Peaceful Conflict Transformation
 by Johan Galtung
2) Peaceful Conflict Transformation - the TRANSCEND Method
 by Johan Galtung, Sara Horowitz, Michael Sorensen & Akifumi Fujita
 The course is also available in Spanish, Russian and Romanian.
3) Gender, Peacebuilding and De-militarization
 by Gal Harmat & Yotam ben Meir
4) Values for Comprehensive Peace: Ethics for the 21st century
 by Anita Wenden
5) Missed Opportunities: Iraq and the Balkans
 by Jan Oberg
6) Democratization and Development
 by Paul Scott
7) Building Peace Education
 by Alicia Cabezudo
8) Peace Journalism
 by Jake Lynch
9) Peace, Macrohistory and the Future
 by Sohail Inayatullah
10) Dialogue, Negotiation and Mediation
 by S.P. Udayakumar
11) Peace Business
 by Howard Richards
12) Nonviolent Political Institutions
 by Christophe Barbey
13) Conflict Care and Reconciliation
 by S.P. Udayakumar
14) Nonviolent Tools and Philosophy
 by Jorgen Johansen
15) Peace and the Global Compact
 by Frederick Dubee
16) Peace and Literature
 by Marisa Antonaya
17) Peace Zones
 by Christophe Barbey
18) The Human Right to Adequate Food
 by George Kent
19) Peace, Gender and Violence
 by Celia Cook-Huffman
20) Difesa Popolare Nonviolenta (People Nonviolent Defence in
Italian) by Antonino Drago
Coming: A course by Michael Nagler, Professor emeritus of Classics
and Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley
The list of courses is constantly being updated. Please visit our
website (http://tpu.transcend.org) for the latest news.
Course fees: 400 Euro for participants coming from OECD countries;
200 Euro for participants coming from non-OECD countries.
If anyone from a non-OECD country is able to pay the full amount, we
appreciate. If anyone from an OECD country is not able to pay the
full amount, please write to us.

TRANSCEND is a global PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT network of cooperating
individuals and institutions concerned with conflict transformation
by peaceful means and reducing structural and cultural violence. It
works through action, education, dissemination, and research. The
purpose of TPU, the educational arm of TRANSCEND, is to prepare
participants with the knowledge and skills required for undertaking
professional PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT work, emphasizing the creative
transformation of conflicts through transcendence of the
contradictions underlying conflicts. "TRANSCEND is engaged in
conflict transformation by peaceful means to bring about a more
peaceful world by using action, education, networking and research
to handle conflicts with creativity, nonviolence and empathy." (Johan
Galtung). TRANSCEND means to "Go Beyond".
For more information, please visit our website
http://tpu.transcend.org or contact us by email at tpu at transcend.org
<mailto:tpu at transcend.org>